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  1. I understand what you're saying. I've just never heard of anybody getting sick from salmonella in eggs. I'm not saying it's not there, I've just never heard of anybody getting sick from eggs (excluding allergies). ETA: Let me rephrase that. I've never heard of anybody getting sick from clean/washed eggs.
  2. Thanks for the links, Mark. I appreciate the FDA and what they do but this seems a little over the top to me.
  3. Hi all, I went on the FDA website and did a quick search trying to find out if this is true but couldn't find anything. Has anyone else heard of this? https://app.e2ma.net/app/view:CampaignPublic/id:1407690.13114850917/rid:0ce6f9f7f30b9f2b8e77cda3e836d195
  4. You question the need for carbs in a dog's diet and then post? And then you had the audacity to say my statement was erroneous?? Whatever.
  5. According to the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine: "Carbohydrates provide energy and are made up primarily of sugars, starches and cellulose (fiber). Carbohydrates are supplied in the diet from plant sources such as grains and vegetables. The sugars are 100 percent digestible. Starches, which are the largest part of most plant carbohydrates, need to be cooked before they can be digested and utilized by the dog. Cellulose is not digestible, but it is used for its fiber content in the diet, which helps prevent constipation, diarrhea and maintain gastrointestinal health. Carbohydrates are a direct source of energy and are also protein-sparing nutrients. Without carbohydrates and fats, the dog’s body must convert protein to glucose to obtain energy; consequently, these proteins are no longer available for the building and maintenance of lean body tissues." You can find the whole article here; http://www.vetmed.vt.edu/vth/sa/clin/cp_handouts/Nutrition_Adult_Dog.pdf
  6. If anybody out there has a dog that was diagnosed with cancer discuss treatment options with your vet. If you aren't satisfied with what your vet says or want a 2nd opinion, ask them if they would refer your dog to a dog oncologist. If there isn't a dog oncologist in your area, ask your vet if they would consult with one. If your vet refuses to refer your dog or consult with a dog oncologist, find another vet. If you click on the link below, scroll down to the bottom of the page. I don't know how current/utd the list is but it can be used as a starting point. http://www.caninecancer.com/wheretoget.html
  7. jb, you give me the impression you think fat dogs are healthy dogs. In post #40 you said Your dog ended up getting pancreatitis and even though there are a number of reasons a dog can get pancreatitis, eating a high fat diet is the #1 cause. No, kibble did not make your dog fat. You did. And if you don't own up to that, there's a high probability history will repeat itself when you get your next dog. According to whom? So who forced you to feed her that much? Why didn't you just cut back on the amount you were giving her? Could it be because Again, it was your fault she was obese, not the kibble. Being overweight is uncomfortable and leads to health problems but if anything was squeezing her organs, it was the tumor. Everything that "feeds" cancer cells also "feeds" normal cells. And if you try "starving" cancer cells you will also "starve" normal cells. Dogs can survive on a no carb diet but can they thrive? Dogs (like humans) need some carbs. You just need t be smart about it. http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/carbohydrates I disagree. If your dog lived for 11 months after you realized she was losing weigh, it sounds to me like Acana extended her life. Yes, she would have. http://www.acvim.org/PetOwners/AnimalEducation/FactSheets/Oncology/Hemangiosarcoma.aspx Yes, you do. Hopefully, this will help. http://www.vetmed.vt.edu/vth/sa/clin/cp_handouts/Nutrition_Adult_Dog.pdf For the sake of you and your next dog, I hope you learn to forgive yourself. I know your dog doesn't hold anything against you.
  8. I agree, jb, so why don't you respectfully answer my question? If your dog was doing fine on "real food" why did you switch her to Acana?
  9. When DH or I walk out of the utility room with the Frisbees in our hands while Josie is in the house, she becomes a scream barker. Thank doG all we have to do is open the door. She can definitely hurt your ears.
