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  1. My Conner would not sit in the front seat. On a trip to Indiana I had the back seat down and loaded with suit cases and her crate etc. I put her in the front seat. For 30 minutes she whined and pawed at the back seat trying to move things. I knew I couldn't handle that for the entire 3 1/2 hour trip so the suitcase came up front and she went to the back...peace and quite the rest of the way. She also wouldn't go in the kitchen to save her life! I had to feed her in the dining room!

  2. As I prepared for my trip to get my new boy Jet I was thinking "shedding border collie in a hotel room...what to do"? I was shopping for a new supply of tape lint removers when I came up on the Pledge Fabric Sweeper so I got a couple.


    I'm a happy girl! I got tufts of hair up off of the floor in the hotel room as well as hair off of a quilt at home without any effort or un peeling yet another tape roller. Thought that everyone with BC hair issues would like to know if they really work. They do!


    Does anyone have any personal experience staying in a Kansas City hotel with a BC? I am adopting Caela's half brother, Jet, a 3 yr old male. My daughter who lives in Denver is meeting me at the half way point and we are staying one night in KC. He's a big boy - 50 lbs plus. I see that a lot of hotels have a 50 lb limit, surely they don't weigh them in!


    I haven't stayed in a hotel with a dog since I got Conner many years ago. If anyone has any recommendations , experiences good or bad, I sure would appreciate the information! I'd like this to be an easy transition for Jet!


    Thanks so much!


    Shannon :rolleyes:













  4. conner sure was a lucky girl...i am sure, after reading your words, and hearing hers (bark) in the video of conner and her favorite toy. as much as i was sad for you, i must tell you how hard i laughed watching conner dig faster than anything. i am lucky with my first bc, who is 7 months. i hope all is well with you.




    Thank you Diane, I laugh when I watch that video too! We started the laser before I knew better (now understand it may not be a great toy for a BC due to obsessive issues) but for us it was great fun. She loved her light. I have a new puppy now who is a dear but Conner will always be my most special girl.

  5. We did it! Caela and I survived flying from Denver to Nashville, (with a stop in Dallas) neither one of us any worse for the wear. She cried once for a minute and it was my fault, I was worried that she hadn’t moved for a while so I stuck my hand in the carrier to make sure she was breathing and she started up! (It’s the nurse in me.) No one knew there was a puppy on the plane until then! The second leg of the trip she was quite the entire time.



    Things I learned:


    • Let sleeping puppies lie.
      Get a large carrier. She only weighed 12.2 lbs but the carrier on wheels that I got was way too small for her even though it said it was good for dogs up to 18 lbs. I got the large Sherpa carrier and it worked great!
      Carry baby wipes and paper towels. I didn’t need them for accidents but for cleaning her paws (and my feet) because the only place to walk her prior to departure was MUD.
      Sit next to the window, the carrier stuck out a bit none of the flight attendants fussed but it gave the people sitting next to me easy entry and exit. I was by the window on the first leg and the aisle the second.

    Saturday afternoon we were able to hang out with Andrew, the man that gave me Conner 10 yrs ago and now Caela. He has three border collies and his girl friend has two. We went to the park for frisbee and ball with all six!





    Clock wise top right is Caela's daddy, next is Sadie, the blonde is Lynne...she is Caela's step mom and mothered the puppies when her real mom was tired of them. Next is Caela and last Caela's mom Nell. And Andrew of course!



    Thanks for all the good tips from my prior post, it made things much easier! It’s SO good to have a new baby!!! I’m in love. :rolleyes:












  6. Yes I really wanted a rough coat. The owner of her mommy who has had border collies for years and is a behaviorist specializing in BCs said that knowing me that she was the one for me. He goes more by personality than looks so I am trusting him. After all he gave me Conner and that was match made in heaven. When I get her up and running I am definitely going to get her a brother or a sister and and would like to get a rescue. I feel a bit guilty getting a puppy when there are so many that need people. I was Conner's third owner (the first owner kept her in a cage for the first year and a half and said she was the worst dog they had ever had). My friend rescued her from them until he could find her a good home. I'm so glad he found me, I couldn't have asked for a sweeter pup. :rolleyes:

  7. It's between these two...the little girl...As described by the current owner:"is the sweetest, easiest, and will be a no hassle puppy for the most part...she is also a protector/defender...the most snuggly, very feminine...probably smooth coat "


    Potential names?

