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  1. Wollie likes pretty much "doggie" toys, but nothing says P-P-P-PLAYTIME like junkmail stolen from the postbox! Also he likes the plastic nesquick containers with a little bit of treats in them and will play until he opens them up... even if it takes all day! He also plays with pine cones... but, other than that he's a real good boy
  2. I just tried your advice and put him in the harnass and gave him a very hard piece of dried ostrich chewy... while he chewed on that (after he bit my hand real bad before) I could actually hold him down and brush his back towards his butt... but I'm not allowed to brush his neck - this means he's still in control, yes?
  3. Thanks for all the great info! Yep, I guessed that too! LOL He'll actually be ending up on his back with his feet in the air kicking me! I usually stop after a few minutes of him trowing a tantrum... and then I'll rather brush the other dogs - but in front of him so he can see that nothing happens to them while being brushed.... hasn't worked so far That's just it - his hair is perfect but I would like for it to stay that way and I've read that BCs nead regular grooming... and trust me if you have a Golden you know how to groom! LOL At first I thought it was the kind of brus
  4. I've tried numerous times to brush him ever since he was a little puppy, but he doesn't like it and will either bark at it or start whining.... any ideas? He even gets in a few nips! (and he never tries to bite for anything else) The other dogs love having this kind of attention and when I brush them he starts to get upset!! I've even tried different brushes and he goes mad at them all - I'm starting to think someone must've whacked him with one before we got him? (I certainly don't think so, since the breeder was very relaxed and told us not to use that kind of punishment)
  5. Hi! I have no idea or input as to what kind of breeds she is... but, she is one great looking puppy!! And I bet she's going to steal a lot of hearts as she grows up I understand your curiousity... I'd wanna know too, but it certainly wouldn't make me love her less, and I bet it's the same way with you too! Anyway enjoy her puppy days (while she's still innocent & sweet) Believe me, they grow up soooo fast and then they're not so innocent anymore LOL
  6. I think that a lot of people don't realise that they actually cause a lot of the fights between dogs and that it's their responsibility to take care of their pets and to make sure that they don't attack another dog or at least keep him/her on leash to protect other people and their pets! We don't have dog parks here where I live so you can't let the dogs play off leash outside of your yard unless you have them trained good and there's an open field nearby... but still, I won't let my dogs off leash - not even when they're at obedience classes and there's dogs around that might be the in-your-
  7. 3Mmom, I've come to realize that certain dogs just don't like being crated up - no matter how pleasant you make it for them... my Golden Retriever has never liked being crated up indoors - no matter what I tried! But, Wollie (BC) loves it to be indoors and doesn't seem to mind when being crated - I just try to leave a chew toy with him or leave a TV/radio on like they've already suggested and he's 100% ok with it... I also think that maybe she had a bad experience at the pound regarding being crated? I think it's great that she decided to go into it herself - you're getting somewhere and
  8. Great!!!!! I also don't like that little guys (have no prob with them when they're your's but don't tell me to get one and keep 'em away from my walkies!!! I have the same problem when walking our dogs... most of the dogs here are in their yards, but every now and then there's this little poodles (those really lil ones... about a JRT size) and he wants to attack my dogs! I have told the owner and there was also complaints from other ppl but they don't seem to care... he jumps their fence when they're not home and then he can't get back! And that's supposed to be our problem??? Anyway
  9. Wollie does that too! He'll walk a little bit in the direction he would want to go, and then turn back as to say "hurry up, slow poke!" LOL They are just sooooo adorable!!! I don't know of any other dog (certainly haven't owned one) that'll do this
  10. Well, he'll be 6 months old in August so he's not an adult But he's starting to behave like one... He only gets controlled playtime with them, otherwise he's either in his puppy pen or indoors... but he does tend to go on "overdrive" sometimes LOL I tend to believe that one too, based on my experience with our dogs and other dogs I know! ;-)
  11. I was just wondering about a few things regarding having Wollie neutered next month... I've had our two other dogs spayed and the vet was very clear that it's big surgery and they needed to be kept quiet for at least two weeks (yeah right as if that happened!) but I was wondering if it's the same for a male? Is it that big a thing to heal from and do they need the same amount of quiet and non-active time? Also if that is the case - do you have any advice on keeping him still... except for locking up the poor guy in his crate the whole time... Will his attitude change towards other
  12. I have no idea if it will air in other countries since it was filmed here in South Africa (license plate number...) and the other info on it (website...) is local too - but I really wanted you to see it, since I thought it was cute and kinda another way to advertise a car/truck...
  13. Thanks, the book isn't available in SA as far as I could find out so I'll look into that... I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the advice and kind words - it's true that BC owners are the nicest persons in the universe!!!
  14. I thought you lot would enjoy it too! It's so cute and I love how the dog that plays Spot looks - with the black round the one eye...
  15. This Ford Ranger commercial just started airing here in SA and I thought I'd share it with you... it introduces you to a Border Collie named Spot - I have no idea if it's airing in other countries as well Ford Ranger Commercial 2007 "Meet Spot" You can just click on the link to either save it to your PC or to play it directly from there... Hope you enjoy it too
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