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  1. I agree. Repetition will bore any dog(and handler=)! I know I'm in the minority here, but I really love obedience (but not mindless repetition-lol)! Finding ways to make the exercises fun and interesting for my dogs as well as get the get the precision you need is so exciting!!!
  2. I do mainly obedience and a little agility. As much as I love obedience, most dogs find agility more interesting. All the running and jumping is fun! Obedience can be lots of fun too but the trainer has to be creative to keep things interesting for the dog. Border collies are well suited to either sport.
  3. What I've noticed when I read peoples posts about dogs that won't fetch is that most of the time the dog will happily chase after the ball. Many will pick up the ball and some will even bring the ball part or most of the way back to the person throwing the ball. What, to me, is the missing piece is the dog doesn't understand the hold. I show in obedience and there's lots of retrieving . We teach hold as a seperate piece of the exercise. Once the dog understands that hold is part of fetch you have a way to communicate that chase, fetch and hold is what you want. There are different ways to teach the hold so you shoud be able to find a method that works for you and you dogs. Happy Fetching! Janet
  4. Mr. McCaig, Thank you for the link, it was interesting. Ms. Woods has been very successful as have been her students! I was able to find mention of one of her chows that had earned a UD (no small feat to be sure)! I was however unable to find any mention of any of her dogs with an obedience trial championship (OTCh). I would love to read about her journey to the OTCh with her dogs. Do you know if she has written about her experiencs? Hoping to join the OTCh title earners some day=) Janet
  5. Earned an OTCh on multiple chows?!!! That is an incredible accomplishment!!! Who is the trainer?
  6. I've been showing in obedience for more than 25 years in CA and haven't found this to be true. Maybe in other parts of the country?
  7. Hi Marley Girl, I use 'ready' as my watch command and any time my puppy gives me eye contact I tell him 'good ready' and give him a treat. If you use the clicker use that when he offers eye contact. I try to praise my dog any time he offers eye contact, even when we aren't training. A fun game to play is to have him sitting in front of you and hold a treat in each hand. Hold your arms raised(think airplane wings=). The pup will want to stare at your hands because that's where the cookies are but you wait until the pup looks up at your face then click or praise and feed one of the treats you are holding. It may take a while for him to look at your face initally but eventually the pup gets really good about focusing on your face. Also, if you can find a good trainer to work with that would be great! It's good to have some watch what you are doing and give you feedback. Happy Training~ Janet
  8. You can use any word and/or signal that makes sense to you and the dog. They learn what we teach them=) Have fun with your puppy!
  9. Finding a person or group to track with would be the best way to go. If you look on line you might be able to find tracking clubs or dog training clubs in your area that might be able to help you out. Just like any other venue, you will hear different ways to train your dog to track. They have all been used successfully, so use the method that works best for your individual dog. The important thing is to have fun tracking your dog, it's a wonderful way to spend time with your best buddy:) Happy Tracking~ Janet
  10. Tracking is the one activity that my soft dogs have really been able to forget how scary the world is. They confidently take charge and dig into the harness and will just about pull me off my feet to get me to follow them down the track. Tracking has been such a wonderful activity for all my dogs, but especially for the scardy dogs:) Happy Tracking~ Janet
  11. I have a vibration only electronic collar. It's made by PetSafe and cost aprox $150. It has several intensity settings which feel pretty much like your phone set on vibrate. Even my very sensitive boy had no problem with the vibration. Janet
  12. LOL! Unable to figure out how I got all 4 of my dogs to pose together in a picture, a co-worker asked me how I got them to do that? 'I told them to stay' was my answer. I like the look on non dog show folks faces at an obedience trial watching the handlers walking out of the ring on the out of sight sits and downs. They are very impressed=) Janet
  13. But how are these dogs working? Some dogs don't need lots of big obvious rewards. Some dogs find the work rewarding. If the dogs are working well then the handlers most likely are doing the right things. I love to watch successful trainers work and show their dogs! Maybe you could watch what the experienced handlers are doing with their dogs and get some ideas that might be useful with a current or future dog.
  14. The type of harness you are using is going to encourage pulling(think of sled dogs and tracking dogs). If you want to use a harness you might want to try an easy walk harness(I think that's what it's called). The ring you clip your leash to on the easy walk is in the front, on the dogs chest(which will prevent the dog from being able to lean into the harness and pull). Janet
  15. My favorite is the Cabana Crate. They are supposed to be coming out with a new improved version in the near future. They are super easy to set up and are well made. My next favorite is the Noz2Noz. I have both and use them regularly at shows and class. Both have held up well.
  16. Along with all the other good reasons to spay your dog I'd like to add one more...You won't have to worry about her developing pyometra.
  17. Try not to stress about it(easy to say I know=)...If this isn't something he's doing normally it's probably just a one time thing. Some things I'd ask myself if it was my dog...Was he having any type of physical discomfort? Could he have slipped a bit or felt unsure of his footing? What did the background he was jumping towards look like? Did you set him up where you usually do or was he closer/further from the jump than normal? Are you starting to get nervous about the show? If I were trying to 'band-aide' the exercise I might do the jump for his meals. A really good jump and jackpot! Good Luck and have fun=)
  18. Several years ago I took one of my BC's to a vet.opthamologist. If I'm remembering correctly, was told that not wanting to go out at night is one of the things a dog might exibit if it is losing it's eyesight. Janet
  19. Hi, I don't have a MACH champion and am not a MACH handler, but I do actively participate in AKC events(mainly Obedience, tracking. Don't know if those count?). I will say that this AKC competitor does not agree with you. I feel that to get the qualities we value, for whatever activity we choose to do with our border collies, the focus of breeding has to be on the dogs ability to work stock. Just my two cents~ Janet
  20. Why would you hate something that helps your dog? And why do you feel like you're cheating??? If you are learning something new do you use notes and other things to help youself during the learning process? We have to 'explain' things to our dogs in a way they can understand and that may include props. Happy Training~ Janet
  21. Hi, Your girl sounds like a real sweetheart=) And I know she's very special to you and your friends. You have received great advice and reasons not to breed...I've got one I didn't see mentioned yet...Pyometra...I know of several people with unspayed females that have developed pyometra. They were VERY sick dogs(one of which died). By the time you see the symptoms your dog is really critical. If for no other reason, this one is a very good one to get your girl spayed! Janet
  22. I agree...Let the dog tell you what is high value to him/her. Lucky you that your dog gets that excited for kibble-LOL! Janet
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