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  1. With the Belle Grove Finals in Virginia, this 2020 year would be a good time to nominate Donald McCaig into the ABCA Hall of Fame. If you agree, go to the ABCA website and fill out their form to submit.
  2. It is with great sorrow our border collie community marks the passing of our dear friend, Donald McCaig, on November 12, 2018 at his home in Williamsville, VA. We spoke with Donald just last week and he was in great spirit expressing his regret at missing his friends at the fall sheepdog trials. His service will be at the Williamsville Presbyterian Church on Friday, November 16 at 11a.m. Sympathy may be expressed to his wife Anne McCaig, 10983 Cowpasture River Road S, Williamsville, VA 24487. Rest well, Donald. You have touched many with a life well lived.
  3. Hello. We have been Montadale breeders since 1989. We have a closed flock of about 100 brood ewes in Lexington, VA. Our original flock was Bud Boudreau's Maryland Montadales which they sold when they moved back West in the eighties. I don't recognize anyone by their special BC Board names except for Julie, so please don't take any of my remarks personally. To answer some questions here, I would never recommend any Novice shepherd buy a wool breed in the South without extensive commitment to maintenance and a good shepherd mentor who lives nearby to call on. That being said, the Montadale Sheep Breeders Association is the most progressive & supportive group of people for youth starting flocks to shepherd that I have ever seen. I am obviously a fan of the breed for decades. We have only bred Montadales all these years with just introducing new rams to our ewe flock. We have also managed to start our young working border collies and host sheepdog trials with our Montadale flock. However, they are not easy to dog since they remain "fresh and challenging like Western sheep" so I would not recommend them for puppy or novice sheep. They are also a large breed which can be intimidating to some. We are looking forward to our Spring 2018 crop sired by our new Champion Montadale rams from N.A.I.L.E. If you have questions or feedback, I will do my best to answer or point you in the direction of help. Thank you for posting to this topic. Cheryl
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