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    Oh no!!! I am so so sorry!
  2. That's so good to hear. I hope I have kind hearted, dog loving flight attendents too! I flew this weekend to visit my friend in Savannah and was checking out the under seat area...I looks like the carrier I got will fit without any problem. I'm thinking that an aisle seat will be best...What do you all think?
  3. So much great info! Thank you all very much! My plan is to fly American Airlines. I called the airline to get carrier dimensions 23" L X 13" W X 9" H. One on wheels would be nice! I am off to the pet store with a tape measure to do a little research. I want to get the carrier and send it so that the puppy can start getting used to it before hand. I will have 3 days at my daughter's home in Denver with the puppy before we return to Nashville. I love the family bathroom idea!!! I am a labor and delivery nurse and there are always left over chux pads laying around, I may grab a coup
  4. I lost my dear 13 year old Conner August 3 of this year. A week ago the man that gave her to me emailed me with news that he was going to have puppies any day and wanted me to have first pick! The puppies were born last week and now I am hopeful and in planning mode. He is in Denver and I am in Nashville so an airplane flight is involved. When I got Conner she was 2 1/2 and had to travel as cargo. This puppy I plan to carry inside the plane. Has anyone traveled with a BC puppy this age? What kind of carrier did you use? (I am thinking that this bag would be appropriate) Sher
  5. Thank you EVERYONE! I knew I came to the right place and am sad that I didn't find this site before I lost Conner. I have since gotten her ashes back and have a little Conner shrine in my office (her favorite place). Yesterday I got some great news. The man that gave me Conner over 10 years ago emailed me and this was his note: I did call him and he was so sweet! I had planned to go see my daughter (who moved to Denver last year) at the beginning of November just when my new puppy will be ready for a new home. I had decided on Saturday that a house without a border collie just
  6. This is my first post to this board. I wrote this August 3rd 2007 Today I put Conner to sleep… Conner's place in my life was the result of divine intervention. I was in process of finding a new home for Dusty my border collie that had a bad habit of biting and was in contact with a person whom I considered knowledgeable in border collie personality. I had discussed Dusty with him on line and tried all of the tips that my on line friend offered going even so far as taking him 60 miles away one way every week for training. In the end nothing that I did helped and I ne
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