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  1. Hi all ... I'm at a loss. I have a dog that works great at any trial big or small. She does great at home with minimal daily training or work. Everything works well and she's happy and healthy. If we set-out stock all day for a trial or if we work sheep for a couple hours sorting or loading she goes lame on her back left. This happens after she takes a break for a few minutes and, I guess, let's her muscles tighten. If I get her back up to work more or just to walk, she will walk around on 3 legs for a few minutes but then is back to normal. She gets back to normal even faster if we go back to work. X-rays show perfect hips and bone structure ... her muscle tone is great... and she is not over or under weight. This is also not a problem with her foot or pad. My vet keeps wanting me to give her Rymadil and other muscle relaxants but can't treat the root cause. Any ideas ???? Thanks,
  2. I read the same thing a few years ago. The article said that it had something to do with waiting until the growth plates were done filling-in. Something about spaying/neutering changes something in the dog's metabolism and can affect how they finish growing.
  3. Hi .... I bought sheep from someone I didn't know this past summer. I confined them to a smaller area for a couple weeks to assess their health before incorporating them with my existing flock. One of the ewes came up with Bottlejaw. I hit her with Valbazen on Saturday then Cydectin in Wednesday..... by Friday there were no signs of Bottlejaw. I then took all the new sheep off that area ( which I quarantined for 90 days ) and moved them to another smaller area for another 2 weeks. During that time I ran the FAMACHA test and all the other sheep were fine. Funny how only 1 out of 10 sheep had such a worm load. If this ewe has any further problems I will sell her. FAMACHA is your friend. LOL
  4. Thank you .. that makes perfect sense. Dave S
  5. I have a question .... I have never bred a dog ... and don't plan on breeding. If I were going to I wouldn't care about size or color. I would base my breeding on working ability. Someone once told me that I couldn't breed my LGD because she had an under-bite. - (This LGD is spayed so that's not an issue). I asked her why not breed a bad bite if the dog can eat and drink correctly !!?? Her only reply had something to do with breed standards ... So ..... what does everyone think about bad bites in dogs ... what is the practical reason why someone should not breed a dog with a bad bite ?? Thanks, Dave S
  6. Sorry ... this has absolutely nothing to do with herding ... Herding implies that the dog can "read" livestock and anticipate where the stock is going and how to best control them while trying to listen to their handler who is sending them in the wrong direction or trying to stop them. My dog chasing / stalking flies is closer to herding than this !!! LOL Dave S
  7. I couldn't have said it better myself .... great post ...
  8. WOW !! That's great !!! I can't wait on the next lessons: "How to teach the outrun using meatballs." !!! LOL "Dry Work" is great to work on recall and down at a distance. In my opinion what makes stockdog work different from obedience is that a dog HAS to use it's brains and natural instincts. If you take that away it's no more than obedience with livestock.
  9. Thanks ... I'll try the WormX ... better than 3 consecutive days ...
  10. My 6 month old is inhaling both meals .... we may have a parasite issue. She's never been wormed that I know so I'll worm her. How would I worm her or give her shots if she was never handled? Most farmers believe that keeping their LGDs wild is the best idea ... I believe that their instincts will have them guard livestock no matter if they like you or not. Any idea what is the best "broad-based" wormer for LGDs ? My working dogs get Fenbendazole 10% solution.
  11. Thanks Bill ... That's pretty much what I decided to do. I'll leave my old guy on the self feeder because that's what he's used to ... I'll keep the pup on 2 feedings per day until she turns 9 months old and then I'll switch to once a day. I never liked self feeders but my old guard dog was used to it when I got him so I left him on it.
  12. Good deal ... best of luck to you ... I work at Verizon in Owasso ( 10 mins east of Tulsa ). Call or email me ... let me know when you get to town..
  13. My old "Chewy" Louie died in January but I still have my 5 year old BC I also have an Aussie that I just started training - she's 10 months old. I am looking for my next BC but I'm not in any rush ... the last 4 were a disappointment. Are you coming to Tulsa for a job interview ?
  14. Let me know when you're in town and we'll work dogs .. or go for coffee. I'm always ready and willing to work or talk dogs.... Dave S
  15. I go over at least once a day .. usually in the afternoon on my way home from work. If it stormed the night before or it's really hot I go over morning and night. I'm there at least twice a day on weekends. When the temperature cools down some I'll be there in the evenings also. The lady across the road is a vet and she keeps an eye on the place. This is lease land ... We own land 45 mins east but there are no jobs out there ... we had to move closer to Tulsa for work ... my girls are both in High School now so I'm not moving for at least two years. This is the perfect setup for me right now.. later we will move back to our land, I'll retire and live off the money from my wife who's a nurse !!! LOL
  16. My sheep and dogs are 14 miles away so it makes it a little more challenging on some days... But well worth it... I wish I could play with sheep and dogs all day .. every day.. Thanks,
  17. I may just have to resort to that ... dang it...
  18. Thanks ... I tried that but the old guy would guard the entrance ... LOL
  19. Hi all, I picked-up a 5 month old Pyr x Anatolian LGD last Friday. I introduced her to my existing 6 year old Pyr x Anatolian LGD. They get along great ... the sheep and goats love her .... she is not trying to jump the fence to leave ... all is good.. ........Except that my existing LGD thinks that all the food belongs to him. He has a self-feeder which I fill once or twice a week ... He has his spot in the barn with a crate and food. I built a seperate area with food and crate for my pup LGD ... and no matter where I move this new area ... the existing LGD won't let her eat or get close to it... he now thinks that both self-feeders are his. Anyone have any suggestions ???? Right now I'm feeding her morning and night. That's fine until it's pouring rain or 10 below .... Thanks,
  20. ...or are they worked so much that they are calm and relaxed. I think my dogs are OCD because they only get a little bit of work every day .. not enough to calm them down. Dave S
  21. I agree that they really don't use their dogs ... at least while the cameras are rolling. Maybe these dogs have to bite to move cattle and the producers are scared that PETA might go crazy if a dog even as much as touch cattle. What has me thinking is the dogs just walking along with the people and/or horses while cattle is near. All my dogs are focused on stock when they are near. It takes everything I have to have them NOT work stock. Is this because my dogs don't get to run around all day around stock ? Is it bad breeding ? Is it bad training ? Dave S www.outrun.co
  22. Availability is their main problem. I am trying to get distributorship for it here in Oklahoma. Even with local availability the price will still be around $.90 per day for a 45lb Border Collie - give or take .... Dave Strickland www.outrunbc.com
  23. We have many Oklahoma Stockdog Association members in the OKC area. Website - http://www.okstockdog.com/ Yahoo Group - http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/OKSTOCKDOG/join Good luck, Dave Strickland www.outrunbc.com
  24. The Zinc and copper makes a lot of sense. My dogs were eating chicken 3 times a week ... grass fed beef from my neighbor one day, culled sheep from my flocks one day, and salmon once day. Not sure what the problem was .......
  25. I have been feeding RAW for 7 years ... the last 4 have been using a Prey model. My oldest dog is having problems with a lot of scratching and her coat is really thinning .... to the point where I can see her pink skin. I'm sure not as sold on RAW as I used to be. Combine that with the price of feeding 3-4 dogs on RAW..... I'll never feed Puke-Rina or Ol' Roy .... but again I don't want to pay tons of money for kibble either. All my dogs are now getting between 2 and 2 1/2 cups a day of the Taste of the Wild. I'll see if I can't buy a bag of Orijen and try it. Dave S www.outrunbc.com
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