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  1. Sabrina has a love affair with toilet paper and kleenex. She can have this from one end of the house to the other and then take it oustde to her "corner" and leave it there. Does anyone else have a dog that gathers things up and leaves them in a pile somewhere. She leaves everthing she carries or feels important outside. it can be toys,shoes,treats,cups,slippers,paper anything. If she can't get outsde with it she whines and whines until she can. By the end of the day it looks like a mini tornado hit the backyard. How can this be controlled to some degree,or is that even possible????
  2. It was terrible to hand him back to this person,but again,no proof. If I ever see an ad posted for him,I will post to warn to not adopt that dog. Well my baby girl sabrina is doing better today,back to her regular self. Here is a pic a couple of months ago..
  3. Okay,last night the resuce called me back and told me that I should return the dog to him and give him a stern warning about re-adopting him out. I told the lady there he planned on adopting him out again. Nothing today will make me feel good about doing this. For one thing I had NO PROOF he was handed to me. The previous owner could have charged me with putting the dog down. The resuce is also going to be warning him about this dog....again. The person that had evaluated him was so mad at this guy and commented on that she knew where he worked,this guy was a dentist. So I am sure that people are going to be angry about my decision,but legally that dog was not mine even though he was here 3 days.
  4. The rescue is border collie rescue ontario. She seemed to know what she was talking about. They didn't want to take the dog 18 months ago,and not even 2 months ago as that is when he took toby back there. So no,the rescues doesn't want hm as he is to aggressive. They really want him to be put down. Rather than hm attacking someone down the road.
  5. Painted ponies... No offense taken at all. I just don't know what to do,who to turn to. I am stuck. Toby is microchipped and still in the prevous owners name so I have no proof he was given to me. For all I know if the resuce puts hm down the preious owner can say I had no right to do so.... UUUGGGHHH! I hate this so much. I just wanted to give toby a loving home... Now literally it is biting me in the @$#
  6. here is his email from this morning on his intention of passing him to another family. What should I do,let the rescue put him down or give him back? I don't feel he should be given to another family.... I am sorry to hear that it has not worked out. I was happy to hear he was doing well yesterday. I thought it was funny that he managed to get himself up a a bed to sleep again. He used to sleep on our bed but we put a stop to it when we got a new bedspread. I guess he figured he could get away with it again. I guess we have no choice but to take him back. Would it be possible for you or Rod to bring him out to Pickering tonight? I am working until 8 PM and starting again at 9AM tomorrow, so it will be a little difficult to get out to Brampton tonight. I am going to contact the other lady who asked about Toby and see if she is still looking for a dog. I was hoping to not have to bring Toby home if I could find another home for him but I guess the most important thing is to get him back sooner than later I just copied the letter,no addresses...
  7. Let me clear something up..... I personally did not want to put him down,those words never came from my mouth in words. That was the resuces doing,not mine. I feel the previous owner should take him back since he was not honest to begin with. I even emailed him saying he should not look for another family.since this is what he plans to do... So I am stuck,He handed me this dog and now wants to hand it over to another family. So should I let the rescue put him down. Apparently the rescue is trying to contact him...
  8. His previous owner took him to the rescue. The first time the evaluated him and deemed him unfit for adoption because of the agressive behaviour. He then took him back there at a later date to be taken in by the rescue,the lady he saw there wanted him to be evaluated by the person that had already evaluated him. Only then did he confess to the whole situation. I had a real good talk with the resuce and quite honestly they are sooooooooooo shocked he would do this......again!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. He did get my sons finger on the weekend,all he did was walk past him and he went for him.He didn't bleed,but he is scared now(MY SON) Like I said I would not have taken him if I would have known the truth.
  10. All I did was get up and wanted to go to the bathroom,that's it! He ran up to me,growled and barred hs teeth. I stood still,not looking at him directly and he continued coming forward. Yes I knew he was people aggressive but was lead to believe that it was with those OUTSIDE the house,not inside. He has totally turned around on me. Last night he was cuddlng with me and just all around friendly. I took him believing that he was fine with people in the home. I took control of his food bowl,and now he doesn't want to eat because of this. I was prepared based on what i was told. I would not have taken him if the aggressive behaviour was to those in the home. I know he is new here but to change so quickly is dangerous. I in NO WAY was any threat to him at all.....
  11. Sad but true,he cornered me barred his teeth and well, found out through a border collie rescue he has a past of aggressiveness. They want the previous owner to come for him or they are going to pay to have him put down. They saw this dog 18 months ago on 2 occasions and the owner lied about being there before. On advice of the rescue he is crated for now. I feel sck to my stomach about this. This person lied to me.
  12. Oh,I should also mention that my hubby and I feel that Toby ruled his home,hence the aggressiveness in him. I am almost certan that his obedience training didn't happen until 18 months ago,just a feeling based on a comment the owner said to me. If this is the case he really could come around,we don't let him rule the roost here!
  13. Well the newly adopted BC toby is doing just fne. He REALLY prefers me over the hubby.Strange considering that his main owner was male????? Anyway,my 5 month old BC sabrina jumped at him a tad aggressively this morning when my son was eating. Least to say it shocked me,but I can also see this as being the norm in doggy world as she s trying to let him know she rules over him. I scolded her and told her to lay down.I hope that was the right thing. Toby really didn't know what to do,he just whimpered,big brute he is... I am treating both dogs equally,at least to me I think so. I had toby in front of me this morning with a bag of his food holding it up to his nose and not a growl or lip curl from him,good sign right? Before he would growl and chase you down if his food was in your hands,I can do this now,but not the hubby. Please,am going about this the right way?
  14. I adopted him from a family,he ddn't come from a rescue or shelter. Anyway he is definently my suck
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