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  1. A few months ago I threw the frisbee with Eko (almost two years old) and after about 10-15 minutes he had trouble standing up, was incoherent, and panting. I freaked out, but let him relax and it passed and after a few minutes was ok--walking fine, slow breathing, no issues. Then today, my g/f calls me and says after her brother threw the frisbee with him, he started doing the same thing! And it was only after 10-15 throws. I'm really concerned, anyone ever heard of anything like this? He has a clean medical background.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. She wanted me to introduce them without her here, b/c she said she'd be too nervous. I'll talk to her when she gets off work about just what exactly she's done with the dog before as far as professional help and see what our plan is. Eko for now will be kept seperate.
  3. Well, she was terrified of them meeting each other so she wasn't around when I introduced them a few weeks ago. Goliath IMMEDIATELY attacked Eko when they first met, but me and my friend were patient and over the course of an hour Goliath settled down and we took them off leashes. They scraped at each other once before but it wasn't bad and I broke it up quickly. The issue is this dog has attacked her other dog, other peoples dogs, her cat, other cats, every animal imaginable. She claims she's tried to train him to no avail. She's taken him to proffessionals and seen no results. Euthanizing is premature, but you must understand this has been a past problem, not just one with Eko. As far as what triggered it, Eko has been around tons of other dogs and never had any issues. He's playful, a bit spastic, but never aggresive. I can't for one second imagine he instigated this. I think Goliath kept breaking through a fence or getting out so she put on the shock collar and fence, and he still did it and showed no effects from the pain. Now Liz is upset, nervous, and going to be on egg shells around the dogs all the time now. They won't be allowed to play, be together, or do ANYTHING unsupervised. I, for one, think that is just too much micromanagement when dogs should never attack and try to kill each other. This behavior should have been quelled long ago. Is there any way this dog just can't be helped? He will always have this aggression towards other animals?
  4. She told me tonight that if I wanted to go put Goliath down, I could, but she didn't have the heart to do it. She's always said if he ever showed this aggression towards humans she'd put him down in a heartbeat. It just seems so inhumane. Eko is only a year and a half old, and he's gonna live to be 14-15 hopefully, and I will never get rid of him. It's a bad situation. She loves Goliath for all his flaws, and I love Eko to death. It's a real mess.
  5. Well, he DOES NOT respond at all to any discipline. She says she even had a shock collar on him to control him in the yard, and he would just sit there with his neck twitching while being zapped and show ZERO reaction. He literally just doesn't respond to ANYTHING. He continues the behavior over and over and over. He's a danger to any other dog he's around. This is THE prime reason I was worried about keeping Eko. She doesn't want to get rid of this dog and I'm not getting rid of Eko. I just don't see how she can reform this dog at this point. He is truly a rumbling, bumbling, undisciplined, aggressive mess.
  6. Also, this dog is 130 pounds. Eko is 40. He could easily kill Eko if he wanted to. =(
  7. One big issue I had with moving in with my g/f was the fact she has a mastiff/Rottweiler mix that has behavior issues. She says he was a rescue and was abused. He already attacked her other Mastiff once and had her by the throat. She claims she can't stop this behavior but she's done little to socialize him. He also jumps on countertops, knocks over trash cans, and gets into whatever he can. So tonight we are in our bedroom and Eko (My BC) and him are in the other room and they start fighting. I break it up, and Eko has a small cut over his eye (don't think he needs to see a vet) but if I hadn't jumped in it could have been much worse. She's all upset. She is fearful I'm mad at her, but if her dog seriously hurts Eko, I'm going to be beyond angry at her dog. Eko is the sweetest dog ever and wouldn't hurt a fly. Now she's going to be on pins and needles with the dogs, and it's going to create a riff. she already tries to overcontrol her other two dogs out of fear of this happening. I really don't know what to do. Getting rid of Eko is NOT an option. It's me and him or no deal at all.
  8. Wow. I'm a bit taken aback by how critical and malicious some of you are being. You're not only attacking my thread, but my intentions behind it. I simply wanted advice; to insinuate he's already been given up since I made this thread is ignorant--I've been at work all day. First off, giving up Eko was NEVER a foregone conclusion. Hence the word "MIGHT." I made this thread while pretty angry after he ate through sheetrock in my living room, destroyed my couch, and ruined a nice piece of furniture. Eko has had nothing but the best food, tons of attention ,exercise, socialization, everything. He is a very very loved dog. To tell me to never own a dog again is completely ridiculous, especially when no decision was close to being made. I mean, give him to a shelter? Are you kidding me? For the record, he will be crated for now on when I'm away, and will be staying with my father for the summer who has a very large yard and time to spend with him. I came her for advice and encouragement, possibly some help. I got flamed. I know in this world people are selfish and dogs are perfect, but these replies beyond shocked me.
  9. I used to post here a lot before I got my BC. I picked him up in August and it's for the most part been great. He's a wonderful, loving dog whom I care about a lot. BUT. I travel a lot and I've just learned that I can't take him with me for the summers. Also, I'm getting serious with my partner who already has two very large dogs and Eko would really be a bit much if we moved in together. On top of that I have trouble controlling his chewing. He's destroyed a couch, cellphone, walls, etc etc etc. I've tried and tried to stop this behavior but I can't. I think he just needs a bigger yard and more free room to roam and more attention. At this point what should I do? Are there any forums where I could possibly find a good owner for Eko? I love him to death, but I just don't think my situation in the right fit for him.
  10. Just curious what you guys find works best, and should I get it from the vet or is it cheaper online/somewhere else? Thanks!
  11. Eko seems to be leaking a bit lately, the other night there was a big pool where he was sleeping and I just noticed there were spots after he got off of my bed a minute ago. It's not leftover from him going potty and his stool is normal when he goes outside. So what is going on? Is this normal? He's eating fine and acting normal.
  12. Yay! He loves the Canidae. LOL he was trying to give me his paw to refill his bowl. Mixing about 4/5th dry and 1/5th wet. Got the Lamb and rice. Funny too, it's cheaper than Science diet at petsmart.
  13. I found a store a few miles away with Canidae, I'm just curious if he'll even like it, meh. Gonna try it i guess.
  14. I'm about to go to petsmart, what should I get him? Is Innova there?
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