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  1. Ben is 1 year and 7 months old now and over the past months he has gotten worse, but at the moment he doesn't seem to be changing. He has had health checks and we have been told to sue various muzzles, harnesses and head collars but nothing has worked. Also we were told to try and reassure him and talk to him whilst out but he just goes into panic mode and ignores us. He is usually happy doing his own thing but if you interfere with him (like trying to stroke him or something) he will snap at you, and if you tell him off his lips curl up and he gives you his 'stare' which is not unlike that of a wolf He can also have times where he'd go for your legs as you walk past and try to drag you along, and my dad has very bad feet at the moment which cause him alot of pain and grief. Ben must of picked up on it as he attacks my dad's feet which causes him alot of pain. He often listens to me when he is scolded, but he ignores basically everyone else. We bought him from a farmer (I now see this was a bad idea) we had the intention of doing agility and maybe fly ball but we haven't got that far yet. When he was younger he broke his leg, and his 'agression' started from then on. The vets did say he was going to be a 'snappy' dog.
  2. I am lost now, the dog trainer couldn't help, the animal behaviourist couldn't help and the vet couldn't help. Ben still turns into a savage beast when he is out of the security of the house and garden. Infact if you dare to pick up a lead in his veiw, you are most likely to get a bight on your leg or face and a scary display of snarling and growling. I feel terrible! He even sometimes turns on Chance, my older collie who wouldn't dream of hurting another animal or human! Ben is quite nasty sometimes but then the next day he is a lovely dog who'll flop at your feet I just don't know what's going on
  3. hi tis a small world i ahve already got pleanty of wonderful advice off here
  4. those collies are so beautiful aswell i hope they find a loving home
  5. Thankyou everyone for your advice, i'm sure it will come in handy I have been teaching him a few commands tonight to wear him out and he has been on his 2 hour walk so is tiring a bit. luckily the only furniture related thing he chewed was a cushion and that was this morning he knows leave it and he understands that. if only food could say the words "leave it" when a dog went up to it
  6. winchester isn't far from me but i already have two hyper collies and lots of other animals, and to top thatw e are moving very soon so i can't take them
  7. We have tried crates before but he howls his head off until we let him out is this normal and will he settle down after a while. Sorry, I am having a blonde day today He gets a one hour walk in the morning, half an hour at lunch and two hours in the evening, and spends all day running about like a headless chicken I would like to give them more at lunch but i only have a limeted amount of time on my lunch break.
  8. This sounds just like my 5year old collie. He barks and snaps at passing cars, we tried crates but they only agitated him so we boughta dog seat belt that you fasten to their harness or collar, this stops from jumping about so he doesn't get injured but he still drools and snaps at passing cars, we tried all sorts of things liek covering the windows but it never worked, so he still chases them although he seems to ahve stopped a bit scince we got Ben.
  9. I'm sorry to post this on here but these poor collies! http://household.uk.freeads.net/urgent_ple...ling-376265.htm after having them for that long it must be hard to get rid of them!
  10. Hi again, I have a 7 month old puppy which came from a line of working parents, he has so much energya nd I was wodnering if it would be ok at his age to start training him? Also I am joining the YKC and i would love to train him when i join. My older collies is more interested in sleeping
  11. Hi, I'm new and I have two border collies. I have a 5 year old male called Chance and a 7 month old Puppy called Ben. Recently Ben has been stealing food off the kitchen counters when we are not looking or at night and this morining he grabbed a pillow off the sofa and shredded it up (feathers EVERYWHERE!!) He also steals pencil cases, bags, shoes etc and eats them, he only eats them at night though. We ahve tried various chews and bones to try and amuse hima nd he has a whole box of toys but he still prefers our stuff I was reading the kennel club website and they said at this age puppies hit puberty, is this what is happening with Ben? thanks for reading this, beth.
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