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  1. Recall, socialize, sprints, and look into obedience class! Taking notes! I apreciate all the help I can get thanks guys!
  2. Thanks everyone! I am working on the 'sit, 'down', and stay. constantly. I didn't plan much else yet. I did plan on starting him carring water bottles long before my camera. You guys do seem to have a great place here, I think Sam and I will love it!
  3. One reason we were chosen as the family for Sam is the other person who wanted him was going to dock his tail.
  4. My family just got a 3 month old smooth coated, BC last Friday. Now before I get the "oh foul newb in the BC world" Let me say, I have had some BC experience. I've babysat BCs before and I spend more time with my next door neighbor's BC than they do. I've loved then for their intelligence and energy! The lady we got him from found him as a 3-4 week old pup with his eyes still shut. She bottle feed and babied him along. She also trained him quite well, He knew a few comands and was house trained.(for the most part ) HE loves to herd our 5 weeks old kittens, it is the cutest thing! Now, we all love our "Samwise the brave" (formerly Goober) to pieces, but I'm wondering where to take his training. My 8 year old son has Autism and I would like to train Sam as a helper for him. Flyball sounds like a lot of fun to learn for both of us. I'm a photographer and would like to train him to help on hikes, carry cameras and water bottles on hikes, etc. I walk and play with him twice in the day and the kids keep him occupied during the afternoon and evenings, But I worry about him getting bored. Any advise on what training would be good? As soon as my new camera comes tomorrow I'll get my avatar and siggy up with Samwise.
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