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  1. We have a shepherd / chow /wolf mix. You want a dog thats a handful? *sighs*
  2. I had a chihuahua with bad breeding =/ Her little skull was malformed, had to get teeth removed so they didn't grow up and impale the roof of her mouth. Luckily for me she's now with a man who LOVES chihuahuas and didn't care about the deformity (she was just too small for me, 5lbs of dog living with a family of klutz's... not a good idea) I do miss her a lot tho. I got her spayed before he could take her, I doubt he'd have bred her, but the thought of passing on those genetics scared me. The border beagles I've seen are insane, they don't ever sit still and bark constantly. Last I checked there were 19 in foster homes that had been taken to the "pound" many still pups. People will keep breeding them tho, pups go for ~$1500 here for some stupid reason. Lot of us are trying to get mandatory spay / neuter laws for people with non-registered kennels, but that would require the province actually hiring some animal control staff who aren't terrified of animals. (The one we have now is terrified of ALL animals, and got the job because her brother is a politician) For now all I can do is talk everyone I know out of breeding their dogs.
  3. Border-Beagles are popular here. And Border-Labs, and Border-doodles... and oh yeah.. anything they can cross a BC with. The ads are always full of BC crosses and people looking for BCs to cross their dogs with. Had a guy offer me $500 to breed Shadow with his rottie. *facepalm*
  4. Shadow was 38 pounds last week, at 7.5 months. And she's skinny as a stick, need to measure her (when she's not sound asleep =P) she's skinny and tall tho.
  5. Ack.. no not the car! I don't drive LOL.. I just faint if I get behind the wheel =P Shadow got her revenge! She tripped me and either cracked the end of my wrist bone, or, at least, severely sprained it. Dad's not sure which, but he says just to leave it and if it gets worse I get an x-ray. At times I love living with a doctor hehe. When I went crashing down Shadow came tearing back to me and licked my face like crazy, think I scared her when I yelled. Was worried I'd hurt her, but she's fine... and all better from being clobbered, not even head shy in bed now *relief* As for small dogs, I had a chihuahua before Shadow, one of the reasons I gave her away was because I'm a klutz and I was terrified I'd crush her somehow. She got stepped on a LOT. Nowadays its ME who gets stepped on by the dog, you'd think with 4 feet she'd not need mine too =P I too would like to hear about this rainbow dog!
  6. I got her into bed after some coaxing, and she curled up against me and stayed there all night... she's never cuddled like that before. She seems fine now except when shes in the bed (thats where she was last night). I still feel REALLY bad, but I think she'll forgive me! Thanks guys, last night I felt like she'd be terrified of me forever.
  7. I tripped on a towel I left on the floor and clobbered Shadow on the head on my way to the floor! Now every time I go to pet her she pees all over herself and huddles into a ball *cries* what should I do? I feel so terrible.
  8. We had 2 labs... you could sweep and vacuum every 10minutes and there would STILL be fur everywhere. I don't even notice Shadow's shedding really, not after the labs! Shadow has been trying to improve the insulating quality of my blankets, adding her own layer to the bed =P Have to wash my poor quilt every week! Its re-furred after 15 mins tho. SOOOO glad the labs were never in the bed, I'd have needed a shovel to get through the fur to the blanket =P
  9. I was thinking about it last night, and with the size of the pup I started to wonder if it hadn't been left by the road, it was so small. Thanks for the prayers guys, at least the little one had some love, even if it was in the end.
  10. I used a shirt like people have suggested. Here's a pic of Shadow pretending to be an abused dog. -.-
  11. On the way home today we saw a very tiny BC looking puppy that had been hit by a car... it had lived long enough to pull itself 15 feet into a field before dying. Someone hit it and just left it there to die, how can people do that? Think this little pup needs one of those wonderful prayers or poems some of you come up with, guess I could use it too.. there is absolutely nothing I could have done, but I still feel guilty. Mom wouldn't let me collect the little body, so its still in that field. Wanted to take it home and bury it. Poor Shadow has been getting 10 million hugs an hour since I got home. RIP little puppy.
