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  1. Thanks for the recommendation...on my list now too.
  2. This is exactly what I'm thinking Oreo would benefit from. Do you suppose at 3.5 years, he is too old for this to be effective?
  3. I was told that dogs naturally take out the elders / sick / disabled in their pack. Is it true?
  4. I think this is exactly what goes on. That said, Boonie, aside from his space ignorance, is a polite boy and never inspires attacks...except for..... Oreo.... As for Hailey, she ok for the most part except for the Basenjii down the street who sends her into on-leash convulsions....
  5. Yeah, from what I've read that IS good doggie language....VERY polite and masterful. I wish Oreo could do that! We're going to work on it.....
  6. My Hailey wasn't really interested in retrieving until she got close to 2 years old....got her at about 8 mos. She loved to play, and would fuss around with a frisbee or ball, but right about 2 yrs old the fetch / retrieve really kicked in ....with a vengeance. Your Cali might be too young yet.....
  7. Lovely tribute. I'm glad for your lives together and thanks for sharing your story. I can imagine your sadness at this time.
  8. Just saw this....you're a stinker! Nice house though....fantastic deal. wish my subdiv had dog trails.....maybe we'll get a dog park though....
  9. I ditto your decision to wait. Over the last few years, all of the dog surrenders I am personally acquainted with, were from young folks like yourself. No time anymore, Just beginning school, just out of school, newly married, just got pregnant, relocated for a job or boyfriend, etc. etc. They all loved their dog....and they all gave it up. I'm glad you won't be counted in these statistics!
  10. I think this is a border line case. This could be a little game..."run off a few minutes and then come back when I WANT to....". At least this has become one of Hailey's games....sneak in a quick visit down the street and come right back. I don't reward her for these....i ignore her as you did. My approach now: don't give her the opportunity...AND work on recalls with good rewards. Anyway, my $.01 worth
  11. Mary, may I PM you? I have a similar dog and would like to hear what you think has helped plus any resources you found useful.
  12. Ok; thanks everyone for the input. Actually the mouthy one's name is Oreo....I'm guessing home #1 had young kids. It was a bite during wrestling, as Oreo had gone lowand apparently grabbed her foreleg, to which she gave him a scolding after extricating her leg. So far from what I've seen anyway, she's plenty capable of defending herself with him, but he plays rougher with his mouth. ....Anyway, we'll keep watch and see what happens over time...
  13. Hello: my charming foster has a tendency to grip during play with other dogs, currently my other bc mix. Is it realistic to expect that this behavior can be changed? Initially, he gripped lightly, and so play continued for long spells. Today I noticed a noteable grip (leg) which po'd his playmate at the time, and this may eventually dampen her enthusiasm to play. "Play" in this case means tussle. His playmate is generally the one who initiates the play...and he obviously enjoys it. He is a reactive - ish dog.....I've seen clear signs of both flight and fight....but he is progressing steadily.
  14. We really would need to know more about her behavior to tell. If Hailey were judged on appearance, in a region that is not widely populated by bc's, folks would not tag her as such. ANd as for me, I thought her behavior was so odd (LOL), I would have thought she was purely nut dog--many of her behaviors are out of synch with retrievers, but very in synch with bc's. The BC Museum at one time included rose ears - UNTIL within the last six months--so here we see the "preference" taking hold with regard to form (ie, prick or semi prick). I agree that she does not have a pointer head...but is
  15. Yummmmm!! Hope you're doing better, with that nasty bronchitus (sp?). At least your appetite is not suffering apparently.
  16. Well about the short story....I 've read a few and they go something like this (our version). I got Hailey when she was 8 mos old and she had been a street girl for an unknown period of time before that. So, off to the offleash dog areas we went. Every weekend at least and evenings when possible. Every jaunt begins with a sit stay / and a distance down stay. She gets to dash out of the car or to the trailhead, and we pick a spot that is our starting point. She must sit or down. I give the "stay" command. and walk away. She waits for the arm. Then she is released. In the beginning,
  17. left arm extended straight out from your side = come (from a distance down / down stay).
  18. "... maybe it will be good for my own sore joints too..." That's what I'm thinking
  19. Stepping in here.... The dog specialist recommended it for my dogs' diets based on it's low fat (for my elderly dog) and for it's anti-inflammatory properties...for all things arthritic or inflamed....
  20. Don't know the bennies, but my dogs love it (cooked) and it was recommended by the dog orthopedist specialist....along with green beans, other winter squash and asparagus. My dogs love grean beens....haven't tried asparagus. Plan on feeding them some pumpkin and squash though.
  21. and if your dog has moderate dysplacia--which won't really show up until age 2--lots of jumping at younger ages will aggravate it, to your sorrow.....
  22. wow; not an expert but it seems extreme to put a dog down because he/she doesn't like vets. Perhaps the vet(s) don't like your dog and he/she senses it. Or the smell is too nasty. My girl is really testy at vets and two vets expressed concern. But her behavior was different that your's--she would dance around eventually" fighting for her life" as one vet put it. I could see that they were uncomfortable with her....She really didn't like their examination style. I've since discovered that if I pulsate whatever part of her body is in the vets spotlight, that helps her calm down. For example
  23. Cool! I hope you guys get something going. I would love to see what you produce--it would be worthwhile spreading that news around here too. I've been wondering if you couldn't also get the Ag schools, Vet schools, zoologist programs, et al to contribute.....just some thoughts (even if only $.01 worth).... I like to write, so if you would like an article or two, please let me know. Something along the lines of solving what would be percieved to be a problem to someone else....(new dog ate my shoe....et al).
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