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  1. Well, we tried a few things. Bought every "no dig" formula that the catalogs and petsmart had. I put it down in and around my flowers, and the middle of the yard (big hole), and they teamed up and proceeded to EAT the dirt. Not just dig. So, I tried my redneck-husbands idea. And believe it or not, it actually worked. Cayanne pepper. Sam's or Costco size quantity. Don't try chilli pepper, they like that too. (one bonus is it keeps the ants away too!) Just sprinkle where ever you don't want them to dig. I ended up doing the entire perimeter of my fenced yard, and flower areas. Not to mention the craters that somehow appeared before pepper. Stopped them from eating the carpet off my stairs too. Wierd dogs. Both rescues, who knows what happened in their past. I had a problem with them both eating my tree (a burning bush I think.... red leaves, pink flowers in spring...) They actually pruned it down to the ground. I ended up getting a puppy play yard - wire kind - took the pin out of it so that it can be put up just like a fence, and fenced off my tree. (8 panels, 2 feet wide each - can cover or fence off a good area, not permanently either) Looks odd, but effective. My tree is happy again! Still gotta move the hostas out of the dog area, not that they are digging them up, but they have acquired a taste for the leaves. Doesn't do well with the tummies. ( I actually found the play yards cheapest on EBAY.) I can look up the exact site/store if you'd like. PM me if needed. Good luck!
  2. I use among others a slicker brush on my 2. Except, not just the ordinary slicker. I actually went to a slicker I use for my cats (VERY LONG FURRRRR). It's specially made for cats sensitive skin, called a "soft pin"? The bed where the pins attach to the handle has a cushiony give, and the pins are not so dang sharp (I wouldn't want that on me either!!!), and they don't seem to mind the soft pin slicker. Another thing that helps is a leave-in detangler/conditioner with a slicker. Does wonders for the collie butts & tails!! (we like "T.H.E. STUFF")
  3. O.K., I'm gonna take the other-side view. We adopted 2 BCmix 6mth puppies in October. Fiona fits Owens description to a "T". Except you can add anxiety behaviours over anything that goes down our street. We're getting better now, after working endlessly on sit-stay, down-stay, and watch-me's and working hard on a solid recall. We tried keeping her seperate from the other 3 dogs in our house, but for her, that just made the anxiety worse. What did work, was getting her into a group obedience class with other dogs. The first 2 days we went were a little excitable for her, but now, after "socializing" her intentionally ON LEAD, ALWAYS, she can walk into the ring, or down the street and meet any other dog and gently say hello, with no excitable, bad, herding, behaviours at all. Just last week, we let her loose with our trainer/behaviourist's Malamute, and the two of them played great and just had a great time. No problems. Could not have done this 3 months ago. She has also been mixed with the other members of our house only about 4 weeks into training. She has even learned to leave the cats alone (we have 6 indoor fuzzies). She'll walk up and sniff them, interested, but then just goes the other way. She has even been caught sleeping with our 16# maine coon cat. We are still working on the "Loose in the fenced yard" behaviours of anxiety. That too, will come in time. She too has no interest in toys. Still. She'll watch her "sister" retrieve all day, trying to steal it from her, only to drop it. But as far as keeping her attention with it, nothing doing. I wouldn't worry about the weight either. Like already said, once he has been on the proper diet and gets the proper excercise, it will come off. Good Luck!
  4. Another thing you can try, in between baths, when grooming and also right after you get him out of the tub, use a leave in conditioner. There are some that are made specifically for sensitive skin, which I haven't tried. I do however use "T.H.E. STUFF" for dogs. It is a spray-on leave in conditioner/detangler. Jaycee has had good results with this and has not had a reaction to it at all. It is primarily used for show dogs and some groomers. Got mine thru "Care-A-Lot Pets" catalog. They are out of Virginia. Good luck!
  5. Try to find an oatmeal based shampoo, and no alcohol based additives. Some also have conditioners like aloe in them to help sooth the irritated skin. I have a BC/Sheltie mix with really bad skin too. Good luck.
  6. Male/female, indoor/outdoor, age.... etc? define "collie type". (Went to rescue 3 collies, ended up with 1 collie, 1 bcmix & bc/sheltie mix. Big difference....) Still wouldn't trade them for the world...
  7. BustopherJones, Thank you for the tears.... That's absolutely beatiful and cudos to the author.
  8. Both my rescues had it when I brought them home. Yes, it kinda sounds like a persistent hairball kinda cough. Usually no other symptoms if I remember right. We had a few weeks of antibiotics, had a cough suppressant pill option, (but I'm a firm believer if you have a productive cough, phlegm etc., don't stop the cough). (Except if it's EXTREMELY persistant at night and then it's time for your baby to get some sleep.) Boordatella vaccine is actually out here given as an elixer thru the nose. I'd still take him to the vet to get checked out. Hang in there Ouzo!!
  9. IMO, AK Dog Doc hit the nail right on the head. I'd definetly get a closer look at his diabetes situation. As far as the seizures, if they are a comorbid (secondary) condition, if you get the meds regulated, you shouldn't have big seizures anymore. Breakthrough, possible, but you shouldn't have anything substantial. How long have you been with this vet and to what degree to you trust him? It may be time for a second opinion.
  10. Ditto on the "settle" command. It's putting it lightly that I was losing my voice before they learned settle. Gotta love adolescents. My two play rough, and now very seldom go at it. Happens more often when there may be a bone or cage door in consideration (food bowl situation). The only other thing that I find works really well is our senior collie. They all thing she's "mom". She was a breeders dog before we got her and she puts a stop to their roughhousing, and also puts them in their place when they take things too far and too rough. They learned fast what not to do. I also agree supervision is a necessity. Good luck!
  11. You guys sound like a wonderful group!! Wish I lived closer! Picnic sounds like fun too!! ENJOY!!
  12. Hi Kat, welcome back and how's that switch to Texas going?? Here, (Illinois), we're on the "son's jump (flash) drive for his computer class at school" diet. Along with slippers, shoe strings, arms of my couch.... Gotta love adolescents! I can handle the shoes etc., but I'm with you, she'll be up for adoption (HA!) with the next electronic appliance.
  13. Oh yeah... And isn't it fun to try to type with one BC under one elbow, and the other gently saying to the other wrist, "hey mom, let's go for a walk... AGAIN!!"???
  14. O.K., let me take a head count, 2 BC mixes (adolesecents... When do they grow up???), 1 senior schnauzer, set in her ways, 3 short haired cats, 3 VERY long haired cats, 2 huge fish tanks, me, 2 2-legged kids coming into hormones, then you got the husband (another kid???), then 2 doors down you got mom (more hormones but lacking...) with 1 senior smooth coated collie, 2 short haired cats, 1 parrot, 1 cockatiel, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's my life. And I chose it. (Maybe the 2 doors down thing....) It's only too many if you can't care for what you have.
  15. I have a rescue that does the same thing. Dumps the food right out the bowl, ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! OMG What a mess!! (Though in all fairness, the cats sure love it...) Even the so called "non-tippable-no-skid" bowls. (Also took the rubber no skid off the bottom of the bowl and destroyed it.)Wouldn't go near ceramic. Resorted to a homemade weighted 6 x 9 stainless steel baking pan. So far, so good. Also got the rubber tag guards for her tags. (Work great until her sister rips them off...) Tag guards are similar to the edge-covers to tell you car keys apart. Still haven't figured out why she does this. Good Luck!
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