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  1. I find canned dog meat to make a dog scour. Beware of meat in a can. Also Some dry bagged dog nuts can expand inside dog when eaten , so its best let them soak in mild warm water for a while before feeding to let them expand. Hope he gets better
  2. Found Answer to my question Picture: Vendor John Bell, right and purchaser Roger Jewitt with Nan. Nan a 18 month old bitch sold for 2,400gns (£2,560). Second top call of the day at 2,200gns went to Skipton regular Sean Richards of Burnley with a May 2006 black & white bitch who sold to E Houghton, Aberdeen. Sean also sold a black & white December 2005 dog, Rock, to another Scottish buyer, Ashley Thom for 1,600gns. Brokendogs averaged £1,185
  3. LORA what was the pedigree of the Top Lot(s) (sire x Dam)
  4. Dalesred any chance you could find out the highlights of the sale. I cant get them any where Results Please
  5. Catalogue can be seen here http://www.ccmauctions.com/images/ccm/SHEE...0JAN%202008.pdf Does anyone know some of the results?
  6. I have added more photos of Day 2. Hopefully I will get a chance to upload day 3 soon.
  7. I have purchased a new whistle recently and find it alot easier to get proper tunes.Its aluminium, its called the A1, its expensive but at least I am getting somewhere with it.I find the ordinary plastic whistle impossible, I couldnt get the same tune everytime. But I am finally happy with the A1.
  8. I have added 6 more photos of Aled & Roy. Will continue to add more photos of other competitors during the week if you have request let me know, and I will check if I have any
  9. Yes it was definately a great day for Wales. I have put up 2 pictures of Aled and Roy on my website which I took this evening. Well done to Aled not only is he the winner, he is the winning breeder.Roy is a son of Aleds World Champion BOB.I have loads more photos of over the past 3 days which I will upload. I have updated other parts of my site aswell. A Great 3 days
  10. Hi everyone, I was late home, very busy, Enjoy the few photos I put on my website tonight. They are mainly the dogs ye asked for. I do have more pics of the same dogs. Lark was very impressive today
  11. Hi Everyone, I just uploaded my photos of day 1 of the International on my website Enjoy Visit My Website
  12. If I come across them I will try and get a picture. I Have one bitch that is very good, she comes from Bobby Dalziels Wisp line, I breed her to Good proven open dogs here in Ireland and I usually keep a pup or two from each litter to train. Thats pretty much my game plan. What is your Irish dog Don Parents? Do you breed?
  13. I plan to go for a few days and take some photos. Always interested in future stars of the sheepdog world. Do you have many dogs Eileen?
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