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  1. Thanks Carolyn ..... I am going to drive the 250 mile one-way to go look at this dog tomorrow. The handler is a friend of mine and I trust him to not try and dump a medical nightmare in my lap. This dog turned 11 last fall and was last trialed last summer/fall. He did well in Open but he will grip if he gets too excited - so I was told. I"ll bring a video camera to record his whistles.
  2. Never thought of the BAER test ... thanks. I now have to find someone that can give that test. Dave S www.outrunbc.com
  3. Hi Jodi, If you've ever seen a copy of their Borderlines magazine ( AKC propaganda ) you will probably get sick to your stomach. I know I did !!! This group is worse than the AKC in terms of ruining a breed. Everything is about conformation to the AKC "pretty" standard and even though they say that they want "working" Border Collies ... their definition of a working Border Collie has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with actual work ... only a dog that is pattern trained to a specific course. I tried playing nice with those people and I just don't have the stomach for it. Dave S www.outrunbc.com
  4. Hi, I have been training for 4 years and competing for 2 years. My first dog, which I started myself, is now running in Ranch/ProNovice ( 1 leg of the drive ). My next dog is only 6 months old and is not ready to start yet. I was offered an 11 year old retired Open dog from a top handler. I was told that he is not as quick as he used to be and would have problems keeping up with really light sheep that try and run off but other than that he would be a great teacher for me. Is this something that I should consider ? What are your thoughts ? Thank you,
  5. Try contacting Pam Sheehan - http://www.nikesmom.com/ - She seems to know most people and groups in that area.
  6. They are as safe as any other meat and bone. I feed it all the time.
  7. Try Cathy Balliu : Valdemar Farm, Ft Lupton, CO cballiu@yahoo.com
  8. You'd think that English was a foreign language to me !!!!! .... I meant to say: "This is why I think arena trials should NOT be sanctioned." ..... going back to my Hooked On Phonics CDs ... !!!! LOL
  9. I was happy to keep quiet but this "brag" really bugs me. There are handlers around here that ONLY compete at arena trials, accumulate Open points, and use it to sell puppies. Oklahoma is FULL of arena trials ( which are no better than an AKC course ), points and time cattle trials which I know nothing about, and the latest -- POINTS AND TIME GOAT TRIAL ... this was sanctioned by the HA this year and had no Outrun, left, or fetch ... you could move anywhere and do anything as long as your dog got the stock thru the course. I will agree that those trials are FUN ... and that's how I take them. I will continue to attend them for that reason.....but .... there are many handlers that use this to sell pups and promote their kennels. I have run at arena trials that were challenging ... but ... the reason for the long drive and cross-drive is to show that your dog has the "strength" to drive stock for that distance. My present dog does not ...... but if I run in arena trials I can make it look like she does. This is why I don't think arena trials should NOT be sanctioned. Just my 2 cents ....
  10. I'm feeding 3 dogs RAW. I figured that it costs me 2-3x more than Taste of the Wild ( $45 for a 30lb bag ). Average price per dog per day is around $2 ( that's feeding salmon, chicken, turkey, beef, sheep, deer, and goats ). So ... approx $60 per dog per month. My budget is $200/month and I usually have some left over.
  11. I totally understand ... it took me almost 2 years to stop worrying about it.
  12. Cooked chicken bones will do that. Sorry to hear that. Don't let one isolated incident deter you from feeding a correct RAW diet. Nothing cooked !!!!! Wolves have been doing it for millions of years ... and dogs all ate RAW until only 100 years ago and the species did not die from stuck chicken bones. Again... I'm very sorry for your loss ...
  13. The problem you are having is that you are making this wwwwaaaayyyy too complicated. Just feed raw chicken and bone ... the bone will only splinter if it's cooked. My latest pup was eating all parts of a whole chicken by the time she was 13 weeks old - maybe a little before that . I've fed gulpers and slow eating dogs ... none have ever had any problems in 6 years of feeding.
  14. I started in USBCHA - my first Novice trial was under Glynn Jones . Later I was convinced to try AKC and was appalled at the garbage they call Border Collies ... I felt like an adult taking a Karate class with 6 year old kids and beating them up. ( yes .. that is a reference to a Seinfeld episode ). So I tried AHBA ... which was similar ... but at least it wasn't the AKC. I went full circle and came back to the USBCHA and I'm not going anywhere. No need to go to the Nationals to see the difference.
  15. Thanks Julie ... The Top Handlers I was referring to are not at the level of Jack/Kathy Knox or Alasdair/Patricia MacRae but are handlers that run in Open in the Oklahoma/Missouri/Arkansas area. Maybe the ones that only work their trial dogs at trials are the ones that are pattern training their dogs. Similar to what AKC herding is all about. I heard this from 3 different handlers in the last few months and was getting really worried that USBCHA trialing was going the way of the AKC. Thank you all for clarifying this,
  16. Hi Eileen, My initial post was unclear and this thread has gone from bad to worse since. I love this breed and what the ABCA and USBCHA are doing. Unfortunately my emails aren't always clear and are often misinterpreted as being belligerent. Which is why I don't post much. My question should've read : " Does anyone have any information on how the Border Collie has evolved from what it was 150 years ago ? " But I didn't ... now I have to lick my wounds and go into hiding for 3 months ... that'll teach me. Yes ... I was asking about Border Collies in general. I did not specify KC, sport, or working Border Collies. This thread was doomed from the beginning ............ My goal was not to ruffle feathers and definitely not to call ALL Border Collies neurotic and with OCD - only a majority of the Sport Bred ones. Going into hiding now ....
