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  1. Edit: Deleted my "this is crazy" vent. If you're interested, feel free to send a PM.
  2. You are so sane, I love it! The "all or nothing" thinking, the group think, the oh so wide paintbrushing of anything that isn't "hard scrabble Welsh Scottish Highland brought Over here" imagery does this group or dog so little favors. (Expecting to hear "Shrill-spoken-here" to break out any second now.....).
  3. I completely agree. Another "highly recommended" from me.
  4. Some folks have already summed up my thoughts, but let me give it one more go: "Necessarily" in this case is your term, not mine. Life does at times throw us scenarios where making the "right" decision comes at a high cost, and so does entail a bit of mental...not "calculating"--but a counting the the cost. Yes, "sacrificial" is too strong to characterize dogs & general training, but I haven't yet bought into the paradigm/template that dogs only or primarily "work for praise / desire to please". I'm not entirely discounting it, but I"m also very convinced that dogs do work for t
  5. 'No time as of yet to read all of the responses.... 'Seems to me that when humans talk about "desire to please", when taken to the logical end, we are referring to acts that ultimately have no payoff for us. Whatsoever. They are sacrificial--self denying. I would love to think that there are dogs in this world with this capability....but am not yet convinced. Once you start trying to claim that dogs work for this "inner glow" that we emanate to them, you are back to talking about reinforcements, rewards. This is NOT the same as saying that dogs are NOT empathetic, can express gra
  6. Catching up to this thread. Oh my. Nice to hear you chiming in, Jean D. Not a *K person of any C really, your book has been helpful for me getting a grip on the basics (clicker; setting criteria, et al) and a kick to read--black humour 'n all (there must be something in the water up there in frosty Montreal). Note to Boarders: If there was some kind of blanket attack on stockdog folks in the book, I missed it. Edit: ok, who's "the colleague"?!
  7. So, I'm not exactly a Donaldson groupie (not a groupie of anyone), but i'm pretty sure she would define "work" or "time on stock" as play. It is a collosal reward in my understanding. Or for that matter "time with person" -- a huge reward. My guess is that her statement is most likely directed at the other training schools--you know, pinch the ear or hang the dog to teach them to not to jump up, or try to "beat" the leash, et al. She does have a penchant for overstatement, er hyperbole. "this concept has never been operationally defined" is a valid point, if you're looking at any kind of
  8. With any "expert's" ideas, I look for the nuggets: I find her "lemon brain" is a very useful analogy as it conveys how limited dogs' brains are compared to ours and that it's a mistake to ascribe the more comlpex human behavior and motivation to dogs'. I think Jean's point is exactly about providing information that is clear to the dog--within the dog's capacity to get it. . I also find that she writes about conditioning with great clarity--and that can be helpful to a lot of novice trainers / owners. "Praise" could be seen as a positive reinforcer (fun, excitement, security, bondedn
  9. Good advice everyone. 'Appreciate the pointers on the shake can, Beth G.
  10. Yes, the yard is fair game...but he is recently into marking the flagstone patio - stone by stone. Think I'm resigned to escorting him for a while...Nutty dog. Thanks~
  11. So, Oreo is pee happy....pees on EVERYTHING in the yard. He's more concerned with coverage than my last male was apparently. (We've got the garage or house covered, er, protected.) For the yard--or elsewhere where large distances are involved-- my thought is to use a rattle can to let him know "not there". (Confession: I'm a tad lazy and don't want to escort him out to the yard for every relief session- and we do a bit of offleash--and I don't want him to think that just anywhere is fair game.) What do you do with your marky males?
  12. First dog as a child: Collie/Samoyed mix - Juneau - smart & independent, protective, excellent all around dog. First dog as an adult pb giant Golden, Boone: big block headed boy Why a BC? Boonie was lonely - and needed a companion. In my search in the shelters, Hailey found me / us and was the first shelter dog that didn't push / growl Boonie away. I was aware of bc's by then, but wasn't looking specifically for one at that time. But was obviously open to one. Did you do research? Very informal. An acquaintance had a beautiful and very nice black bc. I had also just recently
  13. I agree. I don't buy all of her "dogma", no pun intended, but she has some great insights. (For one I think she can be a bit over the top in dismissing the "soulishness" of the dogs"). PS: I dont' buy ALL of any authors "dogma" however.
  14. (deleted--nothing to say really, we aren't crate-in-the-house people at the moment)
  15. Not allowed up on furniture, period. But when I sleep on the floor, my buddies are nearby.
  16. Hi Diane: Happy 2008 to you and your's! Looks like you have your hands full....err....barn full! The pups are absolutely gorgeous - congratulations.
  17. My fetch crazy dogs don't get to play with tennis balls as chew toys...for the very reason you mention--they don't stand up to being chewed....In case you didn't see the post on Chinese made dog toys, the label on the doggie tennis balls are lead heavy and deemed unsafe for dogs by vets. I stick to real tennis balls (made elsewhere and crossing fingers are lead free) and use other lead free chew toys for their chewing fun. Cheers!
  18. oh my...well, i can fly my 40 something pound spice girl in circles....but Foster Boy is ~50+ lbs I'm guessing (we've yet to weigh him), That said, he is a flight boy.... and if I could just get this darned pinched nerve to stay in it's place....ow. The thought of it....but losing the gazillion pounds I put on over this week would certainly be a good idea.
  19. update: we played with a 5' - 5/8" rope and that did the trick. We're on our way. He's becoming quite a drivey boy as he comes out of himself, so I'm expecting some fun ahead. Thanks for the suggestions. Enjoy the Holiday...and Merry Christmas!
  20. HighDesertSpice Best way to contact: PM, or would be willing to leave a phone contact with a privately held database Location: SW Idaho Distance willing to travel: ~ 3 - 4 hours, (possibly further depending on the situation) Vehicle: small SUV type (can fit one large & one medium crate in back) Extra Crates: xlarge clamshell (> 36" long) Pull from shelter: Yes w/ help from local rescue if needed Hold overnight: Yes Times Available: mostly weekends [transferred to database]
  21. Eavesdropping here....pardon, but what does "lift my game" mean here?
  22. Great points Alaska. The design is different in two aspects: the venting encompasses the whole of the side panels, and the back is an open wire mesh / perhaps even a second door. Perhaps this is a new compliant version. OR it could be compliant to some foreign standard (albeit not necessarily ompletely "international"). One would certainly want to look into it. (Now I wonder why some of the other Suncast products available in Canada are not available here....)
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