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  1. Thanks for the replies. Yea, that's what I thought. It's what dogs do. Thanks again.
  2. Hey everyone, My border collie/aussie mix is almost two years old. He gets a lot of attention and exercise. We take him to the local dog park for daily run/play time. Several times a week he gets to go twice a day. We work on obedience and play ball at home. He's a great, friendly, awesome dog, who doesn't really ever chew on our stuff and loves to cuddle up. At home he is really laid back while at the dog park he can run with the best of them. At the park he loves to chase and be chased. He usually matches his energy level to the dog he is playing with. If they want to wrestle, he's more than happy to play like that. The problem is, he's really good at wrestling and usually always can get the other dog down. Sometime he doesn't want to let them back up. Sometimes he holds onto their ear to keep them down. The dogs this happens to are usually about the same age as him, just under 2 years and are usually the same size if not a little bigger. The dogs are usually really submissive. If I pull him off, the other dog usually comes back at him to play the same way. I'm not worried about him hurting another dog. In the seven months I have been taking him there he has never been in a fight or hurt another dog. If the other dog gets annoyed at him , he lets up right away. It's usually the owners of the other dog that gets upset. I tend to think that's what dogs do. With little dogs he is really gentle, letting them climb and jump on him. How do get him to stop the ear pulling and get him to let the other dogs up? It's not every time we go. But there are certain dogs he does this to who are often at the park.
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