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  1. That does sound a bit odd. Even if your donors write a check, the vet can wait till the checks clear before applying the money to your account.
  2. Is there a bc rescue service in your area? For a donation, they might dog-sit for you.
  3. Beth, Don't pay any attention to anyone who says you can't take care of your dogs. Since they're happy, that should be proof enough. And you're obviously smart enough to try to keep them healthy. The 'system' is the problem, not you. A couple of things you can do is: #1-Don't take no for an answer. Keep trying the Univ. or #2-Call around to different vets and see if someone might know someone who has experience without being a specialist. When we adopted JJ he had a hygroma on his right elbow. After doing our research on what a hygroma was and how it should be taken care of, we were at odds as to which vet to take him to. I feel a lot of vets around here are not up-to-date on different conditions and we were scared if we made the wrong decision, we would end up with a 3 legged dog. When JJ's leg started swelling, we took him to the ER. The ER vet told us of a vet that wasn't a specialist but he had a lot of experience. The vet knew what he was talking about and it didn't cost as much as a specialist would have. Good luck and I'll keep you and Popcorn in my prayers.
  4. Don't worry about the timing. Once you get thru the puppy stage, IMO 2 dogs are easier to care for than one. They'll have each other to play with and get tired. And we all know a tired pup/dog is a happy dog! Sometimes I take both boys out at the same time to play frisbee, sometimes just one at a time. I found out they can only play one at a time when it comes to playing tetherball. They learned how to team up and 'kill' the ball! Also, you guys can take both to classes at the same time (if financially possible) and rotate dogs. Your dogs will bond with (more) the person who gives them more command time. FYI-It's easier to handle 2 dogs on a coupler attached to a retractable leash than 2 separate leashes.
  5. LJS1993, I don't see anything wrong with it. If a dog and cat can grow up together, why can't 2 females? Our next door neighbor had 2 female GS's who were 2 yrs apart in age and they got along. I think it would have to do more with personalities. 2 alpha dogs will not get along as well as 1 alpha and one omega. Is there some way you can introduce them to each other and see how they play together?
  6. Glad his ear's doing better! Got the same instructions with the ear wash from the vet's (the ear drops had to stay in). We wicked it out with a tissue. I'm going to get fussed at here but we also cleaned it out with a Q-tip. The vet told us a dog's ear is L-shaped and we were careful. I agree with you. I think he's part Shepherd. He looks like a cuddly ol' teddy bear!
  7. Yes...Pictures! How is Woobie's ear doing today?
  8. Millie&MeBC, What is a shedding blade? Is it like one of those "Shed Ender" tools I've seen advertised on TV? JJ has very thick and very long britches. We try to keep them cut back but they also need to be thinned out. But the blade looks so short/small I wonder if it'll work.....
  9. "Closest thing to a kid I ever had" Absolutely. JJ knows I'm the Alpha yet he is the kid that understands everything I say but still tests the limits. "OH there is magic in those eyes" The eyes, yes, the eyes. There's a wisdom and understanding in those eyes I've never seen in another dog. It's almost like they're human eyes in a dog's body. And their faces are so expressional!
