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  1. I've had a the same problem with one of my girlfriend's dogs years ago. We bought a metal wire-type crate to keep him in during the day because he was a little to destructive when left out. He made short work of the first crate. We got home, and he was standing outside the demolished crate. So we figured, we'd buy a sturdier crate, which he destroyed. We went through four crates before we realized that the root of the problem was separation anxiety (which we should have realized earlier). If the dog is fine in a crate and is crate trained and still destroys it when you're gone, it may be separation anxiety. My girlfriend at the time and I broke up before the problem was solved 100% but I hear he's doing much better. I forget exactly what she's doing to correct the anxiety but it's not with drugs.
  2. I have a great addition. So About two weeks ago, we ordered a pizza from one of the pizza places that delivers the pizza with the little tubs of garlic butter. Well, my girlfriend opened the butter container but left it on the counter. About twenty minutes later I find my dog Aden laying on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs holding the butter dish in her hands licking up what was left. At the time, I thought I noticed a dark spot on the carpet where the butter had spilled but wasn't too sure so I went back upstairs for a few minutes to finish what I was doing. When I got back downstairs, the little butter dark spot had magically turned into a perfect circular whole in damned carpet about four inches wide. There were no carpet pieces laying around, just a whole. I guess it was really good butter.
  3. Aden is now 12 months old and has decided that she likes to destroy things now. I'm pretty sure I know why, I just don't know what to do to stop it. When she was a puppy she and my other dog had tons of stuffed animals to play with which kept them busy during the day. The other dog is 4 so he's not an issue. We've been leaving Aden out of the crate during the day while we're at work for about 4 months now and had never had a problem until... Well about two months ago, she decided that playing with the stuffed animals wasn't enough and that destroying them was more her cup of tea. I figured that's cool at least she knows what she is allowed to destroy. I finally decided to take them away all together because I was worried that she was ingesting some of the guts from the toys (which is bad). So the stuffed animals went into the garbage. She tons of other toys available to her during the day (balls, rope toys, canvasy toys, hooves, etc...) just no stuffed animals. Well since then she's decided that it's her duty to chew up a few magazines on the coffee table (luckily not the coffee table; not yet) then a couple books from the bookcase (which weren't pulled out just slightly gnawed on). Then today I walk into the house after work and she had chewed the corner off an area rug in my living room. So what should I do? Find her safe toys that can be demolished, crate her again during the day, spray bitter apple all over my house (every other day). I want to stop this behavior before it gets worse and something valuable gets messed up. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  4. I have the exact same problem with Aden. Except with her, it's my girl friend's pet quaker parrot. Now I have to admit, it's my fault. I hate that damn bird. It's bitten me more times than I can remember so while I didn't directly reinforce the behavior, I didn't stop it as soon as I should have. When the bird is out of the cage, Aden (now 13mo) will just sit and stare at him forever. If the bird flies across the room, so does Aden. She knows she's not supposed to. When I reprimand her (Aden NO! or NO Bird!), she drops her head low, runs around the table, and starts staring at the bird again. I've tried redirecting her attention as well. This does seem to be the only thing that has worked at all. If I can grab her attention and direct it toward something that she is interested in, after a few minutes she'll forget about the bird (until the damn thing squawks again!). If anyone does find the silver bullet for fixing this problem, please share.
  5. I'm considering buying some dog boots for my BC Aden and would like to get some other opinions on the subject. I was mostly considering them for when she will be out in the snow for longer than several minutes. Does anyone think they are worth it or just a waste of time and money? Also, recommendations on brand and where to buy them would be helpful too
  6. I realized today that most of my posts here were me asking questions. I've received some great advice over the last few months. I'd just like to thank everyone for all of the invaluable help that they've given.
  7. Aden absolutely loves her jolly ball. She's had it since the day I got her (about six months ago) and it is the one toy that she would sleep with if I let her. The only reason I absolutely HATE that damned ball is because I have tile floors in my house. It drives me nuts But it keeps her occupied for as long as I can take it, or send her to the basement (carpet) or backyard.
  8. Aden has gnawed on the door frame once in my kitchen and the bottom of one of my cabinets. Bitter apple nipped that little problem right in the bud. A tiny spray to the mouth then a couple sprays to the wood, she's never done it again (it's been months).
  9. For the last several weeks, Aden's obsession with lights and shadows has been getting worse. She stares at them and plays with them. When I feed her, I have to make sure that the lights are on or off (which ever will yield the least shadows) or she won't eat - instead, she'll play with the shadows. I've been telling her NO whenever I catch her and try to distract her with something that I think is "less unhealthy". I'll do some obedience training, play ball, etc... Does anyone else have this problem? What should/can I do to correct this behavior?
  10. My six-month-old border collie just went in to get spayed and they did some blood work prior to the surgery. The Dr. said she was anemic. He blamed it on her diet. I've been feeding her Orijen Adult for about two months. Here's the nutrition info: http://www.championpetfoods.com/orijen/products/adult.aspx He said I should switch her to puppy food. He had never heard of Orijen before, and I've told him about it at least four times over the last two months, telling him that I'd been feeding it to my dog. He has never looked it up and still tells me to put her on a puppy food that petsmart sells (the only choices being Royal Canin, Pedigree, Eukanuba, etc...), and that they are better than what I'm feeding her. He's not even telling me why? What a prick. Should I switch her to a premium puppy food, or stay with what I have? Also, is my vet a dumb-ass?
  11. My vet actually told me to give my dog pepcid when she had some stomach issues. Told me to give my three month old 15 pound dog a half a pill.
  12. Aden turned five months this week and has started to act really sluggish. She started teething last week also. I was thinking this may have something to do with it. It seems like she just has no energy. She went from hopping up stairs skipping two or three to crawling up them slowly and she just lays around now. She also isn't responding to basic commands like she used to. Where she would sit after only one command before, it seems like if she even does it at all, I have to say it five times or so and touch her on the butt to get her to sit. It doesn't seem like anything else is wrong with her, other than the teething with occasional bleeding. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  13. It can get pretty hot here (it's 96F now) so I run my AC during the summer. It's really funny too... In the Kitchen where Aden spends most of the time that she's inside, not sleeping (usually outside with us though) she's laying on the vent on the floor. As soon as she hears that AC kick on she's on the vent.
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