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  1. Glad to hear that. I hope you had never posted in any of my threads because you were the one who swayed this internet community against me in the first place by insulting me in my very first post on this forum. Nice way to welcome a newcomer, Juliepouidrier! Did my first post about Mormons in Utah offend you Julie? Well, know that it is not easy being a Jewish person in Utah and the Mormons never left me alone and told me I was going to hell all the time. Anyway, I hope the forum readers realize that you Juliepouidrier are a "fake internet expert" because merely logging several posts, own
  2. Alright, fair enough, but I am afraid some of you won't like the purpose I had in mind. And the end of it all, I will be lucky if I get a straight answer to my question. (On the other hand if no one ever gives straight responses to my questions, I think I will stop posting on this forum altogether). My objective in asking that question was to filter out the "noise" from the real information. Anyone can be an expert on an internet forum. A visiting Yale professor at BYU who competed in Schutzhund in Belgium had told us how a certain Schutzhund forum owner from Wisconsin had developed a near
  3. Another insult. If you cannot give a straight answer, kindly refrain from posting. I did not ask that question lightly but had a definite purpose in mind.
  4. You misquoted me. I think I have asked legitimate questions, so I resent being called a troll. My fundamental objective in asking that question was to consider the source of my BC. In other words I am struggling with whether I should get my BC from this country or acquire one from Scotland. I have noted that those on this forum who acquired their dog from overseas (e.g. Fly by Dr Melanie Chang) have been generally happy with their dog.
  5. A few things first. 1) Bill Fosher had written in another thread "CHD so widely diagnosed and treated in Border collies in the US, while it is virtually unheard of in the same dogs in the UK." What is the consensus on this issue? Is it because not many people test for CHD in the UK? Is it because they have better dogs down there? Is it because vets here are out to make a quick buck? What is the general consensus on the topic? 2) PrarieFire had asked "Do you really maintain that 12.5% and 15% are statistically significant? And that you can predict the offsprings hip scores?" My statist
  6. Who are the posters who have formed lasting friendships with other posters in person because they frequently meet each other at trails? Justin
  7. Another sad thing is the decline in farmers using Great Pyrennees dogs for livestock protection. The preferred method here in Utah is using "aphese" which shoots a cynide bullet into the mouth of the coyote (also a disincentive against using herding dogs because dogs could sniff at the bait and get similarly killed). Everyone is encouraged to kill coyotes. So hunters kill them out. Sometimes the BLM (actually it is some other department like BLM) uses aircraft to take them out. Then there is the practice of "denning" where cubs are killed. There is snaring and trapping of coyotes - also
  8. Not to mention the fact that dogs don't have the height and cannot locate sheep in thick brush (the major kind of vegetation here in the mountains). A man on a horse can see the sheep and herd it, so that is one more reason why farmers use horses here. Some Mexicans don't even charge to do the work as long as they get food and a shelter somewhere on the farm. But even with horses, sometimes sheep are left behind in the brush. Out in the plains (desert really), an ATV does the job in minutes because the entire flock seems really afraid of the ATV and hurries away as quickly as they can. Wit
  9. Jack writes {{What are this person's SAR credentials? Has he successfully led or participated in a SAR group? In his "Infrequently asked questions about german shepherds" he mentions that he is an economist. I have a feeling that it will take more than hauling some puppies to Las Vegas and playing hide-and-seek with the firemen to create a SAR unit that will actually prove useful.}} Jack, you will have to ask him that. He seemed a little cold towards me yesterday after I told him I had posted about the S&R operation on this forum because he likes to do his work quietly and privately.
  10. I am not a very smart person. But if I get into vet school - and that is a big IF - I suppose I will have to drop out of both SAR and herding myself since who knows which school I end up joining and in which state. The BC I acquire will be used by my parents and siblings to herd sheep. We presently herd using ATV's.
  11. Thanks Mark for the link. - Who are the other members of the ABCA Health & Genetics Committee? - Does your Pipedream Farm have a website?
  12. Juliepuodrier, I read your responses to me in not only this thread but other threads too. I am disappointed that you continue to insult me in every one of your responses and you put words into my mouth. The end result is that many others attribute your comments to me. I never said I don't care about SAR. I am pretty passionate about SAR. I just said I don't care about the motivations of the person who started the SAR group in Parowan. He is just a Native American who likes to be left alone and I guess most Native Americans are that way, especially educated ones. But I never said I don't ca
  13. I am just curious about how protective your border collies would be. By protective I mean, protective of you and not of your home, car, etc. Suppose you are walking on a lonely street at night and a bad guy jumps at you and starts attacking you, how do you think your BC would react? This has never happened to me but my guess is my Golden Retriever will think the bad guy is playing a fun game and will probably join in, happily barking and running circles around the bad guy, jumping up and licking him. My ex-girlfriend's JRT will surely growl, bite the bad guy's ankles once, run away and kee
  14. Not enough discussion/debate on this topic: Hip dysplasia - the topic only my professors seem to discuss in class. And when I bring up the topic of HD in dogs, they scowl and say all of us dog people are idiots. (Yeah, I am a pre-vet student, i.e. hoping to get into vet school one day). But today I read this article: http://www.stilhope.com/hipartical.htm Clearly more debate and discussion is needed on hip dysplasia. But the topic is largely ignored, especially by breeders.
  15. I don't care about who is starting this S&R unit, why he is starting it or stuff like that. All I want to know is how can I ensure I find a breeder who 1) breeds dogs that are good at herding 2) are paranoid about health of the dog. #1 shouldn't be too hard but what about #2? How can I find breeders paranoid about breeding for good health?
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