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  1. Glucosamine is not, and should not be marketed or used as a preventative. It MAY slow the progression of osteoarthritis after onset, but does not prevent it's occurance. Human studies go back and forth over if it works or not. Some studies show that it improves clinical signs but has no measurable effects on osteoarthritis itself. As a supplement, it is useful when joint degradation is present, as it provides substrate for which the body can rebuild the joint with. Although there are no extensive studies to indicate any negative effects of administering glucosamine, if there is no extensi
  2. Update: She retrieved for the first time yesterday! She did it twice in a row then lost interest. It was a long fuzzy toy. Today she retrieved a tennis ball twice...could this be progress?
  3. It's not a silly question at all. Cali does not know how to catch. She is only interested in what you wave around her head if it is food related and occasionally if it is a toy. She rarely will pick up a toy, and she never will if it's thrown. She may chase after it and then nose it but then runs back. I will have to try with the popcorn but I have a feeling if she knows it's going to fall and she'll get it anyways she'll never learn =) How do you teach the "take" command. Just have an inanimate object and when they happen to take it, reward them? But then they drop the item to take t
  4. Update: Okay after about 2 weeks Cali will 8/10 times (on a good day) reliably chase a frisbee or ball once it almost hits the ground or after. She will touch her nose to it and race back when I tell her "good girl". She won't yet retrieve it or hold it in her mouth. Any ideas? I feel like I'm the one being trained to fetch.
  5. Cali is doing GREAT. We ran a 5k together this morning and everytime she looked back at me she would remind me that she's in much better shape than I =) Thanks for the comments!
  6. A little more about blood types - the DEA types also dictate the degree of alloantigen reactivity other dogs alloantibodies have to the blood (if mismatched). In general, DEA types 1.1 and 1.2 are the most reactive and result in acute hemolytic reactions, 1.3,5,7 are moderately less reactive. DEA 1.4 is the "universal" type. There is also a new blood type that was recently discovered in Dalmations - DAL. However, dogs typically must DEVELOP these alloantibodies to different blood by way of transfusion (unlike cats who can inherit them). So typically we say "the first one is free" exc
  7. What a kind dog Kingsley is! The reason you want to reduce exercise after donation is due to reduced # red blood cells, hemoglobin, and therefore decreased oxygen carrying capacity. They can tire much easier, lifespan of existing blood cells may decrease with intense exercise, and in extreme cases may collapse. However, assuming your BC is about 40lb, they took a lot less than the 10% volume we typically take from donors so the side effects of the acute blood loss should not be as severe. Regeneration of blood cells may come quickly from contraction of the spleen, but for a full regen
  8. I definitely see the pointer in her, mostly in her legs and the ticking across her back. But she looks a lot like my Cali whom I rescued about 5 days ago who has the same ticking and looks like a smooth-rough coat =). I just posted pics!
  9. The AC person who checked her in was specifically told by the owner that they had tried to kill her at home by strangulation in order to save the trip to the pound. Horrible =(
  10. I just adopted a 8-9month old BC, and in addition to some of her submission issues, she does not express interest in toys or desire to chase balls, frisbees, etc... She is very food motivated, and is a GREAT dog but I would love to get her more active. I think she would be great at agility as she follows me everywhere on our hikes including jumping up and down huge logs and boulders. Are there any tips to getting her to be more attentive to toys, or to fetch when she doesn't seem to show the "instinct"?
  11. Meet "Cali" she's a 1 year old freshly spayed what I believe is a Border Collie with some mottled spots or ticking. Her history according to the rescue who brought them into our spay/neuter day was a shelter turnover by an owner who unsuccessfully tried to strangle her at home and thus brought her to be euthanized. Here she is by the way...at the clinic in full submission =) I'll follow up with a picture from 12 hours later in a second. We have over come a LOT of things together (she was terrified of the leash, very unsure, afraid to approach food or take treats - she's come a l
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