    Kala - "black and white"

    Bella - "beautiful"

    Luci "Light"









    And the little boy...As described by the current owner:""fun, outgoing, VIGOROUS, and noisy...likes to chew on your clothes or hands, loves to lick skin...blue eyes...a real looker probably rough coat"


    Potential names?


    Beau "beautiful"

    Kane "smart"

    Cody "Helpful"

    Wyatt "Little fighter"









    What a tough decision since I can't see them first hand! My daughter is going tomorrow to make the final choice...they are in Denver as is my daughter...I am in Nashville. Can I just get two??? :rolleyes: I trust this man though...he gave me Conner 10+ years ago...I'm so excited!

  8. About the Laser Pointers. I never thought of that but it makes a lot of sense. I had one and would play with Lance with it some and he was developing those obsessive behaviors. Now I think I can link them to the laser pointer. He would dig at the carpet like he was trying to get at something that wasn't there. And he would chase shadows and lights. I haven't used the laser pointer, I think my nephew stole it, for a long time and Lance no longer exhibits those behaviors.



    Wow...so sorry for the bad suggestion. :rolleyes: I didn't have any of these other issues with Conner and never thought about any of them. It was just a game for us that was over when I put the light away. What made me think post to this thread was that I had an ACL replacement and during my recovery used the pointer when my mobility was limited. Thanks for setting me straight. :D

  9. Conner loved her laser pointer...she'd play until she couldn't play any more...wore her out!!!...great exercise for her and not much movement for me after I'd worked a long shift! I would run her up and down the hall before I put in the hardwood floors...after I put in the floors she would only play on the rug. There is a link to a video of her below. Feel better!!!

  10. Had to laugh at this - when I flew 8 week old Fergus back (he had to go in the cargo hold - as I've said, no animals in cabin here - apart from Guide Dogs), I rushed off the plane straight to the cargo place to get him. The guy went across to the terminal, and was a looong time coming back. When he did, he said "You nearly didn't get him." :rolleyes: Of course, I was thinking something dreadful had happened, until he explained that the ground crew were loving on him so much they didn't want to give him up. :D


    Good luck with the flying, and with the pup. And don't forget we need pictures!



    New pictures tomorrow...here are the last ones I recieved! Just got a note that they opened their eyes today!!!










  11. Conner was beautiful! I, too, am sorry for your loss. Have you gotten another BC? I still have Lacee, but have been debating whether to get her a brother or sister.


    Thanks for sharing the cartoon....It's perfect!! I wish I had seen this last Dec. It might have made the pain a little less. :rolleyes:



    The man that gave me Conner 10 years ago emailed me just a few weeks after I lost Conner...his BC had puppies and I get first pick! I am flying to Denver mid October for my new baby. A house just isn't a home without a border collie! For now it is just Charlotte my Aussie and me.


    You know...for me it was so fast. Conner was acting fine on Sunday and then Wednesday she was on deaths door. It's so hard to process how something like this could happen so quickly. All we can do is make their lives as wonderful as we can for as long as we can and in return we get the same from them. My thoughts are with you.






  12. I flew from Dulles Airport to Iowa to get my puppy. I forget what airline. We had a couple hour layover. I also brought Riot's brother back with me and delivered him to NC a week or so later and from there he was taken to FL. Anyways, we used sherpa carriers. The TSA's were loving the puppies and all the love they were giving the pups at each airport almost caused us to miss our connecting flight. They had someone even go outside with us so we could potty the puppies before boarding the connecting flight. Yes these were small airports but I still thought it was sweet they were so concerned about the pups.


    No one on the plane even knew we had 2 puppies on board. They were so quiet and calm the whole time.


    Good luck



    So nice to hear that. I'm so excited both for the new puppy and the flying with a puppy experience! Thanks so much for the reassurance!

  13. Your story sounds just like mine. I am so sorry for your loss. Katie was a beautiful girl. I too blame myself for not realizing Conner's leukemia. It's so hard to watch our dear ones suffer. You did the kindest thing for her by ending her suffering...I knew when I looked in Conner's eyes those last days that it was the right thing to do...I'm sure you did too. My thoughts are with you.




    I've saved this cartoon for over ten years. Thank you to whom ever is responsible. :rolleyes: (I'm thinking there may be laser pointers, soccer balls, and frisbees too!)


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