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  1. Well, we sent off for one of those canine DNA tests. Doesn't really matter what she is but we were just curious. And, it looks like I need to find another forum, she is 62.5% Australian Shepherd and 12.5% Australian Cattle dog with the rest being small amounts of Asian, guard and terrier groups. Anyway, the test was $75 and it was at least $75 worth of fun going through all the info in the test. Thanks for all the input.
  2. We put our 16 year old down in july. She was eaten up with cancer. She wasn't comfortable, walking in circles. Went down hill real fast. Went from, she's old and having trouble getting up to finding cancer to putting her down in about 3 days. All that being said, no one can answer this for you. Prayers...
  3. That would be great, thank you.
  4. Wow, just googled German Koolie, don"t think I've ever heard of that breed, and some of the pics are a spitting image of my Rojo.
  5. Thanks everyone. It's a little bit of a shock having a puppy for the first time in 16 years. Our house was not puppy proof and is a work in progress.
  6. Our BC of 16 years passed away this summer and "this house just ain't no home" without a dog so we adopted an 8 month old Border Collie mix named Rojo. The rescue seems to think she's mixed with some kind of cattle dog, perhaps a Catahoula. What do you think? She's super sweet and super smart. Like, I hide my pin number when at the ATM smart. Anyway, here she is...
  7. I know this is an old thread but I was doing some searching on BC and longevity. Mazzy, a BC mix,is 16 and still going strong. We do our walk around the block everyday. First part of the walk she's pulling on the leash, the second part she slows down for me. She sleeps a lot, but she still jumps into my Jeep when we go places. She's such a kind, gentle soul...
  8. It's funny you should say that, when she sees a bird or squirrel on the ground she will slowly stalk it and she's been know to lift her front leg like a pointer when she sees something. As long as I get my GSD her exercise she is an angel in the house. Getting her tired is not an easy task though. I have a dog leash attachment for my bike and I don't have to peddle. She will pull me at dead sprint for a solid mile before she slows down. Your GSD is gorgeous! His coat looks really full. If he a long hair?
  9. She's about 7.5 years old. She will play with my GSD a little but not much. We take her to the dog park and she will run like crazy for about one minute and then she just walks around sniffing dogs. She is the sweetest dog I've ever met. She would be a great therapy dog. My GSD is from working lines and is a maniac.
  10. I've been hanging around the board because I'm thinking of getting a BC for SAR work but, I've always wonders the mix of one of my dogs. We got her at the SPCA about 6 years ago and they said she was a BC mix. She doesn't have the energy of a BC. She's good for a walk around the block then she's ready to lay down. Any guesses?
  11. Thanks for the help. That's one thing that really worries me about trying to pick a dog for SAR, you are not guaranteed to get one that cuts it. I will be getting help from someone who knows more than I do about evaluating a dog than I do. I'm still looking for a team. I've been interested and researching for about 3 years now and finally got married about 4 months ago. So now that I'm settled in, so to speak, I'm gonna train with a few teams and see how it works out. I'm not going to get a dog till I get my feet wet and see when they think would be good timing to look into a dog. I really want to go the rescue rout for the reasons you guys/girls listed and there are too many good working dogs out there who were giving up on by owners who had no idea why their pet that they walk once a week is all crazy and hyper. The more I've been reading them more I'm interested in cadaver. I don't think I want to do disaster. I'm in the North Texas area and if I do live find I guess it would be urban/wilderness. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the input. When the time comes, I'm going to look at the rescue and see about a candidate. If not I'll check out a pup. I'm also thinking about Aussies. I'll have someone from my SAR team help evaluate any dog before I make a decision as well. I love the pics. Your terrain looks a little more severe than around here. Still looks fun.
  13. I just wanted to say hi. I’ve been lurking around for a bit learning all I can. I’m getting involved with Search and Rescue and should be looking for a dog in about 8-12 months. I have a German Shepherd but she’s too old to start for SAR. I’ve been around a few BC’s and have seen them work and they seem to be relentless which is what I’m looking for in a SAR dog. In the meantime I’m just finding out as much as I can. Anyone on here involved in SAR with their BC?
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