  12. Shadow is on Canidae mixed with a little royal canin right now. Shes around 30-40 pounds (not had her weighed since October when she was 32 pounds) and skinny as a piece of spaghetti! Just been feeding her what the bags recommend for her age and weight. I started hiding all of the bones and toys when its supper time, and making sure no one is in the room with her. Seems to help, she's eaten all of her food the last couple days! As for the potty thing, there isn't always enough time for me to get to the door from the living room before she's asked and pooped. Problem with big houses =( Usually its mom watching her when she's done it tho, mom swears Shadow only whined once then went but I'm not sure how much I believe that... mom tends to ignore the dogs unless she has a reason to yell at them BIG source of arguments in our house. Trying to not leave my girl with mom too much, but if I'm going to be ill I don't want Shadow in the bathroom with me (she gets her face in the toilet, and in my way!) Hopefully will all be okie after my exam stress is gone. Plus I have 21 days of vacation and I plan to spend a LOT of time with Shadow. On a good note Shadow is doing great in her puppy classes! I can walk her on a leash without her ripping my arm out now, and she learn wait and ok this week. Amazes me how smart she is! Show her once and she's got it down almost 100%. Trainer thinks she will be awesome in agility, and she starts pre-agility Jan 10. Thats to perfect sit, lay, stay and getting her to focus on me. VERY excited!
  13. Nah, I'd never free feed. She gets 3 cups once a day and if she doesn't eat it in 1/2 hour she loses the chance. She still plays with it, it could be a triple cheese burger and she'd play with it.... tho I might have to steal it from her if it was a triple cheese burger
  14. Micro-rant. Shadow's newest favorite thing is catching the ball, she learned how just a little while ago. Problem is now ALL she wants to do is catch the ball.. screw eating or asking to go potty. Poop on the floor, play with the food and beg to play catch. ARG..... AARRGG. Guess I should use ball as a reward for pottying outside and eating all her supper. Still having a hard time getting her potty trained, she'll ask once to go out then just go on the floor. If we left her out of the crate she'd potty everywhere and then eat the furniture or something along those lines. Penny took 2 days to potty train at 8 weeks, been working on Shadow since July. *curls up in a ball and hides* Aaaannnnddd I just heard her food go flying all across the floor... guess I need to go vacuum now *sigh*
  15. Haha.... I know that feeling, I'm not ALLOWED to go to the bathroom without Shadow, she freaks out when she can't see me.
  16. Hooray! Happy first gotchya day Black Jack! He looks so happy
  17. The farm feed store sells Canidae $35 for 20 lbs. I got a 10lb bag of all life stages to try her on, see how she likes it and how it likes her. I find most of the other "natural" dog foods available here are grain based. Hopefully the Canidae will work out =D
  18. Nope, Royal Canin, Blue Seal and some Natura or something thats pretty much all grains. The other feed store is for sale and doesn't really have anything right now, but there is a farm feed store that we found carries Canidae. Going to go check it out after this storm! (Been storming here for 3 or 4 days.. yay winter!) Its all very expensive here due to the MASSIVE border taxes the US tosses on it, plus its all delivered by long haul truck and they have to pay a ton just to get out of our province (we have a HUGE bridge, and they charge an arm, leg and testicle to let you go across it). Even grocery store brands are ~$30 for 20lbs. $80 for a 20 lb bag is the average price for decent food. The farm feed store is usually pretty cheap, so hopefully I'll be able to try Canidae, the pedigree is actually causing very very bad breath for Shadow, and OMG bad gas for Penny. The labs were so easy, they could digest anything!
  19. First dog as a child: 2 black labs, Zipper and Cajun were their call names. First dog as an adult: A chihuahua from a friend, named her Sweet Pea. Why a BC? Friend got a BC / collie mix when I was 10 or so, wanted one ever since. Did you do research? Yep! 15 or so years worth, did it prepare me for the tornado known as Shadow? Nope! LOL First BC: Shadow, my heart doggie. What made you want to get another? Only have the one, not sure I want more than one hehe, not while I'm in school anyhow! What have you done with your dogs? Shadow is on week 2 of a 4 week puppy behaviour / scoialization class, shes doing really well and has shown major improvements already! In January she starts pre-agility class that will focus on recall, sit, lay and stay. Her trainer thinks she will be an excellent agility dog =) How many BC's? Again, just the one, but only because RDM won't give me Tweed, and Anda won't give me the handsome Mr. Ouzo! How many do you have now? Just my baby girl, and a super cool chow / shepherd / wolf mix! What "quirks" have you noticed with all your dogs? Shadow has no feeling in her skull: she runs headlong into walls etc and doesn't seem to notice. This earned her the nickname "Bonehead." She also doesn't know how to walk.. just ZOOOOM, fall down, ZOOOOM some more. She does tell me when its time to come upstairs so she can sleep in 'her' bed tho... its pretty cute. City dog or county dog? Little city? Our house is on 4/5 of an acre, so she does get to run a lot here, but there are MILES of beaches and fields nearby that she can also go play in.. so she's kind of 1/2 and 1/2 I guess. Would you ever get another breed? Only if it got along with Shadow! I have a soft spot for golden retrievers and rotties and boxers. But I don't have the time right now for any more puppies!
