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  1. Awww, there is no way I could leave a puppy outside for that long. I couldn't stand to be away from them! But seriously, please keep us posted on what is happening! I hope that you can get through to them.
  2. My foster pup is a bc/heeler x and is now 11 weeks old and somewhere around the 12-12.5 range. (~13.5" in height-she is wiggly so it's hard to get an accurate height) She seems on the skinny side to me too, but I know what she eats-and it's plenty!!!! She looks just like how I think she should look when she gets older though, just in a much smaller form. Long legs, big ears, and an hourglass shape, if you will.
  3. The first year birthday pic is great! How exciting that everyone could get together-they are all extraordinary looking!!
  4. Thanks Janet! That gives me a pretty good idea, and Debbie said about 40lbs which is what I was thinking too-but I had no clue really. This little one is actually my newest foster, but someone had asked how big she would get, and I didn't know what to tell them. Was Callie leggy when she was young? Because this girl has leeeegs! I'm thinking she might be rather tall??
  5. Now that can be arranged! And the sooner the better....I think my bf is falling in loooove!
  6. Can anyone give me a general area of weight/height that they feel a bc/heeler pup will reach when she is fully grown? She is 12lbs, 13.5" and somewhere around 10 weeks old. Here is a pic of her now. And in her medium sized crate:
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUZO! He is looking handsome as ever! I hope he enjoys his PetsMart visit, give him a biiiig hug from me!
  8. Congratulations! She is adorable with those ears!
  9. Hmmm, I know this one all too well. Some of them you just can't quite get out of your head!
  10. I'm just now reading this thread too but am VERY glad that Stella is already doing so much better!! Good thoughts coming your way that she continues to improve.
  11. I was wondering since it said that was his first post.... Sneaky.
  12. I don't care....I love the pics of him and Roxy. (And it helps he doesn't know!)
  13. This is just too funny. Um, here's a thought....what if Damon happens to read this?
  14. I think you're making us all jealous! I know I'm not the only one who had to 'transform' their bf/husband into a dog-man! And this one just happens to fall into your lap....lucky! And he cooks. And cleans....
  15. Let's just hope he changes it once he gets his pup!!!
  16. Awww, these pictures are melting my heard! Here is my bf with the dog that never used to be allowed on the furniture....
  17. I agree with the kongs....they're great but buy the black ones if you have a strong chewer. Rox can destroy a red kong. We have a few of the Air-kongs and Roxy looooooves them because they all have squeakers. And you can never have enough toys with squeakers!! They have lasted, but she doesn't chew them as bad as she chews up softer toys or rubber toys. I'm not sure why. We also have 6 Jawz discs for her and she hasn't destroyed one yet so if you end up doing frisbee-these are good practice discs! Someone mentioned this earlier but I'll repeat it. I bought toys for Roxy when she w
  18. Oh my gosh!! Atleast he is excited about it, eh? These are great pics Anda. I'm thinking this went a wee bit better than agility??
  19. That is sooo funny, I was going to go and look at her and when I called, they said there was a hold on her, and today-her picture was gone off the website. I hope she went to a great home!
  20. I would love to get together with everyone too! I'm pretty free, all except this coming weekend and one day the weekend of Oct 6th, although I'm not sure which day.
  21. Ok, so I talked to Susi and Luna is 28lbs. I guess I just 'thought' she was teeny. She is still smaller in size, but has a lot of muscle! And I think she said Luna is around the 4.2's right now as well.
  22. I work with Susi, who owns Luna. That is one very sweet and excited pup! And she is teeny!!! She brings her to work on occassion and lets everyone here play with her. I don't think she runs all the time yet, I'll ask Susi and see what her times are and post later.
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