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  1. Thanks again for your replies. The pet sitter would be a good idea except my dog does not like people in the house, even ones she saw everyday at work. She probably wouldn't let them in.
  2. Thanks for your input! No matter what, I think this decision is only weeks away for us. I know how much she hates change and freaks when we board her. My fear is that she will pass while we are away. This is my husband's first dog. He is in denial. I hope our vet can examine her and give us a better idea of what we are looking at. So sad.
  3. In three weeks, my husband and I will be leaving for a week to attend our daughter's wedding. We will board our two border collies at a place they have stayed 3 other times in the last eight years. My oldest BC is 15-16 years old. She has trouble going up stairs and has stopped cleaning herself, especially after going out. She chases the frisbee 3-4 times before laying down. Yesterday she didn't eat, but today she did. She still is happy to see us. I think that boarding her will be way too stressful and that we should put her down before we leave. My husband doesn't agree. We have a vet appointment next week. What would you do?
  4. Buck is 14 months. He gets excited when people leave and barks and then runs to the window to watch them. Each morning, my husband has a routine that involves putting things in a plastic grocery bag and pouring coffee before he leaves. As soon as Buck hears the bag, he gets excited and runs to the door. He has started nipping at my husband's hand as he leaves. My husband didn't mention this to me until it had become a habit. I have tried sit-stays, but Buck has little control in this situation (he has no problem with sit-stay any other time, including at work when he really wants to go greet someone or chase a squirrel). My husband is not a dog person, and doesn't understand training. He will probably be little help in this situation. Now he wakes me and tells me to deal with the dog and I bring Buck into a different room. Buck still gets excited and I'd rather not get up at 6:00 am to deal with this. Any ideas? Background: Buck is a high energy BC. He works with me everyday at golf courses. His job is chasing geese. The rest of the time he rides around in my cart, I'm the horticulturalist. He is well behaved and normally great at following commands.
  5. I hope you've found some relief for you dog by now. I just wanted to point out that autoimmune disease is beleived to be caused by gluten in humans (I'm a living example). It wouldn't hurt to stop giving your dog wheat and see what happens.
  6. All of my teeth cleaning problems were solved when I started feeding raw, as in Raw Meaty Bones diet. My 7 1/2 year old had dark stains on her teeth and now they are white, almost as bright as my puppies. Your right to be afraid of the leg bones. No weight bearing bones because they are too hard. No cooked bones either because they can splinter. Good Luck!
  7. My question is; do Border Collies play differently than other dogs? I have had many dogs, usually two at a time. I got my first BC, 7 1/2 year old Reb, four years ago. Her best dog friend would never play the games she wanted. Now that I've added a BC pup, 6 months old Buck, they seem to have games with rules that they both understand. Keep away. One dog will pick up a toy, sock or whatever, and try to entice the other to steal it. They pass it back and forth many times during the game. Chase. My yard has a fence behind trees and bushes edged by lawn. Buck runs back and forth along the fence and tries to get to the lawn without Reb catching him. If he gets past her he gets to run around the yard with her in pursuit. Once she catches him, they wrestle and then start the game over. What games do your dogs play?
  8. He still has some growing to do, if you're lucky, maybe his front and back legs will grow further apart!
  9. My Reb knows when I say "water" and we're inside to drink from her bowl. If I say "water" when she's at work and looks hot, she goes in a pond. When I tell her we're done playing frisbee, she staches it under some bushes. She always knows where it is when I ask her. Here's what amazed me today: We work at a golf course. About once a week our mechanic "laps" the mowers. He takes the reels off of the mowers and hooks them up to a motor that turns them while he sharpens them. It takes about 20 minutes apiece. After he's done, he takes them to the hose and washes them. Reb is obsessed with hoses. Last year she figured out that if she laid down in front of him and waited, she would get to play in the water. It's been six months since he's lapped them, until today. We were across the yard when she snuck away. Sure enough, he had turned on the motor and she remembered!
  10. I adopted a 5 month old puppy 3 weeks ago. I was worried that my 7 year old, Reb, would have problems with the puppy, Buck. She has been food aggressive in the past. Well, the puppy goes into her crate when she's in there and takes bones out of her mouth. She doesn't care, it's a great game! Reb spent the first two days letting Buck know where he stood. It's been play ever since. I'm beginning to think that BC pups are the most efficient machines on earth. With just a small bowl of food, they can produce hours of nonstop energy. Maybe they are the answer to climate change. Thanks for all of your help.
  11. Fertilizer is not going to help a bare spot, there's nothing there to grow. Clover is a full sun plant, probably won't work under a pine tree. Mulch might be a better option, but not cocoa.
  12. My BC has been known to ask to go out just to eat grass. As the snow melted she was excited to find grass.
  13. Thanks for your answer. Right now frisbee fetch is a quick way to use up puppy energy and get my dogs used to playing together. Buck (pup) still can't tell the difference in Reb's play growl and discipline growl, so frisbee helps. I'll get to the wait exercise soon, it's a great idea. I get up everyday before work and throw the frisbee until the dogs get tired. They didn't realise that it was Easter today or that we could sleep in. 6:00 am was a bit too early for me! I always say, if you do something with a border collie three times, that means you will always do that in their minds...
  14. I guess I should have explained what I mean when I say frisbee. My older dog, Reb, lies down and I throw the frisbee. She waits until I release her to run after it (it's how I trained her to lie down for sheep). So this is really fetch. The pup runs after her and picks up the frisbee after she drops it. He started eyeing her when she's down. I can easily divert his attention which my gut tells me I should. Pretty darn cute though.
  15. At the risk of sounding stupid, what are rollers? I don't think I'm going to start Buck on stock, but he will go along with Reb and I when we chase geese. Still thinking this through.
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