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  1. I'm getting in on the late end here.. but tugging is a stress reliever also. with my first bc, i was doing obedience, and her breeder ( and trainer) had me keep something on hand that she could tug with. after having to pay attention, and do the thinking part, when we were done a quick game of tug and then back to heeling. i do agility, and flyball also. in flybal the point is to get your dog to come back to you as fast as possible. using a tug of any sort reels them in! i have tuggers, and non tuggers. being of small stature and having some good sized boys, i can't always use the tug the way they want. my oldest dog orginally came back to a very strange looking toy- a ball with about 20 rope legs that came out of it. as he flew by me on teh way back, i woudl let go and he would grab the toy in air. another dog, we had a system, he would run past me and then turn to get the tug... i havn't been running him for a while and when i tried again he almost took me out! our young ex marine team member has been running him and he lets him hit the tug hard! my 20 lb dog gets some air when she hits it! my not so interested tugger is ball obsessed! so he comes back to me, and gets another ball and then plays the lets see if i can stuff 2 balls in my mouth game. my youngest is also not tugg obsessed, he would much rathe rhave what ever i have, which turns out to be another ball. i have been playing flyball for almost 12 years now, and it seems that i have more non flyball tuggers now! i did take a dog that had NO recall for training and decided to teach her flyball. i figured if she can play flyball she can learn a recall! and it worked. in agility i use the leash for tugging, with all except one it is AFTER a good run. my not tug crazy dog will only tug right before we go in teh ring. dont' know why, but makes him happy he is also not super excited about agility, he is loving it now but still doens't really understand why we are so happy about it- it just agility afterall. so tugging before hand gets him going sheep and flyball are more his speed. a lot of agility people use the tug as a distraction from teh ring. so the dogs isn't watching the other dogs run. i think in some circumstances it actually keys them up more. i just teach my puppies how to behave outside the ring. just like if i were at a trial, if they get too interested, or cause a distraction they just take a break and get a little further away. one of my dogs, took him about 2 years before he could control himself around a ring. kelli
  2. What i have done in the past, is have a cooler with ice and water and put towels in the water, and lay them in teh crates for the dogs. and eve put them over the crates (i have the mesh kind) and use a fan, its sort of like personal AC i also will wet them down before and after a run. you can also try using a sprayer meant for weeds ( they come in different sizes, and are pressured, have a little hose and nozzle for spraying) you can get them anywhere! home depot, TSC, hardware stores... Kelli
  3. hi lauren, he's not strangly adult, he's just like his grand pa i thought i recognized that pretty face! For weaving, since he' isn't too food motivated, try using something super tasty! steak is a good motivator cheese works well too. What are you using at home as weave poles? someone mentioned channel weaves, which i do. if you have home made poles, i'm sure you could set them up in a channel type. it would work with the ball too for channels. what i've done is set the dog at one end, and use the ball to get them to run through. Kelli
  4. It all started with Race's mom Her name is Sprint(her littermaes were all fast names- hustle, hurry, PDQ, sonic, pep) his breeder likes to have theme's for the litter names, his theme was Time. his registered name is Record Time-- RACE. His most common name is BUD, becasue he is just that! my bud! He also is a roo-er. so he became known as the ROO dog, which turned into rudedog.. and somehow wound up as rutabega! So keeping along the same fast theme... i have Race's sons-- Spit Second, DASH... Never Enuf Time, SPEED, and Fast and Fuious, DRIVE. the only other of my dogs that i actually named is my little spotted dog! her reg name is Dots Per Inch-- PIXEL. her nick name is pixie -pup, which fite her well since she is tiny! but she is mostly called crazy littel red devil, and a few other choice words all the others came with their names, and they were all older so why change them! Kelli
  5. It does depend on teh dog, and the training. training done right is much more succesfull than training done wrong! i've seen more dogs in my 14 year flyball career get ruined by pushing training too fast, and running a dog way too soon! i have a VERY visually stimulated young dog who also had a little reactiveness. i can tell you that he is a STAR flyball dog. this is his GAME!! well sheep too he has NEVER crossed, never chased, never gone after another dog, NEVER taken his mind off the game--kick the other dogs a** and this same dog is a huge couch potato. lies around, pretty boring actually i took my time with his training, there is never any rush! i'd rather have a safe, sound dog running for years than one that can on run one heat every few tournaments. i can also tell you that i live in a house of flyball dogs! almost out entire team is ours! you woul dnever know that these dogs are running sub 4 second times kelli i forgot to add! the only time our dogs are barking and get crazed is walking from the crating area to the racing lanes! otherswise they are sleeping
  6. So what about actually getting a trained service dog? one that isn't bred to work for a living? from what you say about how usher is---hardheaded, a little out of control(maybe that was just when he was young) but doens't sound like any service dog i know. i have a dog that is trained for service work-- i don't call him a SERVICE DOG, becasue he is not working with someone with a disability (well some people might not agree hi grandma is a trainer for a service dog organization, and she trained his mother-- well she was very natural just did eveyrthing you asked her to. and we did the same thing with my dog, i even helped a few times when she couldn't do a demo. my dog also, very natural. he never put himself first it was always to please me first. not a hardheaded bone in his body! would NEVER think of pulling me on a leash-- and no matter what is going on, whether we are sitting ringside at agility, or on a trial feild the only thing he does is lie under my chair and sleep. does he love to do the work, you bet! he races to do things for me! but its not what he was bred to do, he is happiest working and being with me. you say he is happy just doing service dog work, but maybe all the hardheadedness is saying otherwise. maybe he would be happier being a herding dog? i can understand how life is rough with your rescue dog.. but you knew what you were getting into ( i would hope) and now its too hard to have her? she in't worht having becasue you want to buy a trained dog to trial with? just doens't make sense to me. kelli
  7. i have used both citronella and shock bark collars. on a sensitive dog, the citronella has a better chance of working it tought one of my dogs how to bark at a different pitch-- and wouldn't set it off. which has created the most anoying whining noise, or high pitched YIPE! sound. a friends dog learned that if he turned his head to the side, the spray wound't get him and then he would just drain the collar. my problem barker, just barked right through it! drained the collar, killed the battery. she even learned how to manipulate the shock collar! but with my sensible dogs...even if they have never had a collar on them, if they even smell the citronella they leave the room kelli
  8. it seems to me it would be a waste to not train usher... since he is getting rave reviews of how good he could be. it also seems that it would be hard on the poor rescue dog who thought she had a forever home to get tossed out for another dog. and maybe the thought of buying a trained dog is good... a trained dog still needs to be worked! what happens if you spend the money on buying a trained dog, and then can't get to sheep for another year.... so it might take longer if you do the training yourself, and not send him out. but the rewards in the end are far greater with something you have acomplished yourself! i can understand needing help in the beginning due to physical challenges, but after a certain point you could be doing the training. i have a young dog that would definilty benifit from being sent out, but that would defeat the purpose of having that bond and the relationship from the training together.. and eventually on the trial feild. Kelli
  9. Hi, I am in SE pa, someone posted the local events already. but i can tell you how far they are! nest weekend in West Friendship isn't too far, i'm in norhtern montgomery county and it takes us about 2- 2.5 hours to get there. York in june will be THE tournament to go to!! last year they got 65 teams entered!! everyone one comes from all over to this even! its loads of fun!! again, time about 1.5- 2 hours for us. obviously the one in Broomall in July will be the closest to oxford You should try and come out! its great! are you looking for a team, training? here is my team website http://www.orionbordercollies.com/orionsite_020.htm Kelli
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