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  1. Thanks for all your replies. There is such a variation in opinions. There is an increase in dog theft around my local area. Why they are stealing the dogs doesn't bare thinking about to be honest :(/> I think I will just leave Ed at home when I go to the shop. He is such a friendly dog that he probably would take food, fuss and anything else going!! It just seems such a shame! The amount of times we've been en route back from a walk and I think, "I'll just nip in for a loaf of bread" and realise I can't leave Ed! However, my Ed is more important than a loaf! :)/> Thanks again all.
  2. Hello all, I was looking for opinions on anti theft collars and leads as I was considering purchasing a PetLoc product. Ed generally goes everywhere with me apart from if I nip out to the shop as I worry about tethering him outside in case somebody steals him. When I say nip out to the shop I literally mean for a quick loaf of bread or bottle of milk, not the big monthly food shop, so he wouldn't be left for long but I just can't bring myself to leave him! Has anybody used these collars/leads and, if so, are they any good? Many thanks, Tracey.
  3. Hi, My Ed does what I call the 'happy dance' when he knows dinner's coming. This will involve rolling and wriggling around on the floor for a few minutes then standing up and doing the whole body shake. It still makes me laugh to this day as you literally see the shake go from head to tail! xx
  4. We did alot of clicker training with Ed, and still do 2yrs later. He always loved toys anyway so this made fetch easier! We used to throw his toy a short distance and say the word 'fetch'. When he went to it we would click and praise. He soon caught on that it was a good thing to go to his toy. When he picked it up we encouraged him to 'come' and drop. He used to drop it far away from us initially but we'd praise him for bringing it closer. It wasn't long before he was bringing it closer and closer as he knew that the sooner he dropped it, the sooner we'd throw it for him. Nowadays though he p
  5. Ed has to have a mid dinner wee. He'll eat half, sit by the door til I let him out, then straight back in to finish his dinner off. Also, if he knows we're going out he'll go round the house bringing a selection of toys, my door keys and shoes (slobber included...nice!) but won't physically bring his lead....he just sits and stares at it....?? xx
  6. Our Ed does this with our cat, Mash. Mash has a habit of scratching the wall in the hall. When she does it Ed goes out, gently nudges her away and lies down where she wants to scratch. Clever lil man, we didn't teach him to do that either! xx
  7. Had Ed 2 years now and have never bathed him as he tends to 'sort himself out'. I brush him quite regulary though. xx
  8. My Ed does love a cuddle but not when he's too tired....he likes to take himself off and curl in a corner. Ed mostly does the 'side by side lean' type cuddle but when you walk in the door you get a full on face licking snog!! Also if he's hurt himself he'll come to me for hugs for reassurance etc. xx
  9. Sorry for the late update... Thanks for everyones advice. Well I took Ed to the vets and he couldn't fiind any obstruction. He had started drinking before I took him so the vet said to just observe and bring him back if he gets worse. Later that night he was bouncing around with his toys again!!! Little bugger was pulling my leg I swear! Anyway I rested him all day Monday and he's back to his old self again. I was sooooooo worried though!!! My little shadow! Thanks again all. xx
  10. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. BF's folks had chippy chips for tea last night and when we got back Ed had curry sauce on his head. BF rekons he's prob had his head in the bin and has eaten leftovers which is making him ill as Ed has never eaten anything other than dog food.....but even so I'm concerned that he hasn't been sick. If it were food that he'd eaten surely it'd make him vomit?? xx
  11. Hi everyone, I desperately need some advice. My 22mth old BC isn't well today. I want to take him to the emergency vets but everyone's telling me not to panic....but I can't help myself. He was perfectly normal until dinner time last night. BF and I went out for half hour and when we got back we fed the dogs. At first Ed wouldn't eat his food but, after a little persuasion, he ate it well. He was a little quiet and started growling quietly when we touched his belly (before and after his dinner). He was then really quiet and lethargic all night (BF slept downstairs with him all night) and
  12. Awwww poor baby! Make a big fuss of her for a day or two.
  13. Hi everyone! Ed is now 18 months old and is still crazy on the lead. When he's off the lead in the park he's golden! He's attentive, playful and well behaved. On the lead is a different story..he's like a tazmanian devil! He pulls me along! He pulls that hard he's made himself sick before now! I've tried stopping until I have his attention, clicker training, telling him off, changing direction, no pull harnesses! I see other dogs walking off lead perfectly to heel...then I look at Ed who look like a big barrel of crazy! Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. xx
  14. Ed does that occasionally. He used to do it alot when he was little but only occasionally now. It is cute though!!
  15. Hi everyone, Just wanted some opinions please. I've noticed recently that Ed clicks occasionally when he lies/sits. He's now 16 months old and we were easy on his joints during his puppy months. He wasn't allowed upstairs, didn't encourage him to jump things etc etc. I was going to ring the vets for some advice but thought you guys may be able to help....does your BC click? xx
  16. Ed has a funny way of communicating. When you walk in the door he does a kinda yowl..? That's the best way I can describe it! He also has varying noises from 'moaning' when you wont/cant play to happy noises when he's having a fuss. He communicates a lot with his facial/bodily expressions. His 'grin' is the funniest thing though...it's sooooooocute!
  17. Ed also used to destroy things....stuffed toys. paper, tissue/loo roll, carpet underlay!!!! Sometimes we'd get home and thought we'd been burgled! He kept escaping from his crate so we gated areas of the house and puppy proofed before we went out. He soon grew out of it and he now has run of the house. xx
  18. Hi everyone! Just a question out of curiousity really. Our Ed won't eat on his own. We have to be in the same room or at least in sight or he just will not eat! Anyone else have the same situation? xx
  19. When we first got Ed I was so anxious. I had never had a dog before but my BF had owned 2 BC's previously so I knew what they were like. As it happens I do shift work so ended up being the one spending the most time with him. He used every ounce of energy I had at first as he was only a baby (if you know what I mean ) He used to try and eat my feet, chase me around, run riot around the house and garden. We persevered with training, play, play, training. To cut a long story short Ed is now like my shadow. He follows me everywhere! I couldn't imagine him not being around. Everyone comments on
  20. Maggie is a gorgeous girl. Isn't it strange how our pets become our rock's when we need them most? xx
  21. Don't worry...the cuddles will come. At that age Ed was fidgeting, restless and always on the go. I too felt slighty put out at the lack of affection. Now, at 14mths old, he is the king of cuddles! When you get up in the morning, when you walk in the door, when he's sleepy, when we're sleepy. He even follows us around until he gets his cuddle! xx
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