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  1. I have seen numerous topics regarding multiple BCs or dogs in general, but have a bit of a more specific question. Currently have a BC (14 months or so) and 'discussing' getting a 17 month old BC from a rescue. Still in the early dicussions and seen the posts on multiple dogs but we don't live on a farm. Single home, have some land but not acres just looking for any feedback of someone in a similiar situation. Thoughts, issues, goodness, badness of a situation like this. Our current dog is great, doing this more for a 'playmate' / pack perspective. Also current dog is a female the new one is a male. Thoughts - feedback will be appreciated
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the replies. To those that complimented the backyard - thank you, it is nice but I have to admit that it looks much better in the pictures though. The trees down the side hide the neighbors house and the other side of the patio is where all the 'yellow' grass is - but overall we enjoy it so thanks for the compliments. To Rockstar in regard to where we came up with the name. We have two young girls (teens) and as many will understand if one says black the other says white, so getting agreement on a name was challenge on the 90 minute ride home. Actually because I got lost it was more like 2 hours and since I'm a guy and wouldn't ask for directions it was probably more 2 21/2 hours, but I digress. I think we went through every possible name there was, one wouldn't agree with the other because I think they wanted to be the one that named the pup. We finally made it home at nearly 1:00 am and went to bed without a name. I wanted Mojo - long story but was outvoted as that was more 'male' than female, but we seemed to stay in the 'M' category. The night before one of the girls offered Misty, and my wife and I kind of liked that and the next morning as we were thinking of names between ourselves we came up with Mystic. As we presented to the kids that it was their mom's idea and we were not having much luck otherwise that was it. I was happy with it so I pushed it, my wife likes to call her Mystic Magic. Regardless she has been great and funny how whatever name you pick as a puppy as they get older it always just seems to fit.
  3. Been around for awhile, view mostly, post occasionally but thought I would take a moment to introduce myself. Mystic is our first BC, she is about 15 months now, actually next week is one year since we got her. So far, she has been great. Had a Keeshond and she was nearly 15 when it was her time. My girls have been after us for awhile to get another dog - nearly 3 years and last year we did. Why a BC though, I'll post another time in the thread on that topic currently out there. From seeing some of the other pics, I would guess she is average size but on the smaller side which is fine for us. Probably the most affectionate dog I ever met though, smart as a whip and as fast as one - loves everyone and just wants to play with any other dog. A few pics below - we have some basic agility equipment in the yard - a poor man's version, we don't plan on doing any competitions just got it as a way to have some fun. We have the tunnel also which she loves.
  4. Hopefully this is the best place for this question, if it needs to be moved that is fine. We have a BC, Mystic ( I need to post a pic soon) nearly 1 year old. In the early, early stages of maybe getting a second. Again very early stages but if we do I was thinking maybe a Sheltie and just wondering if anyone has both a BC and Sheltie and your thoughts on this 'pairing'. The one concern I do have is that Sheltie's seem to be known as a 'barker'. I don't put a lot of faith in they typical stuff you can read about particular breeds and would prefer to hear from someone with true experience. My BC rarely barks and wonder if in fact the Sheltie's bark as much as I can read about them if that may become a habit for Mystic. But mostly interested in people's experience that may have had both at one time. Thanks
  5. Darn you Bumpuses' dogs .... Only those that know the movie will probably see the humor ....
  6. Ok you are really 'North' than. Yep probably too far from the place I was aware. I am sure there are enough places in the Morris Count area or even in the nearby NY area. Good luck with whatever you opt for.
  7. What part of Northern NJ are you in ? I am in PA right across the river (actually 2 rivers to NJ) and there is a rescue not far from me which is getting a BC puppy (or a few) in next month. If you are not that for from PA (suburbs outside of Phila) I can send you the link if you are interested. Ours just turned 6 months - we were pretty nervous about getting her with all the stories and as you say quirks of the breed but it turned out to be a great move. She has been just great and my kids love her and she is really good with everyone. Actually all the relatives kids love her, she is on the small side but she'll just play with them all day.
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