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  1. I would hope that you have a vet check the dog out in order to see if there are any health issues that you may be unaware of. Is it possible that the dog may be enduring pain in some way, and possibly intermittently? If that were the case, it might explain the dog's temperment. When the dog is in the yard, is she exposed to passersby who may be being mean to her? Perhaps poking a stick through a fence at her, thus making her feel insecure? Something like that could certainly have a detrimental effect on her temperment. Perhaps more love from you and the other family members is the cure. Dogs crave and thrive on love and attention, somthing that you already know, of course. But I think that it applies to Border Collies more so than most other breeds, because they ARE SO INTELLIGENT. I've never heard of a Border Collie having to be put down other than for health reasons. Surely there is something that can be done without having to resort to that. Best of wishes in trying to find out what is causing your dog to act this way. Sevenz .
  2. Although it's possible that the two men seen in this video might be impersonating US Soldiers, the puppy being thrown off the cliff is real. If those are authentic US Soldiers, then they should be brought before their superiors and severely disciplined. The puppy looks like it might possibly be a Border Collie. Have any of you seen this video before? I would advise against allowing children to see it. US Soldier Throws Puppy Off Cliff - Iraq By the way, our Border Collie (Sevenz) is 8 month's old today (born 7-7-07 = "Sevenz"). My wife takes pictures of him on the 7th of each month. I'll try to upload a photo of him later so that y'all can see how much he has grown. .
  3. Thanks for the compliments, everyone. Yes, Michelle, Sevenz is exactly the same as your pup when it comes to eating everything in sight. Before I could get it out of his mouth, several days ago he had gotten hold of a piece of a styrofoam soft drink cup about the size of a quarter, chewed it up and swollowed it. It doesn't seem to have hurt him. I've had to take cigarette butts out of his mouth that people have thrown down in the grass. He also wants to pull entire plugs of grass out of the ground and eat it. And he wants to eat dirt. We've also had to take small pebbles away from him. He got his second bath today. The wife said he tolerated it fairly well. Getting the soap rinsed off was a little scary for him, but he sure did like the getting dried off part. He thought it was great getting to play with the towel. He's such a wonderful little thing. We're so glad that we got him. BTW, great "crew" you have there. I enjoyed browsing through your gallery also.
  4. Good morning to ya bc4pack! Yes, I adore split face pups also. Our other puppy (the one we had to put to sleep) was also split faced. They are almost identical with the exception that the white on Sevenz' face is on his right side, whereas Friday's white was on his left.
  5. This one is a little blurred. It was hard to catch him still long enough to snap a picture. He's laying in front of my wife's feet, looking up at her.
  6. Here's one highlighting the black side of his face.
  7. This one shows Sevenz "hitting the bottle".
  8. Here's one highlighting the white side of his face.
  9. In my initial thread http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=14798 I promised to post some photos of our puppy. See attachment for 1st photo. I'll post more photos later. Our puppy "Sevenz" is now 11 weeks old. We took these photos of him when he was 9 weeks old, a week after we first got him. He had the biggest time outside with me yesterday all the while that I was scooping up the accumulation of his poop. He was so excited about me doing that that he decided to just take another poop. He's a real joy to have, and to play with. One of his favorite toys is a simple plastic water bottle. He's now beginning to notice the big wide world that's out there when we take him places. He's a real people watcher. While Sharon is grocery shopping I hold him up in the car so he can see all the people coming and going. He loves his playtimes, and especially being upon the bed with us each night to play prior to being put in his own bed. Weldon
  10. Hey, Brenda. Thanks for posting the 'Pets Bill of Rights'. Well, I have two picture frames to buy now. They'll go perfect together on our living room wall. BTW, I love your BCs!
  11. Thank you very much for posting the "Ten Favors A Dog Asks". It would be good that every dog owner and potential dog owner be given a framed copy of that. It makes me so sad knowing that some people aren't as smart as the pets they *thought* they wanted, and wind up mistreating them due to not being patient enough or just not knowing the importance of training their pets properly. About 2 months before we put our dog Friday to sleep I was in the habit of taking him for a walk around the block each day. We would always take the path of going up the alley behind the homes on the other side of the street from us. As we were passing behind the fenced yard of this one house I heard a man scream at his small dog and then, judging from the intense cry of the dog, he must have kicked the pup out the door of the house. I remember thinking, "How cruel and dumb!" The puppy had probably been trapped inside the house all day while the couple were out working, and had to relieve itself. This is one reason I think that ALL pets should have a hefty price tag attached to them. Animals are precious and, sadly, there are people who, unless they pay a big price for them, fail to appreciate their true value. Sometimes I think that people should have to qualify first before being allowed to have both children and pets. There is so much need for education in both areas. Again, thanks for posting the "Ten Favors A Dog Asks". I plan on printing it out, framing it, and hanging it on my living room wall. I am also emailing it to all my friends and acquaintances. .
  12. This fond photo of Friday was taken on the same day and outing as the first one I posted. For some reason he was interested in those wild flowers that my wife had placed in a paper cup. We've since wondered if maybe he had his eye on a bee or a bug that might have been on the flowers. He was always curious about everthing. He never missed seeing anything. He was also our little "thief", as he would swipe anything new that he found laying around inside the house. He once swiped a house key that we had left laying on the coffee table. We looked and looked for the key, wondering what had happened to it, and finally found it on the floor over behind the sofa where he had dumped it. The little snitch! We still love him so much. After he stole that key we taught him how to raise up on the side of the wall outside the house in order to be searched. At the command of "Up on the wall!" he'd stand up on his hind feet with his front paws high against the wall and allow us to pat him down in order to see if he'd stolen anything. He got the biggest kick out of that, even as we did. This will be the last photo that I'll post of Friday, and hope that you all enjoy it. I should have a photo of Sevenz in a few days. Thank you all for having a share in this thread. Dog lovers are such nice people.
  13. Thank you for posting the photo of Katie Bug. She too is beautiful, even as is Lacee. I'm sooooo glad that you rescued Lacee! "Katie" and "Lacee", what great names!
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