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  1. Having a dog with cancer (who unfortunately is not insured) has taught me that I don't want any limits, a catastrophic illness or accident can surpass any caps. I would definitely go with Trupanion. No episode cap, no yearly cap, and no lifetime cap. I have intact BC insured, and the only thing they don't cover are things directly related to being intact, such as neutering for medical reasons. I also don't think they will cover prostate issues either, but you'd have to check. I also didn't put that he is any kind of a working/sport dog. My Rottie has had TPLO surgery on one leg and
  2. Hi, Here's a great site to research dog food Dog Food Advisor they offer unbiased evaluations of many different brands, One of the things I like best is that they show you the "true" protein, carb, fat, etc. in the food, not just what it ways on the bag/can. Whole Dog Journal is another good source. I happen to feed Instinct kibble, Instinct Raw Boost kibble, and Earthborn Holistic. I happen to have dogs that can't all eat the same food. Best of luck to you!
  3. Thank you! She's stronger and more full of herself every day. Scratches delivered!
  4. <br><br> Thank you for your post. Yes it was/is VERY hard to put myself out there. It is not a decision that came easy. My attitude became as you said "But how could anyone make the choice if no one knows about it?". I felt I had to get the word out, and those who chose to and could help would donate, others would not. I just put it out there so people would know, and could choose. I expected a few posts, probably more like yours, G., was hoping I might get some from those who would do the same, but was surprised by some of the initial ones I did get. As far as being able to
  5. J, I have never kept an animal alive for me. I always ask myself that question anytime I decide about treatment.. I would say since Molly's diagnosis she has had only about 10 - 12 bad days, including her two recent hospitalizations. So her quality of life has been great! I had placed a limit on how far I was going with this last episode, but Molly improved before that point came. She is feeling really good now, just still a little weak from having been off food and laying around. I also have very realistic vets who would not put Molly through anything just for me. If at any time I feel sh
  6. Maralynn Thank you for the compassionate and constructive reply. It is greatly appreciated. My friends and clients have helped out. I am going to do a fund raiser training day at one of my client's company that has a very dog friendly work environment. Also considering an Agility fun day, just trying to figure out parking as I only have enough for about 8 - 10 cars. I am going to pull my post from this forum.
  7. I don't mean to argue, sound mean, or sound uncaring - but I take responsibility for my own animals and for my own choices, and don't plan on asking others to be responsible for my choices. I think most people here would feel the same way, and I don't think it's a matter of whether or not we "understand". I do and have always taken responsibility for my pets and their expenses. This is the first, and hopefully, the only time I will ever have to be in this position. I am not flippantly asking others to pick up my tab. I went out on a limb posting this subject here, with no preconceived
  8. Because she is worth it. I have and continue to incur incredible debt because of it. My husband is retired, so we are on a fixed income. Thank goodness we have excellent credit, but they will only give a person so many credit cards, and the ones we have are topping out. I swore I would never base the care my pets would get on money, they are part of my family. Morally, for me, it's not an option. I obtained help from The Magic Bullet Fund and from Land Of PureGold right after Molly was diagnosed, for which I am eternally greaful, but their funds are limited and they have to help
  9. 8/13/12 Update Molly is feeling even better and stronger today, thank God. Someone "up there" is definitely looking out for us. She has taught so many people so much. I believe we are all here for a purpose, and she must have more we all need to learn from her. I hope it will take her a few years to teach us, after all, we are human. Wanted to share this with you all. When we went to UC Davis last Tuesday, the senior student that admitted us said she had just given a talk on TCC (the kind of bladder cancer Molly has). She said she had heard of a dog named Molly that was almo
  10. 8/12/12 Molly got to come home today! She is SO HAPPY!! She is pretty tired, but has been getting stronger the last couple of days since she has been allowed to eat several small meals a day. We're keeping her on injectable antibiotics for today and will start oral tomorrow and see how she does. I will continue to give her extra fluids for a few days, too. Once she regains her strength her quality of life will be excellent, as it has been over the 29 months since she was diagnosed with TCC (Transitional Cell Carcinoma - bladder cancer). Her long term survival is unknown. We wer
  11. Help fund Molly's continued cancer treatments through Land Of Pure Gold Molly's Fund Molly was diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC - Bladder Cancer) on March 11, 2010. Her prognosis was poor, with a survival time of about 1 year with treatment. We started treatment immediately. We are now 29 months (on August 11, 2012) since diagnosis, and have been through 6 chemotherapy drugs. The toll on my family and finances of keeping my sweet, life loving girl going has been tremendous and has put us deeply in debt. Having her with us and watching her live each and every day
  12. I also have the gates with the cat door in it, it works great! I also had to block off a portion of the small door, but found that a cheap cat door installed perfectly right in the hole - we just took the small door off. With a very small house - 2 bedroom, 1 bath, and 7 dogs, it was the best solution. We put a gate across the bathroom door where the litter boxes and cat food are, and one across the bedroom so at night the cats can come and go, but the dog that sleep in the bedroom can't. As far as ForBid, it will only stop her from eating her own poop, as it works by making the poop tast
  13. Hi, There is a study at UCSF on sound sensitivity and genetics. You can find more info here. UCSF Canine Behavioral Genetics - noise phobia in Border Collies Yes, they are finding there is a genetic component to sound sensitivity in BCs, which some BC breeders have already figured out. They are working towards being able to do genetic testing. Hope this helps, Joellen
  14. My Molly was diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma (bladder cancer) in March of 2010, and a urethral stent was placed in August 2011. Along with all this comes the propensity for bladder infections. I started out giving her Crananadin (sp?) as recommended by the oncologist. Talked to my holistic vet, and she recommended Pure Encapulations Cranberry/d-Mannose, says it has properties that prohibit more strains of bacteria. When I went over it with my oncologist, she agreed. Molly has had a few bladder infections, but not nearly as many as expected for a dog like her, so I think it is making
  15. Dog Food recall The FDA and Proctor and Gamble has announced a dog food recall. For more information please click the link above.
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