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  1. Okay this one I couldnt help but reply too. Rory is almost 1.5 years now and everywhere we go I get asked what kind of dog is that? Or wow you have a pet Coyote? You would think that being in south central Texas most people would know what a Coyote looks like. Or just about anything other than a BC. Every know and then (like 1 out 20 or 30) some says wow that's a beautiful border collie and I am shocked that they figured it out and of course tell them thank you. Here's a few pics for review. This is the look that usually gets her the Coyote comment. This is a picture of her
  2. When did this come up?! I live outside the city limits but just barely. With San Antonio gobbling up the smaller towns as it expands this could have very large ramifications. There are people with livestock in areas all around San Antonio and within several small towns in/near san antonio. Sounds like somone needs to make a phone call to eyewitness wants to know. The only people who end up paying for the licenses are usually the responsible pet/livestock owners and the problems will be the folks who dont care. I agree that San Antonio is like most other cities and that there are too many a
  3. I would say that the fee presented is in line for the services provided....that being said I had Rory spayed last week and it was 350 (included microchipping and registration), but we had all ready done the bloodwork in the last few months. My sister in law is the Vet who performed the surgery (she thinks her clinic charges too much) so I know she had Rory's best interests in mind. I think the spay was 140, catheter and kit 45, pain meds and anesthesia about another 130. I also agree that the bloodwork is probably somewhere in the 50 range.
  4. I dont have any videos, but here are the three pictures I did manage to take. The first one is Rory in "what are these big doggies and why dont they want to play?" Then she figured out that this was a lesson and started to figure things out. And finally she is thinking and moving all together. (for at least a few minutes) Granted we were only working with 2 sheep to start off with and only for about five minutes in each of our two sessions, but overall I think she did well.
  5. Let me start by saying that I am a novice and the my dog Rory was introduced to sheep this past weekend. (No video and only a couple pictures because I was so focused on watching her to see what she would do) But based on my conversations with the trainer I will add a couple of comments from what he told me. 1) Dont expect anything the first time other than "chasing", if we get beyond chasing good. 2) Depending on the age of the pup, dont expect her to do the same thing in her 1st 2nd or even 3rd visit. She may be great one day, scared of sheep the next and then who only knows what the thir
  6. I dont mean to get somewhat off subject, but does anyone know of a forum or store that sells the videos and/or books used? When getting started the cost of buying videos and books at 20-40 dollars a pop can get a little pricey. Maybe there could be a BC Boards Library where we could exchange resources. Back on topic, I have the Rural route video and it seems good to me. It is very broad and basic, but if you know nothing any information is valuable.
  7. I just posted some pics of the plastic one from Wal-mart, about $8. It was thinner than I would have liked. I will probably head to tractor supply once this one is destroyed. It makes for a great place to cool off and a lot of fun too. It is getting pretty warm here so I would try and pick something up soon. Here's one pic of the pool....
  8. I think I hear that one just about every time we go out to a public venue. And then you get the "crazy person, border collies are black and white" look from them while laughing to myself.
  9. Of course it is entirely up to you, but at least according to Nylabone the small rice size particles that are a result of chewing on the (teething) bone are non-digestible and will pass through and are fairly safe. Upgrading to the edibles are definitley a temporary distraction, but should be limited as they can cause loose stool. The 3rd bone should be saved until the puppy is 4 to 5 months as it is much more durable and doesnt seem to satisfy a teething puppy. A rubber ball (smaller than a tennis ball) was also a favorite at this time, I cant remember which one though.
  10. Get the puppy starter kit from Nylabone. It has a progression of chew type as the puppy ages. Rory loved them all and for the price it is an easy option.
  11. Do you know the title of the show? What channel is RFD? It doesnt ring any bells for T.Warner. Thanks.
  12. I dont mean to get off topic too much, but I checked it out and only two products from science diet have been recalled. This link is to a letter from the manufacturer stating the two products and that the remainder of their products have not been affected by either of the two recalls and have been tested for the chemicals related to the recalls. http://www.hillspet.com/Menu_Foods/Consume...4162007_en.html Not that I have anything against feeding raw and am not trying to persuade you against it, just some outside information.
  13. I want to say thank you to everyone here for all of the great information and advice that is available. After much deliberation and consideration Rory (see avatar) arrived at our house on Feb 14. She was 8 weeks old at the time (she just turned 3 months on Monday) and has kept us on our toes ever since. I did a lot of research before making the decision (it was a surprise for my wife), but there have been lots of questions I have found answers for here on this board. I am glad I found yall and look forward to the growth of our new gal. I will try and add some pictures, these are from the day a
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