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  1. When DS was 2 or 3 we were out at fence camp on the John Day in Eastern Oregon. Kiddo and Jess were playing right by camp while I helped DH w/ something. I heard Jess start barking, and noticed that when kiddo started to move Jess blocked him. Went running over and kiddo was about 6 feet away from a pretty disgruntled rattlesnake. DS was pretty set on heading that direction, so if Jess hadn't blocked him and let us know he would have run right into it. We were an hour up a dirt road and about 3hrs away from the nearest hospital, so it could have been pretty bad.
  2. Had a great experience w/ Zeke last night! When we first got him from the shelter he was so terrified on a leash that as soon as we walked outside he would hit the ground and refuse to move. Got him over that fairly quickly, but he's stayed pretty reactive on a leash, and progress there has been fairly slow (mostly because I started out doing all the wrong things). HOwever, lately something seems to have clicked w/ me, in large part due to advice on these boards, and we've been making a lot of progress. There is a street by our house that I've avoided w/ him b/c it combined too many of the
  3. Lots of mojo from UT, and lots of respect for all you've done and are doing w/ Pan.
  4. Exciting news! Thanks for the updates. As others have said, keep up the great work.
  5. Thanks for the good advice. I think I'd feel more comfortable w/ someone who does more work w/ border collies, but I didn't know if that was reasonable. I know it's hard to answer w/o info on the specific trainers, but didn't want to put anyone in an awkward spot. I'll definitely get in touch w/ the Utah Stockdog Association--I found their website and got the application. I'm excited to find out about them. Thanks again for the help!
  6. Quick question. I'd like to start herding training with my dog, and have been able to find a couple of trainers in the area. One is about 1 1/2 hrs closer, and breeds and trains Aussies. The other is farther away and works mostly w/ BCs. I don't mind driving the extra distance if it means finding a better fit for Zeke, but I don't know if there's likely to be a big difference between the training styles. I know it's hard to say w/o more specifics, but based on your experiences with trainers, would it be worthwhile to go w/ the trainer who's farther away?
  7. :D Ah, but how does he feel about Jon Stewart?
  8. Had a similar problem w/ Zeke biting the leash while biking for a while, and decided that I don't mind working on it w/ him while walking, but I'd just as soon not deal with it while I'm on a bike. I ended up getting a contraption that hooks on the bike, that holds the dog fairly steady right at the side of the bike, but has a large spring that allows some latitude to move It's called a Springer. I got mine from the local bike shop (the lady also runs a husky rescue) but found a website for them at http://www.springerusa.com/. I love it, I feel like both of us are safer and more stable with
  9. Congrats on the new pup. Sounds like fate to me. I second (ok, third) the request for pictures.
  10. Zeke carefully and selectively chewed all the James Herriot books in the house. Biology text books are also especially exciting, but he leaves all other books alone. As far as underwear, he has never chewed it up, but went through a phase where he would remove all my underwear from the hamper and line them up nicely along the side of the chain link fence facing the road. All the neighbors were extremely impressed by our classy lawn ornaments.
  11. My older dog, Jess, does this fairly often,usually, like others have said, when he's remarking his territory after another dog's been in the front yard. I've only seen the younger dog do it once. There's a house that we go by on our way to the park w/ 2 dogs that bark at him whenever we go by. Zeke's bothered by other dogs that bark from behind a fence (although not phased at all if dogs bark at him in other scenarios--I think it may be related to spending a month in the shelter during that 6-month-old sensitive period, but could be off on this), and tends to slink by that yard as quickly as
  12. Just wanted to add my thanks, and to say a quick hello. I joined the board quite a while ago, and then went for a long time with limited computer access, so haven't been active. However, any time I've had the chance to come and lurk I've taken full advantage, and have really appreciated the great commentary and advice. Now that I have regular access, thought I would say hello instead of acting like that guy in the corner at the party who won't talk to anyone. And since some one suggested it (twist my arm), attached is a picture of my boys, Zeke and Jessup, (or should be, barring my usual techn
  13. Charlie, Thanks! Our first lesson is tonight.
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