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  1. More than well really! Happy times here on the farm for sure, and she especially loves the new sprinkler Hope all is well with you there.
  2. Hi all. Been some time since my last post. I wanted to just let you all know Mya is well and enjoying life. Hope all is well with everyone out there.
  3. Ok I think I answered my own question. Just took Mya down to local grooming house and she tested both the furmorator and a standard undercoat rake and the $10 undercoat rake worked just as good. The furmorator seemed to pull more on Mya's skin as well. So for now I will use the $10 unit. feel free to pipe in all Craig & Mya
  4. Mya is a smooth coat BC but she still seems to shed tons around the house, I've read a few threads about the FURminator brush here and am wondering if this would be the brush of choice for a smooth coat like her, or is there something else that may be as good but without the danger of taking too much hair. I'd rather not start the whole "is the FURminator good or bad" thread again (maybe that's not possible), just what would be the best for her coat/recommendations. Thanks all Craig & Mya
  5. I'm very sorry for your loss... All done Buzz, all done. You settle now, good boy. Craig & Mya
  6. Just ban him/her and be done with it. picked up 3 more squeaky toys today, hid them in closet, but you know who sniffed them out. Going to have to put in a wall safe. Craig & Mya
  7. Hey LindaB Boy you can sure tell that's Kamloops, the dead Pine Tree is the giveaway. Craig & Mya
  8. Ahh Kamloops, nice spot, we live in Salmon Arm. Glad to have you aboard. Craig & Mya
  9. Too funny... When we let Mya out in morning or before bed she immediately bolts down into the field and barks at the imaginary bears, deer, cougars, ghosts or what have you. Trying to call her back while she is doing this is almost impossible, she's just so focused. Any other time she comes and heels wonderfully. Well... I have outsmarted her. She just finished pulling the insides out of her favorite (this week) squeaky toy, this one was beyond my sewing abilities so I pulled the squeaky out. "I wonder" So the past few days when she goes for her property patrol I call her once as usual, then if she doesn't come I give the old squeaky a couple of squeezes while saying "Mya Come" and voala! She can hear that thing a quarter mile away! and immediately turns on her heels and breaks the sound barrier back to my feet where I praise her saying "good come girl" Who'd have thunk it. Ahh the things we learn Craig & Mya
  10. That's a good boy Ben, you go lie down now, good job, good job. Craig & Mya
  11. Our last BC had a habit of digging large holes as well, they were all in places that appeared to keep her cool like under a shrub, under a deck, beside a tree. I think she was trying to build a den to stay cool in the summer. We left one of the holes for her (under an old shrub) and filled the others in. She loved her hole/den under the shrub. You may find keeping your dog cool with water or finding a good spot in a shady area for a dog house may help as well. my 2 cents Craig & Mya
  12. Mya is sitting on her back paws in that pic. She usually starts at full extension then relaxes back on her haunches like in the pic. It's pretty funny when no one has seen it before. C&M
  13. I posted this earlier, but I must have either posted it wrong, or it went into the ether... Mya has a similar stance when interested in something... Craig & Mya
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