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  1. I find canned dog meat to make a dog scour. Beware of meat in a can. Also Some dry bagged dog nuts can expand inside dog when eaten , so its best let them soak in mild warm water for a while before feeding to let them expand. Hope he gets better
  2. Found Answer to my question Picture: Vendor John Bell, right and purchaser Roger Jewitt with Nan. Nan a 18 month old bitch sold for 2,400gns (£2,560). Second top call of the day at 2,200gns went to Skipton regular Sean Richards of Burnley with a May 2006 black & white bitch who sold to E Houghton, Aberdeen. Sean also sold a black & white December 2005 dog, Rock, to another Scottish buyer, Ashley Thom for 1,600gns. Brokendogs averaged £1,185
  3. LORA what was the pedigree of the Top Lot(s) (sire x Dam)
  4. Dalesred any chance you could find out the highlights of the sale. I cant get them any where Results Please
  5. Catalogue can be seen here http://www.ccmauctions.com/images/ccm/SHEE...0JAN%202008.pdf Does anyone know some of the results?
  6. I have added more photos of Day 2. Hopefully I will get a chance to upload day 3 soon.
  7. I have purchased a new whistle recently and find it alot easier to get proper tunes.Its aluminium, its called the A1, its expensive but at least I am getting somewhere with it.I find the ordinary plastic whistle impossible, I couldnt get the same tune everytime. But I am finally happy with the A1.
  8. I have added 6 more photos of Aled & Roy. Will continue to add more photos of other competitors during the week if you have request let me know, and I will check if I have any
  9. Yes it was definately a great day for Wales. I have put up 2 pictures of Aled and Roy on my website which I took this evening. Well done to Aled not only is he the winner, he is the winning breeder.Roy is a son of Aleds World Champion BOB.I have loads more photos of over the past 3 days which I will upload. I have updated other parts of my site aswell. A Great 3 days
  10. Hi everyone, I was late home, very busy, Enjoy the few photos I put on my website tonight. They are mainly the dogs ye asked for. I do have more pics of the same dogs. Lark was very impressive today
  11. Hi Everyone, I just uploaded my photos of day 1 of the International on my website Enjoy Visit My Website
  12. If I come across them I will try and get a picture. I Have one bitch that is very good, she comes from Bobby Dalziels Wisp line, I breed her to Good proven open dogs here in Ireland and I usually keep a pup or two from each litter to train. Thats pretty much my game plan. What is your Irish dog Don Parents? Do you breed?
  13. I plan to go for a few days and take some photos. Always interested in future stars of the sheepdog world. Do you have many dogs Eileen?
  14. The Irish will host this years International. It will be held at Farmley estate, Burn Church,, Co. Kilkenny. The Current weather in Ireland is beautiful Sunshine. The air is warm and not abit of wind. Yes the 3 days ahead should prove to be just perfect. I look forward to the many people from all around the world visiting this great trial. I look forward to seeing the experience handlers show there stuff and to see great dogs in action. So I wish all the competitors best of luck and hope they enjoy the Irish humour. Slan
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