  20. OMG that story just made me feel sick.. those poor dogs! I wonder how many other animals ended up dying in that freezer. Now I'm crying.. arg I hope that shelter director gets what he deserves!!!
  21. Anyone else's dogs like to roll in other dogs' poop? Shadow LOVES to roll in Penny's poop, raccoon poop, cat poop, bird poop.... any poop really. Since she sleeps in my bed and lives in my house shes been getting quite a few baths lately. The good side: she usually smells really nice, unless mom or dad have had her out and not watched her. Shes getting good at getting into the tub on her own LOL, and doesn't look nearly as pitiful when wet anymore! I did find a dog shampoo thats nice, and it gts rid of the ground in poop its a Wahl's pet shampoo from WalMart of all places (the purple one, forget the type ) Gets her really clean without needing much shampoo and it makes her white nice and bright. Cept she thinks its food and tries to eat it LOL... silly dog!
  22. Nah, was told she'd be very calm before I got her. Just how she is, loves to snuggle and sleep, but when its play time boy is she feisty! She's been on Sentinel since I got her, never showed any problems with it (thats fleas, ticks, worms, and heartworm preventative all in one handy beef flavored tablet), she's also up to date on all of her shots and got a clean bill of health from the vet less than a month ago. She's gotten a lot more active since I started mixing the food tho, and hasn't had to have pumpkin in a few weeks (which is good, she hates it!) The Canidae is $70 a bag, so only $10 less than the Royal Canin... the feed store is going to see what it would cost to bring me in Evo, but their markup is massive! Arg... I hate money =/ And being in the middle of nowhere. Think I'll ask Shadow's agility trainer what she feeds her dogs, I know 90% of the people around here feed Dog Chow, but the ingredients are horrid! Thats why I chose the Pedigree, it has better ingredients than 3/4 the stuff at the feed shop which is "holistic / organic" food. I did price out a raw diet for her, and with the prices here it would be about $50 a week meat and veggies are very expensive here (like $17 for 3 small chicken breasts). The feed store is bringing me in some supplements for her, they should be in in a week or two... now if she'll actually take em LOL (they're pill form)
  23. I found a local place that sells Canidae! Trying to get ahold of them to see if they can get in the chicken and rice one, and how much it is. Hopefully they can get it and it won't cost me an arm and a leg!
  24. I think I only have access to MAYBE 4 or 5 of the foods on that huge points list =/ Less that 10 brands available n my province... hopefully I can get her very happy on something for now and try better foods when I move somewhere that I can get them. Shes eats 3 cups of kibble a day and gets several hours of play each evening, if I can keep her awake that long LOL, she LOVES to sleep! She snacks on carrots, buddy biscuits and rawhide bones and gets sentinel every months (12 months a year). She also gets lots of exercise and socallization at her puppy classes on Saturdays with agility starting in the new year. Gladly my schedule won't have me gone for such long hours next semester. She was eating royal canin medium breed adult for a couple months and her stool just stayed loose the entire time, within 2 meals of mixing it wth the pedegree it firmed up to a nice normal state. Think I'll see if I can get some decent priced meat for her.. whats the best kind to introduce her to raw with? Turkey wings or legs maybe? They're pretty cheap here, I could afford those every once in a while. Thanks for the input folks =) Appreciate it!
  25. The high quality foods I can buy here give her such bad diarrhea that theres no way she can go all day without going out (I'm away in classes 7-7 Mon-Fri). Her energy and alertness are 1000X better on the store brand, and her fur is finally growing back in (from when she was spayed, her shaved belly wasn't growing in at all). All the vets do is try to push the hugely expensive brands they sell in their offices >=[ The other problem with the high quality food is financial, I'm an unemployed student and $160 a month for dog food has drained away my savings account to about $30 (she goes through two $80 bags a month). My choices here are Royal Canin (what she was on), Blue Seal, or grocery store brands. Blue Seal's ingredient lists start of with corn, oats, wheat, and soy. The Pedigree is chicken, chicken meal, and meat byproduct (I don't like the meat byproduct part, but I like it more than grains =P) I also thought of maybe trying to Iams holistic, but am iffy about Iams after last years pet foods ordeal. Maybe I'll keep her on the mixed Canin- Pedigree diet, if I can talk the parents into helping me pay for it =/ Damned money *shakes fist* I'm looking for opinions Bustopher =) I know its up to me in the end, but I like hearing how other people see the situation, its helped loads in the past =D
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