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  1. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can elighten me on this subject. Roxy has had 2 incidents in the past 2 nights where she has peed in her sleep. She knows how to wake me up, and it's not like she wakes up, pees on the carpet and goes back to sleep. She is peeing while she is sleeping on her bed, because she will lay in it and is all wet when she wakes up. Is this a UTI? A bladder infection? Something else? I do have an appt for tomorrow afternoon at the vet. Should I ask them to test for anything else? I'm worried about this. She is 2 1/2, fully housebroken, and I don't know
  2. I know this might seem silly and simple, but do you have tinted windows? The tint on my truck is pretty dark and you can't even see the dogs inside unless you know they are there and look for them. I like it that way.
  3. I completely agree with Mary. I like the fact that I have to take my dogs somewhere to exercise them too. It keeps me motivated, because otherwise I might just sit out on the deck, have a margarita or 2, and throw a ball for them if I had endless room for them to run. But my dogs love to get out and it's good for them and their social interaction as well.
  4. Thanks for the tips everyone, even though it wasn't my thread I'm going to use these suggestions! I appreciate all the input!
  5. Ok, this is going to be a stupid question, but what do you redirect him to? Treats? I ask because my new boy Kipp does not like kids. At all. Mostly because they just come up and grab his face and annoy the crud out of him, but he will nip at FACES (HUGE PROBLEM!!!!). Although, he has never actually touched a face, it's scary and I need to figure out how to correct this problem. He did it to me a few times when we first started fostering him (before we adopted him) and I think he does it out of uncomfortableness with a situation. The only problem is I don't really trust him enough aroun
  6. Welcome! She is gorgeous. And I love the name. Where'd you come up with it??
  7. I just weighed both of mine last night, they seem to have lost their winter weight with all of our frisbeeing and play dates at the park! Roxy- 19" and 31lbs. She is 2 1/2 yrs. Kipp- 20.5" and 37lbs. He is 1 yr. I'd actually like him to gain 1-2lbs so we've upped his food a bit.
  8. Wow, how exciting! I've never been to Rifle, but Colorado is wonderful. It's a great place to be, so although it's a scary and overwhelming thing right now, I think that you will love it here and be happy with the choice you guys have made. Now I know why you had asked where Lakewood was in the other thread!
  9. I realize I'm posting this rather late, but just in case there is anyone in/around CO that're interested in starting your dog off in disc, here is the place to do it! What: JOIN US FOR A DOGGONE GOOD DAY! BRING YOUR DOG -- BRING A LEASH -- BRING PLENTY OF WATER DATE: SATURDAY, MAY 10TH, 2008 TIME: 1:00pm to 5:00 pm Registration starts at 12:30pm COST: $25 per individual/ $35 per family for the seminar -- We also have private lessons available for seminar participants -- Cost: $10 for 15 minutes of private instruction PLACE: Federal Heights - Sherrelwood Park - 1200
  10. I would try putting her leash on her when you are in the house. When she goes for the cat or even stares at it, I would call her (and if she won't come to you) this way you can physically make her come to you-it doesn't have to be rough, just a constant pull on the leash until she comes. Bring her focus back to you, praise, praise, praise for coming (give her a treat or reward too if that helps). With enough of this most likely she will know that she does need to ALWAYS come to you when called, even with the cat in the room and eventually (hopefully) you can lose the leash but still have he
  11. Well, I do admit that Roxy has doggles, pink ones at that. But she just looks so darn cute in them and they protect her eyes from rocks and stuff when her head is out the window of the car. ETA: spelling error
  12. Awww, I remember Angel too! She is looking adorable and very FUZZY headed in that first pic!
  13. If you don't care what they look like you can get blemished fastbacks (one of the kinds you can use at disc dog competitions) at www.dtworld.com. They're somewhere around $1.50 I believe but it's been a little bit since I've had to restock! Or www.herodiscusa.com - I believe those are a teensy more expensive but not by much. And you don't have to get the blemished ones. I usually do because they're cheaper and they're for practicing anyway.
  14. Rockstar, aka Roxy, was originally named after the company Roxy. And about the second or third day after we got her my bf had taken her to work with him and when I met him up there, a little girl was petting her and told me 'Your dog is a Rockstar!' And it stuck. Kipp was already named by the Wyoming BC Rescue when we adopted him, but I was recently told that it means 'chicken' in dutch. And now I know that is the perfect name for him because he can be a chicken when it comes to certain things. And we even called him chicken sometimes before we knew that.
  15. I'll be there AJ! But you already know that. And Anda couldn't bring Ouzo anyway since pets aren't allowed in the venue, which means you will just have to come down again and check out some of the many fabulous dog parks we have around here!!!
  16. Aw, AJ that's great! I just thought it was so sweet she let you and only you love on her. But it sounds like she has a wonderful new family now and she will be well loved.
  17. I'm fast becoming a fan of tri's. But neither of mine are tri. I'm with Shayna, where I prefer patterns (especially on the b/w's). I think they just give a dog such an individual look and separates them from all the other black and whites out there. So, on that note, Roxy is not symmetrical in her patterning on her face and head which I love (one white ear, one black ear). But Kipp is pretty traditionally marked all-around. But he has more freckles than Rox and I like that too. I wouldn't pick a dog purely based on color, but 50% of my crew fits into my color preference.
  18. I'm so with you Anda. The only reason I even read another dumb poll was to see what people were actually responding with and why....
  19. What about that sweet girl that didn't like to be touched and pet, but she let you pick her up and love on her? Did she get adopted?
  20. Oh, and I like the fact that smoothies are fast drying after playing in the lake, which mine can't seem to stay out of!!! Although I've heard that the smooth coats shed more than the rougher coats. Mine don't seem to shed that much though, does anyone know if that is true?
  21. I prefer the smooth coats, and I really just got lucky with my 2....who both happen to be smoothies!! They are sooooo much nicer to clean in the snow and mud. And they don't get the little balls of snow in between their foot pads!
  22. I have 2 black and whites, and I foster when I need a splash of color in the house!
  23. I'm with the others that have more than one dog, so I picked the option that they both like to do the most together: fetching. BUT- if I could separate them it would be: Rockstar-definitely loves to snuggle best, then fetch, then learning new tricks (either frisbee tricks or just good old-fashioned dog tricks), and I think if she ever had the chance to work stock that would be high on the list, she has the drive and talent for it I'm sure! Kipp-Fetching all day, every day
  24. Let's see, just to make you feel a little better (in a you're-not-the-only-one type of way) Roxy chewed THROUGH her crate, then through a wall, and has chewed more than I care to put a $$ amount to. A leather briefcase, 2 pairs of Oakley sunglasses, too many shoes to count, the blinds, blankets, her crate pad, seatbelts in 2 cars, etc etc. Obviously I could've avoided some of that, but you live and you learn. It does get better!! They do grow out of that stage, well, mine both did anyway.
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