  10. Congrats!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!! Can't wait for the pictures!
  11. Hi Tammy! I've had a number of different breeds of dogs in my life and I've always talked to them as if they were 4 legged people. (Weird, I know.) And they all acted like they knew what I was saying. With my bc's, they seem to actually understand what we say. Both boys have graduated from 3 obedience classes. During JJ's 1st class, his instructor told me once to stop and listen to him. Doing so, he's taught us a lot. (While we were in the process of adopting JJ, I told my DH dogs can understand words. He disagreed saying dogs can't understand words-they understand sounds. A few weeks later we were driving down the road and DH was whispering to me. I finally asked him why and he told me he didn't want JJ to hear him. I told him "Sweetie, JJ's hearing is a lot better than mine and if you whisper loud enough for me to hear, he's going to hear it too. You're just going to have to get use to the fact JJ easedrops.") With my boys, I found out, if I respect them, they will respect me in return. Respected past dogs and past dogs showed me respect but with JJ and Jake, I feel they respect me because they want to...Not because they were trained to. BC's are sensitive dogs. A 'no!' will work a lot faster than a swat on the butt. (I'm not saying you will do that. I just know people who do.) And they stare at you a lot. Even when they are just laying on the floor, I can look over and see one of them looking at me. JJ and Jake are as different from each other as they are alike. Jake has more herding instinct but JJ has more 'eye'. Jake is thunderphobic but if he hears a sound in the woods after dark, he goes and checks it out. JJ has never been bothered with storms but if he hears a sound in the woods after dark, he comes running to me and barks at the noise while standing behind me. JJ is head-strong and tries tell me what to do. Jake aims to please. Both of us had to take JJ to class-DH listened to the instructor while I was taking JJ through commands or he was disruptive (waiting for the others to do their thing was not JJ's forte). Jake went to classes because he was obsessed with other dogs. Totally embarrassed me at an agility event one time. Yet, after the 1st couple of classes, he became the perfect student. I think the advice from the instructor to listen to my dogs is some of the best advice I ever got.
  12. Barb, that's horrible!!! Did they ever find the teenager who did it?
  13. Welcome aboard! Tell us a little about Jack and Jess.
  14. Lenajo is right. If you don't have any ear cleaning solution, I'm sure you can get some at PetSmart or Petco. Ear infections can be caused by different reasons. A lot are caused by ear mites. Jake had one a couple of months ago. He had a yeast infection in his ear. I asked the vet how he got a yeast infection in his ear and she told me it was a secondary sign of allergies. So, until you can get him to his vet and find out what kind of infection it is, cleaning is your best option.
  15. Everyone here has really good answers but I have a hard time answering your question. We did our homework before getting our 1st bc, JJ and we found out, no matter how much reading and research you do, there's nothing like experience! And now, there is no other breed we would have. Aussies are good dogs but if I were you, try not to compare your bc to them. What works for your Aussies might not work with your bc. Training a bc, to me, requires a different way of thinking. But that's just my opinion.
  16. Laura, I can see that. I've always lived in the humid Southeast so I can't compare.
  17. As much as I love them, I don't know anything about horses. What I do know is, I don't have the same type of hair my dogs do. My hair wets down fast and the water can get to my scalp easy. My hair also dries faster. I just wish I had more of it!!
  18. Isn't that why there's a bumper sticker that says "It's hard to be humble when you own a Border Collie"????
  19. Mary, I haven't read any studies on this but being the thinking person you are maybe you can see my reasoning..... Because sweating is a body's way of cooling off, why don't dogs have sweat glands? Could it be because God knew it wouldn't work for them because of their hair/fur? If I insulted anyone because I was PI, I do not apologize. I'll respect your religion if you'll respect mine.
  20. Hi Danny, Make sure you and your wife go together to obedience class. If Tweak is disruptive in class, it's only because he's bored. He's going to learn faster than some of the other dogs in class so you might have to teach Tweak additional commands/tricks. This happened to us with JJ. While DH was listening to the instructor, I was having JJ do 'say your prayers', 'give me left', 'give me right', 'take a bow', 'through' (figure 8 through the legs), etc. When it comes to learning commands, they have a tendency to get bored with too much repetition. Variety is good. So is a notebook, for yourself. Tweak can learn so many command/tricks it can be hard to keep up with them. How is Tweak on catching balls? A game JJ and Jake like to play is one I call "Colors". PetSmart sells a toy cube with 4 balls in it. When we play, I'll call their name and when I toss the ball, I say the color. Now I can call a name, have a different color ball in each hand and tell them to 'take red' or 'take blue' and they'll do it. Of course, he needs to learn the 'take' command first. Some people speed up the process by putting a different scent on each ball but I didn't want to do that. But first and foremost, have fun!!! Command time should always be fun!
