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  1. So sorry for your loss; I lost my old boy Buddy the day before you lost Maid. All dogs should be so lucky... to have someone love them so much.
  2. I've read stories about how many people adopt a dog while pregnant... something about the "nesting" hormones making us want to nurture, nurture, nurture! I have never owned two dogs, but my neighbor recently adopted a 5-month-old pup, largely with the hope that the pup would help her older dog be less clingy, less needy, and better able to cope with being left home alone. I do think the older dog is happier and is able to panic less when left home, because she always has companionship now. However, my neighbor is now in the position of having to train a pup and manage two large dogs whe
  3. There was a pair of senior dogs awaiting a new home on one of the rescues I was watching this summer. (The olderly owner must have passed away, I think.) They ended up being adopted into a senior living community, where they had access to a small fenced yard and would be companion animals to all the folks living there. I thought that was absolutely BRILLIANT! I am heartened for you, Geonni! Maybe, also, there would be folks in your new living situation who would be able to help exercise Sugarfoot - local kids or visiting family members of other residents?
  4. I also had a friend at work who crated her pups in her car while she worked. She could go out several times a day to do tiny poop-break walks (five minutes each), and used her lunch break to spend time with the pup. I think this was early spring, before it got too hot. It would probably only work in fall and spring... but I always thought that was a smart trick. The pup got housebroken much quicker, and after a few months could be at home alone.
  5. I have a new adult dog (she's probably 2 or 3) and am heading back to work as a schoolteacher in a few weeks, and am having some of the same concerns. This girl is crate-trained and fully housebroken. I've left her alone crated for 7 hours with no destruction or accidents; I'm testing her out for 3 or 4 hours loose in the house right now. Because she came from a hoarding situation and then foster home, where she was crated all day among the other fosters, I think she manages being home pretty well. But even so, I'm considering hiring a dog-walking service to come home mid-day, take her out
  6. Geonni - that's so very hard! I hope you can work it out and keep her... but if not I hope you find a board member who can take her.
  7. Thanks for the input! At this point, the dog is an adult so the removal would be more difficult than if the dewclaws had been removed at birth. I'm going to leave them along and cross my fingers for no problems. Good info about carpeting - I don't have any in my house but will keep it in mind!
  8. My litte dog came from rescue with a tiny martingale collar that can slip just about 2" tighter than it usually is. This dog is super-soft: took her two days to stop shaking, and about a week before she would relax enough to play or frolic at all. She doesn't mind the collar in any way - it simply keeps her from pulling out if she pulls hard away from another dog or goes after a squirrel too fast. I'm not even sure she knows it's tightening up on her. (This collar is so small doesn't have an typical martingale loop - just an extra length of about 2" that can slid in and out of the metal
  9. My new girl was labeled "terrier/border collie mix." Um... probably not. But I asked the foster the justification for this label, and she told me a lot of the dog's relatives (she's from a hoarding case where 50 dogs were taken in) looked to be BC in background. And, she's got double dewclaws, which is not uncommon in BCs. She also has a white chest, which I suspect added to the label. Anyway, her double dewclaws seemed freak-show to me at first, but now I'm used to them. One per rear paw is attached by bone, but the extra one is simply attached by skin and flops around. My vet sa
  10. I've had my new girl only 5 weeks. I told my sister, "I don't feel that bonded to her yet. I wonder if I was bonded with Buddy at this point?" She said, "No. At this point you wanted to kill him." (Buddy ran into my right knee, full speed, on the third day after I got him, requiring me to wear a knee support for a good chunk of the summer. In addition to being fearful and reactive, he was insanely fast and needed to go to the woods for an hour or so a day, to burn off hsi energy. Point of clarification: I did not actually want to "kill him.") So, yeah - the bonding can take a lon
