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  1. More like...where do we not take him. ha ha ha He gets to go all over with us. He loves going to the barn with me because he gets to play with his friend Jack, a big fluffy husky. Haven't taken him to Chatfield or Cherry creek as he can get quite irritated with other dogs in his face.
  2. Out here in Denver, CO we received a good 6" of snow over a few days (in my part of town at least...some got nothing) and my Brody was SO EXCITED!! This dog loves the snow! Do yours?
  3. Thanks, I'll look for it at Petsmart. I just need something small since we're running 6.5 miles....smaller & compact is best
  4. I agree, I tried my best but I truly thought this one was going to bite one of us. Guess I need to try REALLY hard next time to stay calm. One of my friends (who has dogs but never takes them off her .75 acre property unless camping) suggested I carry Bitter Apple to spray at the dog as not to hurt them, but I don't see that spraying too far and really don't want to have to stick my arm in their fact to get them.
  5. AUGH! My poor Brody is already defensive enough when met by new dogs. He never bites, just raises his lip a bit if they're in his face and looks the other way as if to warn, "hey, leave me alone" Tuesday night we were running and a very large lab was off leash. I yelled to the girl (probably 13 y.o) "please leash your dog, my dog is not dog-friendly" she does nothing...then the dog sees us and I yell "please leash your dog, mine may bite" I am stopped at this point, the girl does/says nothing and her dog charges us, hackles up. I stood in front of Brody and pointed and yelled to the lab "NO! SIT!" and he actually listened. The girl got the dog and we went on our way after explaining to her why he should be leashed (nicely) Last night in a different neighborhood, where my horse is, a boxer charged us...hackles up and was pawing at Brody, smelling him all over and Brody is freaking out wanting to bite him (I assume by his behavior). I yelled at the dog "NO!" and he backs off but as soon as we move 1 step he runs at Brody. I was truly scared by this one. 2 cars came by, looked and kept going (1 almost hitting the boxer as it ran in front of their car) and we took off. Then he charged again...this happened a good 1/2 mile. Never did find an owner but the dog left after I threw some large rocks towards it (not directly at it) So I think I'll start running with my pepper spray for incidences like this. But what do you do??? I'm scared but remained calm, Brody was absolutely freaking out but I held his leash so tight and kept his head away from the dog so he couldn't make contact. So frustrating when Brody was doing better with other dogs.
  6. Whenever Brody scratches himself with a back foot, he'll end up biting/chewing on that foot. He's never hurt himself and it's mostly funny.
  7. I got Brody before I was married when my, now husband, were in a bit of a "break" period. We got back together and he sees this hairy dog (smooth coat but a shedder) and cringes. Long story short.....My now husband LOVES Brody to death and vice versa. Brody moans & groans and talks to us so much it's hilarious. He also spoons with the cat, cups things with paw (including us if we try to move) and the BEST thing is that he hugs us. We LOVE it!
  8. When my BC was younger and crated he howled an cried at first. I felt horrible. But then I was told to coat the inside of a Kong with peanut butter (not fill it, just coat the inside) and freeze it. It was just what he needed as he took to them VERY quickly, stopped trying to escape, stopped barking/crying. I still to this day give him one every morning and he loves it!
  9. That's why I'm on here asking advice. Up to now, I have not "punished" him in any way for these behaviors, so I'm trying to figure out how to lessen his reactions or divert his attention.
  10. I don't feel that he has to meet every dog we come in contact with. When we run in the mornings or go for walks I typically just keep going and ignore the other dogs. He goes most places with me and there are situations where he may be approached by another dog and I was hoping there was a way to help him be/react a little more comfortably in these situations.
  11. Thanks, we love him very much! I can't say that he's had many off leash meetings outside of our friend's Aussie. When she was a pup he would do the growling and snapping, but she respected it. One day he grabbed her and held her down by the neck, but I don't think he actually bit her. He had been at this friend's house (same place my horse is so I'm there a lot) for months several days/week. so I think he was 1) guarding what he thought to be his property and 2) teaching the pup a lesson but he finally got over the lip curl/growl my friend said that he reacted to the other dog less when I was gone. These 2 dogs are now best buddies.
  12. He doesn't mind dogs in the vicinity, but when they approach him is when he gets upset. That's why I thought a class might be good for him, if small enough, just to reinstill some trust that I will protect him and he doesn't necessarily have to react to other dogs. I'm going to try your method of introducing him to a "solid" calm/friendly dog and if he reacts I'll reprimand and reintroduce. He's a great great dog, goes everywhere, is good with our horses now, and I know he just prefers that most other dogs leave him alone, but once he is around them a bit he typically loves playing with others.
  13. I agree with you all. With this particular puppy situation I did not find him at fault, the puppy needs to learn as do it's owners who are first time puppy owners. The issue is that he does it when he meets new dogs. With older dominant dogs he is typically okay because he knows better. We can be in Petsmart and someone will talk to us (he loves people) and he's sitting and doing fine, then he'll growl or snap at another dog if it's is near him. Particularly if it approaches him he gets upset. This is what I have a problem with. We can walk and he'll focus on me....just doesn't care for dogs approaching him and he gets a stiff dominant stance. Just can't find the right correction. I continue to reward him EVERY time he's good when a dog approaches or walks by and he ignores it. But not sure of the correction to give when he growls/snaps. I've tried his "uh-uh" (we don't use "no"), I've tried just getting him to look at me but he ends up growling, I've given him a light bump in the shoulder to distract him but it doesn't work either. He doesn't have to allow dogs to be rude by any means, but if we're simply meeting another dog I'd like to get him to not react aggressively.
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