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  1. Ill give it a week or two but yea as for the crate being to big. I'm not sure that would solve the problem by getting a smaller one because when he uses it in the cage I come home and he's covered in his pee which means he gets a bath about everyday....
  2. Nope dry food........and i praise him everytime he uses the restroom outside. I crate him at night and during the day while I am gone and 50% of the time he pees in there and gets it all over himself.....While watching tv or something I keep an eye on him but ill look away for 5seconds and he pees again...I've never had a pup pee so much lol ( I wouldnt mind so much if not for me having carpet) and as for the puppy pads..I just would like him to try to use them if he thinks he needs to go inside for some reason
  3. Is there like a certain age they get to where they stop peeing so much? He's 10 or 11weeks now and still pees every 5minutes, it wouldnt be so bad but he never does it on the pee pad - any advice? I tried doing the same things with him as I did previous dogs and nothing has helped
  4. Yea I def wouldnt want him with me as I was playing lol, There was actually a stray on the course one day that kept doing that to me and he enjoyed every minute of it but hunting through the leaves and all in the woods is a little more difficult probably
  5. Because I have always liked them and I wanted a friendly dog and they are very intelligent. I hope maybe I can train it to hunt golf balls also
  6. He already had his first shots and been dewormed when I got him. I saw the mother and father and their papers and I will have his papers as soon as I get his name sent in. Yes I know they have small bladders, I was just saying......and the only reason I questioned the crate behavior is because I've never had a dog do that. I also played with the mom for a bit before picking out which one I wanted and as for leaving him in the car, it was a ten second thing as i ran to the trash can
  7. STORY ---------------------------- Ok so I just purchased my first border collie for $250 on friday (9 weeks old). I was at the beach when I saw the ad in the paper so I left a day early and went to pick him up about 2 hours away which left me with a 5 hour drive home with the dog. After about 3 hours or so we stopped at a taco bell to grab some food and I had my girlfriend walk him around in the grass. I came back outside and he hadnt done anything so I put him back in the car while she ran inside. I went and threw some old cups away and came back to see the dog standing against the door with his paws on the lock and I immediately thought the worst...........and I was right...the dog had locked us out of the car. After she came back out we had a good laugh about it but was kinda mad because we didnt even know what city we were in lol. I called a locksmith and he told me where I was and it would be 30 minutes for a $45 charge. There happened to be an advanced auto parts right there so I went and asked them what we might be able to do to get in and they mentioned that the police would open your car if you have a child in it or something. I called the police and they dispatched me to a patrol car and I told them the story. 5 minutes later a firetruck pulled up and opened the door for me They all had a good laugh when I told them what had happened. --------------------------- QUESTIONS --------------------------- I have one dog right now and she is a mutt but I had a Sheltie who recently passed away. I put both of them in a crate(while pups) while we were away and at night but Rex (my border collie) whines constantly and has actually done #1 twice and #2 once while in the cage. I dont really know how to tell him no if I dont see him do it. My other dogs never once used the restroom in the cage. also..He seems to pee a lot but thats probably just him being a puppy - for example: I'll take him out for a walk to use restroom and he will pee and then when he comes in he pees again but on the floor, right beside the pee pad lol Thats all I can think of right now.
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