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  1. Hi Mack's & Holly's Mums: Greetings to the UK! Your pooches sound a lot like mine. Mine was very, very people shy when I first got her....but not toward me or Boone; but is a real character now. She is more reactive to men and running children (she may be trying to control the kids). She is also quite protective. I wonder if men are naturally less patient with BC-ness unless they particularly like BC's? I guess I'll learn as time goes by. Thanks for your input.
  2. Hi Deb: I actually have that booklet too. When I first brought Hailey home, I bought a handful of these booklets and was not sure where she fit. I'll reread it though.
  3. Hi Holly: Thanks! I think I have something to look forward to when she grows older:)
  4. Hi Rebecca: What do you do to let him know that you don't like it? I let my LLL get away with it most of the time....as I realize it is affection. But there are other times when I really don't want to wash my hands one more time...like in the evening when it's time to cook:) At times my little lickity lou lou is razor sharp fast and knows how to slip in the lick series when/if my attention is elsewhere. I do tend to think it is more BC ish--am I wrong. My Golden also gives me kisses, but they usually come in singles, not series; and typically are not surprises but in complete context. LLL
  5. In Southwestern and Central ID you will find many hotels, motels, cabins, resorts that allow dogs, typically for a $10 fee, promises that they won't bark too much and that you will supervise. Idahoans love dogs! and Herding dogs most of all, and everyone seems to know the breeds behavior. Just call ahead. My bc mix is ~42 lbs and she comes with me always. Redfish Lake, up at Stanely has a dog beach now too. The other Lakes are largely open (although if dogs may not be allowed in the public beaches, but would be in other areas. Rivers are open as well-just be very, very careful.) Have fun,
  6. Hello: My dog is a BC mix (please check out her profile in mine for details) and she is a lickity lou lou. Is that a bc trait or not? For example, when we meet greet when I return home from work, it's lickity, lickity for the first minutes--hands & face (i bend down but not for the wash). If in the am, it's "let me wash your hands for you".....It is more intense after separations. I had heard once on Patricia McConnell's radio program that this is a boxer trait. She was also very pawish....I thought that between the crouch and the paws, I had a cat -dog there for a while. The paw thin
  7. Hi Sluj: Thanks for the books reminders/ suggestions. I have read Patricia's book (will need to revisit) but have not read Stanley Coren's. I'll look it up. Cheers, M
  8. Hello: What to do about this? Hailey, pound dog bc mix and spoiled child (refer to my profile for her's) greets strangers & acquaintances like this: 1. slowly walk up to person, sniff hand if offered, tail wagging unenthusiastically, upright but otherwise looks like a crouch 2. stranger pets Hailey and talks to her 3. Hailey sniffs person's face, nose to nose (i mean really gets in their face) 4. Hailey steps away slowly; almost in a sideways manner 5. Hailey glances at me, looks back at person and barks: long syllable bark, not the deep throated alarm, but a semi deep "bauu
  9. Thanks MaggieDog, Haliegh and Kat! Ok, so I'm now convinced she does NOT have SA. She is just a noisy nut when she doesn't want to be left. She is great with distance down stays, and so I will follow your suggestions and train her to accept being tied up when I'm out of sight. (Of course, she already tolerates this when home, so off we go to the nursery again.) Hailey thanks you too Cheers, M
  10. Hi MaggieDog: Second try on this reply: She is not getting as much exercise as she needs, but recently she did this when tied up at a plant nursery. We had just spent ~ hour running/working, et al and I stopped en route to home. We walked around the nursery ~20 min, then I tied her up long enough to purchase some trees. Same pathetic yelp and high pitched bark as when she was left with the CGC Evaluator. I guess the bottom line question is: what do I do with this behavior? How can I moderate it? She does not do this at home, unless it is to protest that I am working/walking away
  11. Hello: I'm somewhat new to the BC world (proud, completely wound around one toe - owner of a BC mix), and have a dog that whines & barks when I leave her on leash with someone else. It seems to wax and wan in it's intensity. I'd like to know if anyone has had success in reducing this behavior in their dog and how you did it. The only time I've seen Hailey really feel comfortable wtih someone else on the end of the leash is if she has gotten to know them, or if they are self-described "dog people" (ie, "Dogs love me"; but not the same as people who have dogs.) Our scenario: I work a
  12. This is interesting in that it appears that most people on this forum assume that dogs transitioned from wolves. Why do they accept this assumption? When it is possible that wolves are instead dogs that escaped into the wild and therefore developed into the scrappy, scavanger - hunters that they are? In which case, a diet that includes a variety of foods they can digest and benefit from may be absolutely perfect for the average, much bred dog or even the high performance stock / agility dog. Just some food for thought. Not to pick on this poster, but just to post the question. Given that
  13. I posted this in another thread but here is a recipe that was designed specifically for dogs by veterinary nutritionists: http://www.sunherald.com/160/story/31854.html I am not one of those people who thinks grains are evil, so I'm going to be using this and other nutritionist-approved recipes for my dogs, in addition to some raw and some kibble. After running numbers through spreadsheets on a few occasions I am not personally comfortable going by the "whatever" philosophy of home feeding, because I saw firsthand how easy it is to be way way way off the mark even though you think you'
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