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  1. Thanks for all of the advice. We will definitely read those books. Yesterday, a pit bull passed by and she remained sitting so it was progress. We exercise her every day, but we feel like she could still get more so we may invest in a used treadmill. Unfortunately, we cannot get Cesar b/c we're not in Calif. We have not been able to get her to come to us yet. How do we teach her this "focus or distraction training"?
  2. We got a 1 yr old border collie from the humane society about 5 mos. ago in St. Augustine, FL. They said that she was a mix, but we later found out that she is a pure bred. She has improved in some areas, but the most serious problem we have is her inability to get along with other dogs. She is a very sweet dog with humans, but turns into Kujo whenever she even sees another dog. We had a one on one session with a trainer a few times and she gave us a gentle leader collar which has helped her with some of her behaviors. We also watched the dog whisperer dvd's and we got her a doggy backpack. The backpack has helped prevent her from trying to herd cars while we walk her, but still does not prevent her from going off when she sees another dog. She is about 100 times worse than any dog that had problems dealing with other dogs on the dog whisperer. We think that she probably wasn't socialized with other dogs as a puppy or possibly she was abused. All of the websites we have been to say that these dogs usually get along with other dogs. We feel like her aggression toward other dogs is getting worse. Unfortunately, we live in an apt. (in a busy neighborhood) but we walk her 30 min with her backpack on and we exercise her in this private secluded area (to make sure she is not around other dogs). We don't know anyone that has a balanced dog that we could practice having her come up to. Has anyone ever seen this kind of behavior in a border collie and do you have any further recommendations?
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