  21. Congrats on adopting Tweak! If you don't mind me asking, did you adopt him from Mo-Kan? Sorry, even though I can't take in anymore bc's, I still enjoy 'surfing' and reading the the bc's stories. It does a heart good to know a dog has gone to a deserving home. Obedience classes will help. You should remember, Tweak has gone from a home that had other playmates and now he's an 'only child'. I'm not saying adopt another dog. That's just a viewpoint on Tweak's side. Bc's are very intelligent and you are going to find out they are different. Having a sense of humor and thinking on a different level helps. This is a great wesite. I'm a newbie here myself and have found it very informative. Welcome aboard!
  22. Thanks, Paula! Love the link. Saved it in my favs.
  23. I heard just wetting a dog down works more like a sauna than cooling them off (hair traps water-body heat warms it up). I heard the best way to cool a dog down is to wet their belly-less hair. With JJ I think it works like that. He has an overcoat and an undercoat and likes to lay in the water. When there is no water to lay in, he likes to put his front paws in his water while he drinks. He really made a mess when he did that to his indoor raised water bowl! Jake is different. He has a thin, silky coat so that might work with him. But he hates water! Using 4 bungie cords to keep him in the tub, it still takes 2 of us to bathe him! And when it rains, he'd rather stay under the umbrella with me but turn the sprinkler on and he's in the middle of it! He's a hoot! We have a fan-type sprinkler and he'll pounce on the ground barking at the water drops and then start biting the grass, pulling it up. Not playing in the hottest part of the day, playing in the shade when you do play and not playing as long will help. Jake doesn't drink enough water so when we come in, I'll give him an ice cube for a treat. He loves his ice cubes!!
  24. Deb, I can relate. Only my ending is different. When I was a teenager our house caught fire. Mom and I were burned. Brother escaped injured. Dad was at work. At the time, we had a chihuahua. When the firemen arrived, we asked them to rescue the dog. They told us she was probably dead. She wasn't. She had crawled under a sofa cushion. Bula's Lady, I can understand your concern but you can't let your worry consume you. Stickers are a good idea. The alarm system is a good idea. My mom now lives with us. Her bedroom is downstairs and the boys are crated in the living room. (DH & I sleep upstairs) My mom is a 79 yr old smoker. She smokes in bed. Do I worry? Absolutely. Am I going to let it eat away at me? No. You can only do so much. The rest I leave to 'The Powers That Be'. If anything should happen, at least with my boys crated, I know where they are and if I or DH can get to them, they will be going straight out the back door. If DH and I have to climb out the 2nd story window, we will also need new french doors because a picnic table bench will be thrown through the one we have now. Make an escape plan. When you go over in enough in your head, it will become 2nd nature/instinct. I found this out when our house caught fire because my clothes did to. Without realizing it until I was outside I had rolled around on the floor until the flames went out. Making an escape plan will also give you a sense of empowerment. I hope and pray you will never have to use it.
  25. "4. The mix you make looks good enough for a person to eat!" If it's good enough for me, it's good enough for my boys! I hope I don't start another debate. I'm just concerned about my boys present and future health. I know a lot of protein can be hard on their kidneys & liver but for now they appear to be thriving. JJ is no longer on allergy pills. He's more energetic, playful and alert (to the point where he feels he needs to tell me what to do and when to do it. Mom, it's time to play frisbee. It's time to play tetherball. Shouldn't you be throwing the tennis balls now? We need to play 'colors'). While they were on the Innova EVO (less protein, more fat), I had to give him an additional vit e capsule (200 IU) 2-3 times a week to eliminate the scabby places. But I hate to give a lot of vit e. I read if a dog is given 400 IU or more vit e daily for months, it can be come toxic because vit e is fat soluble thus it doesn't flush out like vit c does. I am beginning to wonder if I should switch them back to Innova EVO and increase their Omega 3 if I switch them from flaxseed to fish oil. This is so confusing.....What I do know, my boys aren't out working stock every day so even though they get their exercise, they don't need as much fat as a working stock dog. But then again, everyone needs a certain amount of fat in their diet. I wish we had an animal nutritionist around here. One I could trust. I think bc's and other working breeds require a different diet than regular house pets and in this area most people don't see the difference.
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