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  1. Apparently dad did switch their food, the store didn't have the Canidae they usually eat so he got them the lamb and rice one. He usually feeds them before I get home so I never knew about the change! She vomitted all over herself the other day when I was at school, I gave her some pepto bismol and fasted her for 24 hours. Got her back on the normal food and she seems fine now. He figured as long as it was the same brand it would be fine *facepalm* poor girl ost about 5 pounds last week... he better buy her a nice toy!
  2. I had a guy insist that Shadow is mixed with great dane, because she is so tall. WTF? Great dane? I told him she was pure BC and he refused to believe me.. oh well. I've seen her parents, and I have her pedigree.. I see no great dane.
  3. Woot! I guessed right! RDM: Are you sure that's his tail? I think he has a long coated pomeranian glued to his toosh hehe
  4. I love how rude people accuse everyone else of being rude.. makes me chuckle. Would love to see her try and roll a truly dominant dog.. I would imagine -CHOMP!- I have a wolf mix here, wanna try it?
  5. I keep her on anti-worm and bug treatments year round.. they are SO icky!! I too have acid reflux, I just never thought that she might too; I didn't know about the dairy thing tho (I'm lactose intolerant).. I should try that. She had her dinner ater than usual last night, and had a snack this morning, she seems fine. We'll see how she does in the next few days. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks guys =) I'll try t give her something before bed and first thing in the morning to see if it helps!
  7. Once again Shadow has started vomitting bile. This happens first thing in the morning, she throws up 4 or 5 times and then is fine. The vomit is just saliva and bile. She's not acting sick, she's still bouncing around and playing like normal. Her food hasn't changed, and neither has her water. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? The vet told me to give her 5cc pepto every night before bed, but I'd like to know why she is getting sick like this! Earlier this summer she had the same thing for about 3 weeks, then it went away. Wondering if I should ask my bordering neighbours if they've been spraying anything in their yards; she plays outside quite a bit. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks guys.
  8. Shadow has had "eye goopies" her entire life. They are usually brown like you described, but sometimes they are an orangy-brown "goopy string" that ends up on her 'cheek' I think this is just from her pawing at her face tho. My vet says its not normal, but not abnormal. Nothing to worry about unless they go green, yellow, or increases in volume and becomes white.
  9. Last winter Shadow came tearing up the porch stairs, flew across the porch and slid.. right into the house CRUNCH! I heard this horrible snap, and she let out a loud scream. I thought for sure she'd broken something! By the time I got to her she had stood up and started hobbling over to me. I was terrified! But by the time she got in the house she was fine, her leg made a popping sound and she was fine. Other than that.. she runs head-long into stuff all the time; doors, walls, stairs, furniture, you get the idea. So far all shes done is snapped the end off one of her canines (which is now dead and needs to come out, anyone know a place to get good replacement teeth?).
  10. I wish Shadow had good heat tolerance! We've had a few days around 100*F, and a lot over 85*F.. she would just lay in front of the fan and occaisionally vomit. The vet got me to shave Shadow down to 1/2 inch and see if that helped, and it really did! Sooo I now have a short-haired BC, for the summer anyhow LOL
  11. Our vet keeps them for 2 nights! I missed Shadow so much when she was in there, but when she came home we didn't have to worry about meds or anything. They do long lasting injectibles! Shadow seemed normal to me, wanting to run and bounce, I just put her in my bed and she stayed calm. The only issue I had was licking, and the E-collar just didn't work for her, if it was tight enough for her to not take it off, it was also tight enough for her to barely breath v.v She ended up wearing an old t-shirt LOL There's pics on the forum somewhere under "Shadows shirt" I believe.
  12. Shadow does this when she knows its beach time, or agility time, or chuck-it time. I always figured it was excitement!
  13. Shadow is from a working line. Both her parents are trained to herd, as are her grandparents, great grandparents etc, and most of her siblings; but Shadow is allll about agility. She is FAST. I just did it as a way for her to get exercise and have time near other dogs, never expected her to be so good at it! I went with a purebred for the main reason that I was told there were no rescues at my end of the country, and I've had nothing but trouble with dogs and the border. I didn't know about the HUGE network of folks who help get rescue dogs to new homes, or I would have surely had a rescue!
  14. Shadow didn't do puppy nipping either, she outright bit. We taught her to "kiss" instead of biting.. now she gives 10 million kisses a day LOL. I found it easier to train her in steps, a little bit at a time. Biting > "kissing" > nuzzling rather than simply NO BITING! I also found clicker training worked wonders with her, seems to have helped with her tiny attention span! Good luck with your little girl!!
  15. Shadow barks; at people on the street, at cars on the street, at bikes on the street... I see a pattern! She is also a chicken in a BC suit... soooo. OMG a THING *woooof*! We figure she is protecting me, but she does hush when we tell her to! She also spent her puppy-hood with our 1/2 wolf / chow /shepard mix.. wh does nothing but bark, ao she had all the opportunity in the world to learn how LOL.
  16. Shadow used to nip a lot too. We started with a sharp "uh-uh!" and stopped giving her attention for a few minutes. It took a couple weeks but she stopped =) Now she only nips when shes herding her grampa hehe.
