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    My interests include: animal rescue, I volunteer with a animal sanctuary that is responsible for adopting out rescued animals. I also foster dogs, currently we have a 5 month old chocolate lab in need of a forever home.<br /><br />I assist in animal rescues in situations such as breeders out of control, abuse, and hoarding. <br /><br />We have four dogs of our own, all mutts until we met Panda. She was found wandering the streets of Nashville and we adopted her through the animal sanctuary that we volunteer with.<br /><br />
  1. welcome to the boards. there is an abundance of information on these boards. the people are nice and very smart and passionate about bc's. YOu will like it here! -Poppy
  2. thanks for the info guys! I noticed that my little foster dog didn't "digest" the carrot I gave her to gnaw on and that just made me think of all of the dogs and there veggie intake. I love the leftover veggies being rinsed off - cuz you know, the dogs are happy to get whatever we give them, they probably love those veggies! thanks again guys! -Poppy
  3. this might sound to simple, but for our sheltie mix , who gets really pukey in the car as well, we crack the back windows for him and believe it or not, it has worked, no more puking if he can get some fresh air or stick his head out of the window.
  4. Hey Everyone! I have heard that it's a good idea to puree veggies before giving to the dogs, and I have heard that letting them chew on raw or cooked veggies are better, what do you all think? -Mandy
  5. Denise, I am terrofied to give my dogs anything now after this whole recall mess, so this is the treats I made for my dogs and they love them just as much as any store bought kind. I used the following indgredients: whole wheat flour natural peanut butter skim milk baking powder Simple stuff, and you have to roll it out so you can cut it into tiny bites or big ones, or whatever. After the recall, we simply threw EVERYTHING we had in our house away and started over with homemade food and I had to find a treat for them so our local animal sanctuary put out a cookbook fo
  6. Liz, THanks so much for your thoughts on Panda's bullying. It has been really worrying me alot and I think I know what I need to do now. I definetly need to monitor her and when I catch her in the act, I need to stop her, cuz it does stress out Hank (the sheltie mix) and he's quick and he can get away from her, but the "herder" in her, won't let him go and she keeps after him until he bites her. She's just a year old (bday - March 15) and so full of energy. I used to think that the "bullying" was kinda cute, but now it's become a problem, so I am definelty going to do what i can to fix
  7. Hey Everyone, I have another question! Is it normal for a BC to kind of... bully her siblings? I have four dogs and three are all around the 1 year old mark and Panda kinda bully's them. She's always picking on my sheltie and even the bloodhound sometimes. She gets in there face and barks and wrestles them even after they make it clear that they don't want to play and when one of them comes to me to play, she jumps on them. She's never mean, she's just kind of a bully. Is this normal for a BC?
  8. Thanks so much Tina! I am going to read up on that so I can get the "kids" on the right supplements.
  9. awesome! thanks! I have to say, that I have learned so much in just one week of posting here and I am so greatful to everyone for the knowledge, it's going to help me be a better pooch mom!
  10. what about brown rice versus white rice? which is better for the dogs?
  11. Hey Everyone! So, what kind of supplement do you all give your dogs? Currently I give a glucosamine and a fish oil complex for skin and coat. ANyone reccommend anythign else? And... when getting off of processed foods and going with homemade (the Dr. Pitcairn recipes) what kinds of vitamins/supplements do you recommend? Thanks guys! Have a good day! -Mandy
  12. Hi! I noticed you mentioned giving your dog pork? I don't know if there is a difference in raw and cooked pork, but my Vet has told me repeatedly to not give our dogs pork (said it dosnt digest properly and it was to rich) we had 2 dogs get Pancreatitis (did I spell that right? haha!) from eating pork. I sure hope nothing happens to yours by eating it. I got nervous when I saw that and just wanted to share with you what happened to our critters with pork. I hope it's different with raw though. Anyway, just wanted to let you know my experience. Your dog is so cute, i'd hate if they got sick
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