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  1. There in Sussex New Brunswick. Half way bettween Saint John and Moncton.
  2. Barb....That is a spread jump. Looks a little different because of the supports. BcDreamer....Yes I know a lot of people from the K9 kapers club. I'm with Fundy agility (AKA FAST) based out of saint John. Where are you located.
  3. I would like to see them go to 350 before 400 but who knows what they will do. Last year I got 485 points at the regionals and this year I only had 355. I had 78 points after the first day and really had to put my head down for the second day to come up with the points. All it takes is a couple of bad runs and you don't make the points.
  4. I thought that their was a bid from some place out west but they pulled out before this years Nationals. Ontario wasn't to bad for me, 17 hour drive. Went up in two days but came back in one. Amazing how well our two Borders travel.
  5. I just received a copy of Blazes first AAC standard run from this summers nationals. A freind had recorded it and sent it to me. We finshed 3rd in the 22" regular with this run. Wish we ran this well all the time.
  6. I'm planning on being their. I live about 45 mins from the site in Sussex N.B., definatly closer than the 17 hour drive this past summer. As long as Blaze stays healthy and we get our points we will be there with bells on.
  7. Hi Wicked.......I was curious what had happened to Terry with Rev. Blaze and I were running directly after him. They were doing well and I didn't realize Rev was hurt. Hope he is going to be ok......National hopefully will be held is Sussex as it is only 45 mins from home. Definatly a lot easier than the 17 hour drive this year......Steeplechase was a lot of fun to watch. Wish Blaze and I had made it past the first cut but after trying to impale himself in the weaves there was no coming back.
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