  17. She got a GIANT peanut butter doggie cookie... took her 20 minutes to eat =D She also got a new cuz, and a new rope toy.. and "tunnels and jumps" agility lessons =D I won't tell her about next weeks vet trip =P LOL
  18. Happy birthday Pupperoni!!!! Shadow is one!!!! I can't believe my teeny little baby is a year old already! Wow.. it was so fast... seems like yesterday she was a scared little fluffball in the woodchips at the breeders, and now she's a big girl.. who still loves woodchips (they're good food, apparently). Thanks for the year of help and support guys! <3
  19. From a bilogical aspect dogs' teeth and GI tracts are actually herbivore suggestive (aka they can physiologically eat and digest plant matter). Shadow's favorite food is snap peas, followed closely by beef cubes. =) As for the vet.. I think its wrong of him to be giving out your number without your permission, whether the intent was good or not. I imagine he was just trying to help you, but I'd be a little upset too.
  20. She asked to go out!!!! She ran over and laid beside the gate to the kitchen (the place she usually poops) and waited for me to take her out. *so proud* Since I'm done school / exams until May I decided to focus her traning on potty skills, and I realized I messed up big time somewhere. Miss Shadow doesn't go potty while on leash, or out of my yard. Sooo heres my plan: tell me what you think (please!): -all potty breaks for now are on leash, in the yard. -once used to pottying on leash I'll start taking her to other places. I'm also going to take her to the bording kennel a couple times before my vacation, make sure she's used to it. Luckily the lady who runs the kennels has said she will help with potty issue training while Shadow is there! Thanks for the hints AK Dog Doc! That paper match thing will come in handy for long drives! I used to keep her "leashed" to me when she was young, when I was first potty training her. I wonder if thats why she won't potty on the leash now.
  21. We have a VERY limited selection of foods here; grocery store junk, science diet, medical, blue seal, canidae, and royal canin. Thats it. I cannot get a grain free food for under $80 a bag (which I simply cannot afford) =/ Canidae is the only one that she has normal stools with. everything else is either dire poopies or she will starve herself for 4 days and not touch it (science diet and medical). I don't really have any choice but to stick with this food. I took the cheap rawhides away from her and will have to go to Costco soon for the good ones (they never caused problems, nor did the pet foods store ones). No accidents since the origonal post.. so thats good =D Still taking her to the vet though, as I want to be sure she's alright. The vet did say that she could have had a tummy upset from her Sentinel, and that may be the cause of the in kennel accident, as she has seen it cause tummy upset before; short term, for only a day or two... which sure beats the heck out of parasites.. ick! Thanks for all the info and support guys, really helps, and makes me feel a lot better =)
  22. The 4 poos are basically 2 normal ones, with a break in the middle to move to a new spot. She can't just poop in one spot she goes 1/2 on one side of the yard, then fnishes at the other side of the yard. Canidae is the only food I've found that doesn't give her loose stool Could rawhide bones be causing her some troubles? We just got new ones 2 days ago, cheap ones from the department store (shes used to good quality ones from the pet store, but they were sold out). Oh, I usually take her out every 2 hours when I'm home, otherwise she stays in her crate, this time the in-crate poo was formed, last time it was loose. Her vets appointment is next week, I'm to bring in a urine and stool sample, and they'll be doing a blood panel... if there is something wrong, I'll know! OMG! Can sentinel cause bowel probems? She did just get her dose yesterday...
  23. My vet says she is perfecty healthy, and is simply a slow learner. She is fed 1 1/2 cups of Canidae a day, and is given 1/2 hour to eat it (usually takes her 2 or 3 minutes to swallow tho). The breeder keeps all his dogs in a nice barn, and all are taken out many times a day to potty and play. When she goes out I tell her "potty time" and do not allow her to play. She is trained to "go big potty" and does so when told to. She usualy poos 4 times a day, 2 small in the am and 2 small in the pm. This is the second time shes gone in her crate, the first time we came home to a poop covered dog, it was disgusting! I'll give the vet a call and take her in again, just incase she has any other ideas of what I can do to help this situation. Glad I'm not the only one with a dog that gives subtle "let me out" hints such as staring at me.
  24. Shadow is 11 months old now, and this whole refusal to potty train is about to drive me insane, I'm actualy considering giving her away. Just this morning she ran passed me on the stairs and had pooped on the floor in the 30 seconds it took me to get there.. now she pooped in her crate without ONCE asking to go out, I was less than a foot away from her, she simply stood up and started to poop! She'd been out not 20 minutes before. I'm so tired of cleaning up dog crap that I could just scream. It has me so frustrated that everytime I look at her I burst into tears. She was supposed to be my dream dog, but its more like a poop filled nightmare. She simply refuses to ask to go out. I've tried everything suggested to me on here and nothing is working. I feel like I own the stupidest dog in existence, and I just don't know what to do anymore. Between her inability to learn, stress from school, and my rapidly decline health I'm almost ready to wander away and simply disappear. Any last-ditch effeorts anyone can offer me? Short of dads idea of buy a shotgun Sooo beyond tired of cleaning up dog poop constantly.
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