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  1. OK everyone mea culpa, mea culpa. I got defensive as the first response I received really left a bad taste in my mouth and really was too strong given the desire to solve the problem constructively. I do agree with the unintended consequences comments but was probably too close to see that. We exercise in a 10-acre field that may have 3-4 soccer or softball games going on at any one time and this may be too distracting or tempting for her to resist. I like the comment listed below and thanks for your feedback guys! rushdoggie: In your shoes, I would stop playing ball in uncontrolled env
  2. First off, my first post was slightly inaccurate as I was referring to when I first used the e-collar. After the first month, I never had to use the shock mode as she responded quite well to vibrate only. That being said . . . I have had BC's for almost 15 years now so this isn't my first experience. I actually did use the two ball trick for quite some time and that worked well. My actual first use of an e-collar was due to the fact that her being so immature, she would seek out everyone in sight like 700-800 yards away and try and play with them which made for some very embarrassing and
  3. Dearest Gentle, Thanks so very for trying and convicting me on such a small partial slice of information, so helpful. I did not say that the only reason I use a training collar was for release issues, but you obviously know much more than I ever will. The actual primary reason for the training collar is to keep her out of crowded areas playing sports games and away from busy places that have potentially dangerous access to traffic. A 35 on one of those collars is quite mild as I actually tested it on myself first and it's pretty darn gentle. Seriously, you might have a problem as
  4. My 3-year-old BC is coming along in training and she is a monster ball chasing dog. Her "issue" is that she will not bring the ball back or release it easily. If there is anyone else on the field, she will run up to them and drop the ball right in front of them and wait until they throw it for her, for me, not so much. I use a Mini Educator if she doesn't release, giving her 3 vibrate warnings and then a low (35) pop if she still will not release. Sometimes if I don't have the Educator with me she will release upon the "drop it" command but not always. Another weird thing she does is relea
  5. "bo in a dojo"? Wild, wild stuff GB. Unfortunately, my BC is old and chunky, so he wouldn't be getting away from anyone anytime soon. Worse than that, he is an alpha male and would eagerly take on any attacker not realizing he is way past his salad years, so to speak. What the heck does GSD stand for? German Shepherd Dog?
  6. That could only be better product if it were three feet long and made of stainless steel just in case the shock wasn't enough and I had to go medieval on the dog.
  7. Thanks Cindy, here's what I missed: "Just the sound of it has scared some dogs off (it makes a loud crackling noise)."
  8. Here is the abbrieviated link to the stun baton: My link I wonder if it does the very intimidating crackling and sparking like a regular little stun gun?
  9. I understand the not running thing, but the reason I did so was that initially there was a small rise between us that I thought obscured the below waist eye level sight line of the strange dog. My thinking was that if he didn't actually see my dogs with me (under his viewing angle), I would remove the main reason for him to continue pursuit. Plus I thought if things got bad I could get to a busy main road and I could get on top of some lucky passing car if I ran out of easy options. There were no defensible features in that area that I could get on top of.
  10. 1) Where can you buy pepper spray and do you need any special certification to purchase? 2) What the heck is a "small stun baton" and where would you get one?
  11. Hello, Had the scare of my life the other day while walking my BC and my Daughter's chiweenie (little dog). We were in an abandoned shopping center, no other people around, no cars and surrounded by cyclone fencing. All of a sudden I see an huge pitbull/boxer? mix come running at us at full speed. I freaked out as I could not see any one else around nor any defensible place to get on top of. I picked up the chiweenie and took off running to try to get to safety and/or get out of sight. Soon ran into a cyclone fence and obviously couldn't get over holding a little dog plus how would I get t
  12. Thank you all for your heartfelt responses. By and large I was surprised at the helpful responses with only a little bit of finger wagging. I think the three responders that said he was "an aussie" need reading glasses. 1sheepdoggal: The reason again, that I wasn't watching was that seven years of nothing bad earned him the right to be off-leash in an enclosed dog park. It's about 25 yards wide by 50 yards long so the guys can get away from your direct supervision easily. But good suggestion, I will watch much closer. Juliepoudrier: What exactly is "conformation-bred collies"? But
  13. Hello, newbie here. We have the sweetest most neurotic un-neutered male border collie. When I say neurotic I mean that he is totally fixated on my location and runs from window to window trying to find me when we are at home. He is strictly a suburbs dog, we don't live on a farm. We didn't even know what a Border Collie was until someone offered to sell the little puppy to us at a softball game seven years ago. I hope you can see the pictures as I included them so you could see that he looks like a long-haired BC, actually a little on the big side. Most people when they first see him say that
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