  10. If she was doing fine on "real food" why did you switch her to Acana?
  11. Goose is right. Some dogs don't do well in a shelter environment. Or maybe she's not leash trained. (Does well in her kennel but lies down when on lead.) If you purchase a puppy from a breed there's a chance the puppy might go through a fear stage. Do you feel you are able to help them through it? At 6 mos old she's still young but hopefully she's lost all of her puppy teeth by now. If you don't mind the drive, go visit her. Do your own evaluation of her.
  12. I don't see any mix. She looks PB to me.
  13. I thought about increasing the melatonin but decided to go with the vet's recommendation. I didn't want something that made him sleepy or tired. I wanted something that calmed/relaxed him but still allowed him to be functional and the Alprazolam seems to be doing that. There's some construction work going on behind us and Jake seems to be ignoring the hammering that's going on even when I don't give him a pill which is a positive sign too. Now if it will help him with his "self-induced colitis" we'll both be happy. And hopefully he won't have to have his anal glands expressed so often.
  14. Melatonin didn't work on Jake. I took Jake to the vet last week for his annual check up and had a discussion with her in regards to Jake's anxiety. After discussing the options, we went with putting him on Alprazolam 0.5 mg. I only give it to him when needed vs. one a day which I like plus it seems to help. The vet wanted me to try and give it to him about an hour before a storm hits but I haven't been able to do that yet. With that said, he does seem to tolerate the storms better once the med kicks in. (He'll lay in the middle of the living room floor vs. finding a cubby hole somewhere or trying to get up in my lap.) One night he even happily went outside after the rain quit to use the bathroom which he's never done before. DH wasn't too keen about putting him on a prescription med but even he can see a difference.
  15. JJ's got that too and it's also on his right eye. It's never seemed to bother him.
  16. Thanks for your input you guys. I think we'll try the L-Theanine.
  17. Has anyone ever tried Sceletium (tortuosum) drops from the herb Kanna on their dog, horse or themselves before? Or know someone who has? I’m assuming the drops are legal here in the US? A lot has been going on here at the house; thunderstorms, moving things around (painting) and it’s been very stressful on Jake. He’s due for his annual checkup next month and I’m going to discuss meds for him with the vet but if I can find something more natural to give him that works I would feel better.
  18. Is it possible for the sable gene not to show "red"? The reason I ask is because Josie has no red/brown/tri showing anywhere on her body but she has a patch of sable (black/gray) on her left hip. Would the fact she's 1/2 Border Collie make a difference? (Sorry, genes confuse me.)
  19. Dogs will be dogs. Goose is right, Sue. Dan's lucky to have such an attentive owner.
  20. #1 – Get used to being constantly stared at. #2 – Decide early to start talking to them as if they were people. #3 – Don’t be surprised when you find out they know words you weren’t expecting them to know. #4 – Start planning now for your next vehicle because, well, you know, you’ve gotta accommodate your new family member. #5 - Don't start worrying about yourself if you wake up one morning wanting more acreage. Just accept the fact you've been assimilated.
  21. Or you (general you) could call your local newspaper and ask them if they use a soy-based ink which they probably do. I just wouldn't use the shiny, glossy inserts. Printing presses don't use the last bit on a roll due to it not being possible to paste (attaching the used roll to the replacement) and they don't want the roll running out. I didn't ask DH why it wasn't possible. I'm thinking because presses run so fast they literally print off 1000's of copies per second and they can't stop them on a dime? ETA: Or maybe it's 1000's of copies per minute. It's been years since I've worked at a print center. My memory is a bit rusty.
  22. Ok, you made me go pull a Frisbee out and look on the back and you're right. It is a Wham-o. All this time I thought they were by Nylabone. Thank you for correcting me!
  23. Nylabone does make different weights. (I really dislike the one with the bone on it.) If it has the word "flexible" on it, it should work. I'm not a very good Frisbee thrower but even I can make these things fly.
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