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  1. Well, the intro is a tad long, but I don't mind it. It gives your anticipation time to build!! And I love that it shows a potential adopter the focus of the dog, the 'talents' if you will, the size, playfullness, etc. I really just think you guys have done a great job! I look forward to watching the next ones!
  2. Those videos are great!! I especially loved Pidge's vid!
  3. I would also try Maxfund. I know there is a waiting list, but they are a TRUE no-kill shelter and if you don't mind him staying with you until he can get in-they will find him a fantastic home. I know we (WBCR) have so many dogs that we probably cannot take in another right now, but please do try Maxfund. www.maxfund.org I am also willing if you need help, to exercise your pup sometimes! How old is he? Do you have any pictures?
  4. I think that Roxy thinks the SAME thing about balls......
  5. Roxy will actually use her paws to help 'shove' the object in her mouth. It's pretty funny! That way she has her landing gear available for her landing!
  6. Ha ha!!!!! That's funny, because ANDA took that picture that I posted of Rockstar!
  7. Yup....I've got one of those dogs! She still does it on occassion, but mostly will just jump and catch with her mouth. I think when she misjudges where whatever she is trying to catch (ball, frisbee) the paws come in for some assistance!
  8. Awww, that's perfect. What a sweet little girl. She knew you needed her, and maybe, just maybe, she knew she needed you too!
  9. Here's what my truck looks like with my 2..... And with my foster Lily too.
  10. Start putting the doggles on now, while she is little. She'll get used to them. We used to do pretty much everything that dogs don't like to Roxy (playing with their ears, feet, teeth, picking them up) so that when we had to-she would be used to it all. She will wear doggles, or doggie costumes!
  11. I'm so sorry Danielle. But I am also very happy that Sine found you and you were able to give her happiness and a home for her last days, and they weren't spent in a shelter. We'll be thinking of you and her.
  12. I sunscreen one of my dogs muzzles because it will burn. I just use good old sweatproof sunscreen and she doesn't bother it (licking it off).
  13. I love to hear what everyone uses to transport their puppers! I drive a Nissan Xterra, which is nice because the back is entirely plastic and can be cleaned out VERY easily when muddy, wet, dirty, drooly, or any other dog is in the back. There is plenty of space and I can fit 2 crates in with the backseat up, plently more with the seats down. And it came with a rack on the top if I need to bring bigger items like an easy-up, or x-pen, or something like that. The only downside-18 mpg. On a good day! Although my boyfriend REALLY wants a mini and I keep telling him there is no room for t
  14. And since we already have a BoJangles in the rescue..... What about Bo Peep?
  15. I think they could very well prick eventually. Roxy's ears took a while to fully stay up whenever she wanted them too. Here she is at 12 weeks.... And about a month later..... And now....... ETA: Cheza is absolutely a doll!!!!
  16. Rockstar only gets to sleep on the bed in the morning after one person is up and there is room for her. Even though she is on the smaller side she takes up SPACE when she stretches out. And I like to make sure she knows that it is a luxury to be on the bed and NOT expected. But she is very good about waiting until the morning and sleeps happily in her bed the rest of the night.
  17. My friend had this exact same scenario almost, and she felt that he needed to be the one to train/exercise his own dog. But, that didn't happen, because like you she is the active one, and he is the lazier of the two. She ended up training and exercising his pup for her first year, and now that she is solid on recall, and starting in frisbee, he now wants to be the one to do everything with his dog. After all her hard work he finally is helping (if you can call it help) and will take his dog out for playtime. It's really divided in their household, he takes his dog to play, but he won't ta
  18. First dog as a child? A mutt named Sitka. First dog as an adult? My BC Rockstar! Why a BC? I loved the breed and really wanted a dog to do dog-sports with, take everywhere with me, and one that had lots of energy and wanted to play! Did you do research? Yes, I am a research fiend. First BC? Rockstar. What made you want to get another? I'm still waiting for that right dog to come along for our second dog that my bf just can't say no to! What have you done with your dogs? Frisbee and flyball. How many BC's? Roxy is a solo artist. How many do you have now?
  19. How fun! And we're gonna need to get some pictures you know!
  20. Poor Chaos! I hope he is feeling better by now! (Sorry-I like a few others just read this thread today).
  21. That is too cool!!! What a good girl Gypsy is!
  22. SCARY! I'm glad it all worked out and you found him safe and sound.
  23. I'm glad to hear the vet seems to think she's ok! Prayers are coming your way!
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