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  1. www.sheepgoatmarketing.info/PageLoad.cfm?page=education/ethnicholidays.htm
  2. I got nine (8Aussies-1BC) right now. Having multiple pups at the same time, I've done and would do again. But having more than one pup at the same time isnt for everyone---just as having more than one dog isnt for everyone.
  3. I found this when I started to learn whistling-helped me alot--picture is worth a thousand words http://www.wellscroft.com/farm/dogs/dogsWhistle.html
  4. I have had working Aussies in the past, have them now(8) and will always have working Aussies But I do have a BC- a pup that I am hopeful of being a good stockdog.. There are good working stockdogs in both breeds. There is a difference of working ability between Aussies bred for working and Aussies bred for conformation, agility and every other wrong reason.. There is still a small pool of working Aussie bloodlines that can work all day long, calmly and any type of stock. .I’m partial to Aussies but I am not blind to other breeds being good stockdogs and along with my BC pup a Kelpie is i
  5. Here is a directory of sheep breeders that mite help you find some breeders in your area www.nebraskasheep.com/directory/Breeds/
  6. Now that they have learned to dig to get out-stopping them is going to be very hard. The best thing to do is crate them. 8 or 10 hours is not going to hurt them and a lot safer then getting into other peoples yard. Some people are not very tolerant of other peoples dogs getting into their yard-your dogs may come up missing.
  7. Last one i Was at-couldnt use a crook to help with catching the sheep-only your hands. Everyone grabbed a neck and mid section, except me. I bent down and grabbed a back leg.
  8. Big end goes in the hole around this part of the country
  9. My two cents of one way I teach my dogs to slow down- I say EASY -or what ever command you use- then DOWN my dogs and as soon as they down I immediately tell them Walk up. Eventually they start slowing down anticipating the down command which eventually you dont have to use-just the EASY command to slow them down.
  10. Common small square bales around here are 60#. Anything below 50 is light and over 70 is heavy. Big square bales are about 1000# to 1100#. I like the big bales-peel a flake, tear flake in half and and about equal to a flake of small bale. Just gotta have a strong back to 'buck' the big bales
  11. Dont know about the arteries but I use Canola oil-2oz
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