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  1. Hearty congratulations Geri Byrne. Thats four times Fleece has won a place in the English team. Good handling, but good breeding too. I've seen her many times and have a son of her, what a bitch. John
  2. Did they by chance have there heads low to the ground as well and possibly the ears pricked forward and seemed to be focusing intently on the sheep. If so go back and buy it, thats the one you've been looking for all these years But you'd better hurry it might not be there long. John
  3. Eirian Morgan and Spot have won the International supreme title. In second place Kevin Evans and Greg. So thats first and second for Wales John
  4. You say she was working wethers, how old are they. If they are coming up to a year old this could be your problem for the young dog. Even though castrated males, they still either send out smells similar to rams and can be as muscular and send out the same signals as rams and dogs know this. So it may be she thinks you are sending her into a tight corner with aggresive rams. Anyway go slowly don't put her into a situation with too much pressure for a while and build her confidence slowly. John
  5. This is my own personal opinion after watching a few videos. I don't think those sheep are any good for training a dog, they're not doing anything. If the sheep are the centre of a clock and you are at 6 oclock your dog will naturally stay at 12 oclock. You move round the dog moves round, you move back the dog comes forward. You move forward the dog stops or presure is taken off the sheep (albeit for a brief moment with a youngster). You showed a video of how flighty the sheep are (thats not being flighty), they were trotting away that was the time to let her go and say nothing and see what ha
  6. Now I like that, she will probably make a good one. She is focused on the job and is ready to start training. For the moment try and keep her out of pressure situations like where an akward old sheep turns on her its important to build her confidence. Nice one. John
  7. Yes I am going to bite too. What exactly is the purpose of a herding instinct test, do you get some sort of pass certificate if your dog passes said test? Would the powers that be like to have control over our dogs to say whether they are good enough, not good enough in their opinion to be called working border collies? Over here in Britain the kennel club would just love to have this sort of power and what a bonus for the show people. The only people to benefit from this sort of thing will be organisations like the above and you can bet your last dollar it sure as hell won't be the likes of u
  8. Watch his feed as well, eating too much protein can cause pain in joints but usually the sheep will be running a high temperature as well. Just a thought as with all sick things we want to see them eating again but could overdo it and you did say he was eating like a pig. John
  9. Yes that does look like over here in the UK. I have to say if that was my sheep and I had the gun with me I wouldn't hesitate, thats one dead dog and all the better if the owner was there to witness the act. Looks a bit like a beagle cross. If it is over here its a sure thing that this dog and person are doing this on a regular basis and it will be only a matter of time before they are caught and may the Lord have mercy on their souls, because I sure as hell wouldn't. John
  10. First off, don't believe everything people tell you as most of it will be a load of old rubbish. Tall dogs, short stocky dogs, hairy ones, ears up down or sideways. If the damn thing works and you like it end of story.
  11. Derek Scrimgeour 1st with Laddie, Jim Cropper 2nd with Dan, and R.D. Roper with Tom 3rd. Derek also had 5th with Fleece. John
  12. Good on yer Bill, just goes to show you can't keep a good man down for long. Glad you've got access to a computer cos I do like your train of thought and views on life and dogs and things. Take it easy for a while and get well soon. John (from North Wales)
  13. Well if we're talking about Aled Owens 2007 supreme champion young Roy, I've seen him in competition twice and I'll second that. That dog is really special! Saw this dog do something at one trial that I think even surprised Aled. One of the obsticals was to guide the sheep into a chute and from there into a aluminium livestock trailer, no real problem usually apart that this day the sun was really glaring off the aluminium tailgate so much you had to squint your eyes to look at it. Well of coarse if sheep can't see where they're going they wont go, the only chance you had was if the sun went o
  14. You mention wet wrap, I would advise against this as this will cause shrinkage and tightening of bandage and could cause blood flow restriction, but otherwise sounds fine. John
  15. Hello Andrea, Glens looking very nice bet your pleased with him, but I gotta know, who's the kelpie. Boy is that smart, is it a boy or girl, whats its breeding, is it any relation to a dog called Crow cos it sure looks like him. Very nice lucky you. John
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