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  1. Orijen is a little pricey !!! Right now TOTW and Canidae grain free cost me $.90 per meal. For Orijen I'd be looking at $1.18/meal from a free ship site ..... or $1.35/meal if I buy from an online store that charges $21 for shipping. That would raise my monthly feed bill from $81 to $108 ....feeding 3 dogs. K9 Cuisine and PAWS choice are the only two sites that I could find that offer free shipping ...but they are out of Orijen. Thanks,
  2. Does anyone on here feed Canidae grain free ALS ??? Trying to see how it compares to Taste of the Wild. Obvious comparison : Canidae - $49/30lb bag - feed 2 cups for 50lb dog -- 34/18 protein/fat - 3900 kcal/kg TOTW - $41/30lb bag - feed 2 2/3 cups for 50lb dog -- 32/18 protein/fat - 3719 kcal/kg I don't know anything about Canidae or how well dogs do on it ? Thanks, Dave Strickland www.outrunbc.com
  3. You can buy it but you're looking at $450 and it appears to be for 30 tests. I can draw blood and do the test myself but seems kinda pricey !!!! I just wanted to know if someone had used this test before. Trying to warrant spending the money. At this point I think I'll let my vet do it.
  4. Does anyone here use the Snap 4dx to test their dogs for Heartworms and tick diseases ? Is it worth the money ?? http://www.idexx.com/animalhealth/testkits/4dx/
  5. Hey Deb, 6 weeks ago I picked-up ol' "Chewy" Louie indirectly from Monte. Another handler in Missouri got him last summer but had too many dogs so now I have him. I'm beginning to think that Monte likes his dogs to have a grip !!! It is controllable though ... In my case Louie is teaching me A LOT about driving. Even if he is almost 12 and the big field courses are starting to get a little too much for him. I am glad you got her .... she looks really nice.... hope you enjoy her,
  6. OK ... I'll play !!! LOL You are being plain stupid and don't need or afford another dog. I can be in Kansas City in 4 hours. Let me know when you want me to come and pick her up. LOL
  7. I average $50 per dog per month. That's with $0.89/lb for whole chicken, $2.00/lb for tripe, $2.50/lb for beef after I pay for live weight, slaughter, and butcher ( buy one of the neighbors' cow twice a year ), goat for $1.50/lb if I slaughter/butcher my own .. and finally my culled wethers which cost me nothing... unless I bring to the butcher for $60 each. This way is a lot more work but I get quality meats ... not the feedlot crap.. My neighbor doesn't put the cows up and feed them grain before slaughter ( per my request ) ... so the meat is really lean. Occasionally I'll buy whole salmon .... but at those prices I rather just add salmon oil to some ground beef and organ meat meal.
  8. Thanks for everyone's reply. This will be much cheaper than round tubular panels at $60 for 10' panels.
  9. Hi, I need to build a round pen to start a young dog. Trouble is that I don't have $1000 for a new one. Can I build a round pen with 16' Stock Panels and t-posts ?? How many panels would I need.
  10. We're outside Oklahoma and I've heard the stories. My friend's dog is on some kind of medication to keep him calm during storms. When they travel out of town and can't bring him they have to pay for boarding at the vet. His kennel could probably hold an elephant. My 12 year old dog doesn't like storms but he won't jump thru a window to try and run away from it ... thankfully!!
  11. Thanks Mark and Tommy ... My friend does not plan on breeding to this dog. I was just curious.
  12. Hi all, A friend of mine has a good working dog that is afraid of thunder and lightning. Is this a genetic problem ? Should he not be used as stud ?
  13. Thanks Deb ... Good point ... There really aren't any working ES ( other than AKC A Course ... which is not really herding ... ). I'll keep an eye out - guess I'll have to attend some AHBA trials.
  14. Anyone that cares about the breed will NEVER register with the AKC unless they want to sell more pups and make more money. In my opinion if a breeders' motivation is money they probably don't care about the BC as a good working dog. For example ... I just bought a pup from Jack and Kathy Knox .. this pup cost me $450 ( or $400 ) .. I forget. My first dog was an AKC dog whose parents didn't work stock and I paid $800 for her .... I didn't know any better. See the parents work and ask about eyes and hip testing on both parents before considering a pup. If they offer AKC papers I would pass.
  15. This tread couldn't come at a more perfect time. I have been thinking of getting an ES for months now and was just thinking last night that I should contact my ES friend Jaime and see if he has any pups coming up. My reason for wanting a dog other than a Border Collie is to make me a more rounded handler. Then only two things holding me back is the barking and the lack of focus a BC has ( which might drive me up the wall ). So I guess what I'm trying to ask is whether or not an ES would be good as a loose eyed breed for me to train to work sheep or if there is a better "loose-eyed" breed out there. Thanks,
  16. Everyone has their own opinions on this so here's mine : These people are up-front and honest about the fact that they breed "pet" quality Border Collies. They sell on spay/neuter contract which tells me that either they want to control their own little market .. or it may be that they don't want to flood the market with "Pet" quality BCs that will breed more crappy BCs. In my opinion the only thing they can be accused of is trying to make a buck !!! It's not right or ethical in my eyes but what can you do ???? My only suggestion would be to see if the Canadian Border Collie Association can de-register their dogs. *** One thing history has taught us is that we can't force others to believe what we believe in .... The Crusades are the perfect example. ***** All we can do is provide information and let others decide for themselves.
  17. Hi Nancy, I will admit that I had never heard of this scent gland until about 5 minutes ago. I ran a quick Google search and I now understand it better. I will check him out tomorrow and see if this is what we are dealing with. When I was checking his leg and foot today , and trimming hooves, I did not notice any kind of inflammation in that area - only inflammation around that ankle. A good article on this scent gland thing is : http://www.sheepmagazine.com/issues/27/27-...Ball-Gisch.html
  18. Hi Bill, I've only had these guys for 2 weeks and it was entirely too cold for trimming until today. Hooves were overgrown a little but not extreme. This happened when I was working them pretty hard. A lot of sudden stops, cutting back, and such. I couldn't get the stinkin' llama and horses out of the field so the sheep kept wanting to go back to them for safety. Needless to say that my dog got quite a workout. BTW my dog pulled a muscle today so she's limping around on 3 legs !!!! Geezzz ... when it rains it pours !!!!! LOL Thanks for the reply,
  19. I am new to owning my own sheep and I have a sheep that has a bum leg. I was working a small group of sheep yesterday when I noticed that one was limping. I separated him from the rest and put him up. There were no cuts, scrapes, or anything visible. This front left leg is now swelled-up at the joint above the hoof. I can't feel anything like broken bones. Any ideas on what I can or should do ??
  20. No ... he got this dog from another top handler last May. He trialed him last summer but he has too many dogs and wants to focus on the big field work for the Nationals, Meeker, and Bluegrass. This dog is too old for the big courses.
  21. Thanks Carolyn, I drove up to Thad Fleming's yesterday and after watching this dog work ( with an injured paw from a dog fight ) I video-taped him working and his whistles. He is a very nice Open dog who will teach me so much. I will start running him mid-March at the Knox's benefit trial. He's at the vet right now getting that leg stitched and teeth cleaned. He is too old for 400 yard outruns - he just can't cover the sheep - but he will do great in smaller fields Dave S www.outrunbc.com
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