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  1. I see....I've also wondered if Foster Boy's has a sore tooth. Anyway, once you get into this, the dogs do indeed take on their individuality....in spades!
  2. Here's the Cabela crate link: http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...&hasJS=true I've no idea how sturdy they are, as they are not available in store. There is also no weight information, oh well.
  3. Thanks again! I'll look for that dvd. I gather that non-tuggers may very likely have soft mouths....well, i have two dogs in very different places wrt many different attributes / characteristics. I think I'm going to learn quite a bit for sure.
  4. BTW, it's available only online, but you can order it from a store, delivery free. The medium size is actually kind of attractive-- and 1/2 the cost of the Hagen sleek box above. 'Love Cabella's on that end.
  5. Cabella's will shortly however, have something similar, but not as sleek. (With an uglish green color for the large size to boot.)
  6. Thanks Kristine & Barb: Excellent ... the sequence of "readiness" training areas / activities was just what I was looking for. Now I see our gaps which include the touch as well as tighter working relationship. He is shy & fearful at times.....but has drive, smarts and has really had to learn polite behavior. At home he is enthusiastic about learning (we are already up to 5 - 7 minutes of training at a time) for the most part but is really reticent about the space issues. AND I was ignorant of the degree of cooperation we need to have established. He came to me with the very
  7. Ok; i see. You're using it as others use a tug toy....to send them through, as you said. But you're down the road a bit further than I am--dog isn't even introduced to the equipment yet. Maybe the real question is: What should my response be when he shuts down? My guess at this point is he is unsure about being handled....(take him by the collar and reposition him). Or he is unused to things being requested of him. Should I reposition him and then click/treat? should I reposition him, walk a few more steps and then stop & play fetch? Should I bring out a tennis ball to show him "
  8. Thanks! But how did you use them? Instead of a click/treat, do I toss the ball a few times? OR...click/treat and then have a toss session? I"m wanting to incorporate them into the actual lessons, not as a sideline "keep 'em under control" tool really--although that will be useful too someday.
  9. Has anyone out there used tennis balls instead of or in tandem with treats in agility training? If yes, how do you use the tennis balls? My foster boy is doing ok with clicker & treats, but a short experiment with a tennis ball (on figure 8's) makes me think he will have more fun and be more interested in agility / obedience games if tennis ball games are included. Example: in tightening up on figure 8's (heeling / "follow me" as agility foundation work), he may or may not shut down. If i have treats in my hands, he is interested & nibbling at my hand..if a tennis ball, he is mauling
  10. That man loved dogs! Have you read this one?: http://www.tabblo.com/studio/stories/view/...p;navuser=14893 But i would say, that Jesus, not only had a dog (as you and I most likely agree that He created all of 'em), but that his animal *was* there. Can you imagine a dog NOT "abiding" through it all....even if crouching away in safety during the entire tumultous period? EDIT: btw, Bustopher...if you lost a dog, my condolences. I lost one last week (sniff, sniff), but your poem is more ....optimistic. I like it.
  11. Thanks, HerdCentral: What a great catchphrase! I'll keep it in mind. Actually, i have done much of what you describe...taking it slowly. My *has a few bad habits to break* boy is learning through extinction, opposite behaviors (must be a catchphrase for that too) and as you say, breaking it up and taking it slowly. Thanks!
  12. Can't tell if you're joking....are you? Or do you think this is really OT? (O bother, Pooh said).
  13. Thanks HerdCentral..... Oreo is a boy on the move. What do you mean by this? Keep distance between the dogs? As in walk between them, et al, when needed? My other goal for him is to be able to trust him in other offleash scenarios....walks, hikes, et al. So far, I'm playing around with long leads...they're ok, but not my preferred. And otherwise, letting him off leash, but as soon as I'm aware of another dog in the distance, we leash up, and keep a good distance. Avoiding the young rude dogs is a challenge however, but he does respond to a "look at that" (click - treat) routine
  14. For those of you who've had success working your reactive into dog parks, what were your big learnings? I'm not against dog parks....rather I love them. So does spice girl. But for reactives, it feels quite risky. We have some very good, light traffic, dog parks and if i could work Reactive Dog into the park setting, i would like to do so.
  15. Yeah, actually the initial context of this thread was to see what so-n-so is doing now, and how odd it is that she is doing this particular thing--which appears ridiculously dumb. My side note comment was to the effectiveness of the message.....so (Don't really want to belabor this really, but can't resist at the moment) That said, I can't agree with your two points: credible messengers do lend credibility to the message from the listener's perspective, and that provides some efficiency in deciding what to listen to--but not to merit. Next, she is NOT speaking to the BC communit
  16. So: Is the person credible? General opinion has it, 'no'; Is the information credible? General opinion seems to say 'yes'. In this case, pehaps, 'don't throw out the baby with the bathwater' has some merit.
  17. Taking this on another direction: Even i am surprised & find it interesting that this little video produced by this not so coherent teenager held my attention. bottom line, I think those little video snippets, done in that way, have impact. just my own $.01. Regardless of the rest of the site, putting such facts to music in the way she did it, in my mind, really put the information out there for those who don't know TO look for it. Would she reach anyone? A good question. I think so--for those who are relatively uninformed--say, young, or new, naive but well intentioned, na
  18. We're all pathetic I think they get whiny but deal with it ok. I try to rotate...Tuesdays is X's day for ride alongs, then Wednesday....et al. Weekends, it's either the twosome or the ol' boy and I trade off days...or weekends. Think of it this way....their off times are the days they get the whole place and all of the toys to themselves. And even a pb stuffed kong or something like that which they can work in complete peace.... At least that makes me feel better..... I have to say, BC Liz, that your doggies DO travel in complete style! I mean, those beds even look fresh & clean
  19. *maybe* what was going on was.....Bingo wanted Ling's bone....camped out until she "let go" of it....and his bone near her is just not all that important a fact. He could've lured her, as it appears, OR he could've just laid in wait .... anything she has, he wants. And then challenged her for her's. Just guessing....But indeed, a STINKER.
  20. 'Sounds like she's a very lucky girl....such a wonderful world to explore.... And lucky you...such fun things to "have to" work out....All the best on your adventures!
  21. Oh, I see. She's teasing you.....About "find it": this is a game where you don't toss the ball....you fold it into a towell for example, and she has to dig it out. Then you fold it up in the towell and place the towell somewhere else....she doesn't have to visually track the ball as she would when tossing the ball. (She may well have a sight problem - just guessing from your descriptions.) Glad to hear you're not fixated on a fetching dog....you may not have one! Hmmmm, wondering if you could work on letting her off leash....but that's another discussion....
  22. Ceanna & Ling sound like goofy nuts! Too funny.... About bobbing balls in the water....Hailey started doing this this summer....but she slowly & studiously pushes the ball under and plays with it...and the water and the motion nearly put her into a trance....I think she's calming herself! It IS a nice break.... From my experience: 'Bout your dog: is he or she a tad young yet? Over and over, people post with sadness that their dog is not the fetch meister they imagine....and the dog is <2 yrs. For Hailey, this kicked in with a vengeance when she was > 2yrs. No help wa
  23. Yes, very good advice & points well taken. At the moment, I have no candidates for this....and wouldn't set anything like this up unless I was very confident that we had the right dog & scenario.....
  24. 'Was wondering if & how you have found ignoring to be an effective training / disciplinary tool. Which dogs / personalities respond to it? What successes have you had? When do you use it? For what objectives? How do you apply it? Any comments on ignoring vs. isolation. When it worked, why do you think it did? And vice versa (when it didn't work, why not?) (20 essay points )
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