  17. I'm digging thru the archives now. Believe it or not I've searched high and low but never looked at the archives. thank you so much ... and you're right ... we can no longer "generalize" the Border Collie. What prompted my research a couple years ago was that when I decided to get a border collie to work sheep and goats I went to the AKC - like most people do - and found an AKC breeder. Needless to say that I quickly discovered the ABCA and USBCHA and now only trial in USBCHA and AHBA. There are more Sport and Conformation Border Collies now than before - because 150 years ago there was no Agility and Conformation. I'll keep going thru the archives but I think this tread is over - I received a lot of info and links sent to me privately and some info posted on this list. Unfortunately I seem to have aggravated some people on this list - not sure why - but I'd rather back out now than get in a fight with people I don't know and don't care to ever meet.
  18. Sorry ... I'm not about to start name dropping just to please you. That would cause much more harm then good... and it has nothing to do with the research I'm conducting.
  19. In a BBC-Radio Scotland retrospective a few years ago, "In the Country: The Sheep Drovers", commentator Colin Miller interviewed men and women who were part of the droving tradition in Scotland in the first half of the 20th century. "We had verra guid (good) dogs [said Charlie] and verra guid tackity (tacked) boots...[John said] ye stayed wi' yer sheep from daylight to dark...ye had to be there, there was no fences...whenever the grass was finished they'd just move on themselves, ye see. Ye had tae be there, oh my, they wouldna wait for ye. [but, Charlie claimed the sheep] didna need much lookin after. Ye looked after them the first month--an' yer dogs was guid at that time--there'd be a dog maybe wide oot on the other side of the field walkin' back and forth, nay bother tae them...grand dogs at that time...If ye had a pair o'guid dogs ye could manage, but if ye hadna guid dogs...the sheep...could get awa wi' a lot. Ach, dogs was better at that time...That dog was oot every day and just ken't (knew) that job." ===== ===== Here is one that James Hogg told of his own dog, Sirrah: I was a shepherd for ten years on the same farm, where I had...about 700 lambs put under my charge...at weaning-time. As they were of the...black-faced breed, the breaking of them was a very ticklish and difficult task. I was obliged to watch them night and day for the first four days, during which I had always a person to assist me. It happened one year, that just about midnight the lambs broke and came up the moor upon us, making a noise with their running louder than thunder. We got up and waved our plaids, and shouted, in hopes to turn them, but we only made matters worse...and by our exertions we cut them into three divisions. I called out [to my dog] 'Sirrah, my man, they're away'...but owing to the darkness of the night, and the blackness of the moor, I never saw him at all...I ran here and there, not knowing what to do, but always at intervals, gave a loud whistle to Sirrah, to let him know that I was depending on him...We both concluded, that whatever way the lambs ran at first, they would finally land at the fold where they left their mothers, and...we bent our course towards that; but when we came there, we found nothing of them. My companion then bent his course towards the farm...and I ran away westward for several miles, along the wild track where the lambs had grazed while following their dams. We met after it was day...but neither of us had been able to discover our lambs, nor any traces of them...We had nothing for it but to return to our master, and inform him that we had lost his whole flock of lambs. On our way home, however, we discovered a body of lambs at the bottom of a deep ravine...and the indefatigable Sirrah standing in front of them, looking all around for some relief, but still standing true to his charge...When we first came in view of them, we concluded that it was one of the divisions of the lambs...But what was our astonishment, when we discovered that not one lamb of the whole flock was wanting! How had he got all the divisions collected in the dark is beyond my comprehension. The charge was left entirely to himself from midnight until the rising of the sun; and if all the shepherds in the Forest had been there to have assisted him, they could not have effected it with greater propriety.
  20. I see many Border Collies being bred for Agility, Flyball, and Disc Dogs .... and that is producing dogs that are obsessive compulsive and that have "The Zoomies". On the other hand there are those dogs bred for conformation standards .... many of these dogs are bred for beauty only and have lost all herding instinct. So .... I believe that - in general - the Border Collies of today are NOT the same as they were 150 years ago. I'm looking for claims supporting both sides of the argument.
  21. A - I have done plenty of research, have bought and read old out-of-date books, and have arguments for both sides of the argument; B - If you only read thru all of the BC Museum website you will understand some of my questions; C - You have spent untold hours .. Well that's nice .. how about you share some of that knowledge; D - I am looking for more information ... . if you are not willing to share why post at all !!?? E - I am NOT looking for a dog or any breed or temperament ... not sure where you got that from . --- Can we stay on topic !!!?? If you want to share any info great ... if not ... don't !!!! I didn't start this to talk about me or my dogs ... it's about the Border Collie breed and it's evolution. If you have a problem with me let's take it off this list and email me privately at dave@outrunbc.com -- I will not reply to any further off-topic posts.
  22. Hi Candace ... where are you located in Kansas? I may be able to steer you in the right direction.
  23. Like I tell my girls .... never assume. Ask first !!!! My post just before Penny's would have made it clear to her that I was not looking for validation of my belief but information to prove or debunk that belief. We all feel strongly about our breed and it can be very easy to judge. I have done it many times. I am trying to research more about the breed and how it has evolved. I will never buy into a blind statement like " BCs are better now than ever", or "Kibble is better than meat", or "This car was owned by an old lady that only drove it to church". I need proof from multiple sources.
  24. Not sure how you determined that I am close-minded and that my agenda is fixed .... we don't know each other. That statement was definitely uncalled for. Thank you for the information ...
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