  11. Fabulous story! So glad to hear she's adopted.
  12. I'm not a stockholder in Flexi-leash... but I used one for ten years with my old dog with not one problem. He wasn't a puller or bolter. The leashes come in a tape version now that doesn't pose the same danger of laceration as the cord leashes do. When taking a meandering walk with a well-controlled dog, a Flexi-leash is an easy way to keep walking in a nice straight line while letting the dog sniff a bit to either side. I will likely use one with my new dog once she's mature and stable on walks. Mind you, I wouldn't use one with an out-of-control dog or poorly trained one. (And yes,
  13. OK! Book is spoken for. But yes, it's a great book - you all should read it if you can find a copy.
  14. I read this book years ago, on the recommendation of a book selling catalog. It's a great story of old-time working sheepdogs in Scotland. All collies and sheep and rugged men and whatnot. Is our Bob the rogue sheep killer!? Or will he win the championship!? You'll have to read the book to find out! I keep buying old books and yesterday picked up yet ANOTHER copy of BSOB, only to find that it's just a duplicate of a copy I already have. So - up for (free) grabs is a great sheep herding, border-collie book! (I think Bob is a border collie, even though he's often drawn as a standard c
  15. Yeah, the shelter's information does not make him sound like a BC. His photos don't even do his BC-ness justice. In person, though, he just tracks like a smooth coat mix. At least to me - and I'm no big expert, just used to looking at y'all's smooth-coat photos in here. ::Shrug:: I appreciate how crowded all the rescues are and how hard everyone is working. (Thanks for considering, GentleLake!). I honestly don't have the time in my day to pursue this much further than just my little post. (When I retire, I'm thinking I may dip my feet into rescue - but right now training my own new
  16. Human health side note, but interesting: I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in December. Family history, overweight - I was a prime candidate. A quick Internet search brought me to several diabetes forums where members spoke about a low carb/high fat diet to manage blood sugar. Since the American medical establishment wasn't giving me much help (don't get me started!), I decided to try the recommendations of people with long experience. Gave up the starchy carbs - rice, potatoes, bread, cereal - and eat mostly meat, veggies, nuts, cheese, etc.. Put bacon back in my life. Over s
  17. Marlo, I don't have a puller but my trainer is very good at stopping things he doesn't want - he simply teaches the dogs that doing the unwanted behavior ALWAYS loses the dog what it wants. With pulling, he simply stands in his tracks (as Riika described above) to show the dog that pulling gets them the opposite of their desired rush forward. He also sometimes turns 180 and goes in the opposite direction of the pull. The trainer will teach puppies not to jump to greet by simply walking toward the tethered pups, and walking away as soon as they break a sit. The puppies all learn in
  18. I know! I did think of that, but I'm not sure how intrusive it would seem to a rescue, to be told about a dog in a shelter. (Or, to the shelter, either!) So... local rescues... what do you think about that sort of situation? (I know we've got New England Border Collie Rescue and Eastern Herding Dog Rescue and Connecticut Herding Dog Rescue.)
  19. http://www.northeastanimalshelter.org/pets/gabe-2-99548/ My local animal shelter - Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA - was one spot where I went looking when I wanted to adopt a new dog. This guy, Gabe, was in the puppy room the first time I went. ADORABLE. I visited several times over a couple months, and asked the counselor why Gabe was still there. She said he had high energy and maybe some issues with nipping at kids. I said he was likely a border collie mix - and that explained the behavior. The last two weeks at basic obedience class for my new dog, the shelter has s
  20. Hi, My old dog Buddy was VERY fear-reactive when I got him, and for the first month or two I honestly thought I was going to have to put him down - I was that scared he was going to bite. You can read my posts about him, though I think the forum history only goes back to 2007, which is two years after I got him. I sought a trainer within 2 weeks, who mentioned, "At two weeks, you haven't even seen all his behaviors yet. He's still in the honeymoon period." So I think it's normal for a dog to have a gradual change in behavior over time, as her or she becomes comfortable in the new se
  21. Looks like the pups are 9 weeks now. They were listed on the Facebook page as well... though may already be adopted. This little boy looks so much like my old boy Buddy: https://www.facebook.com/all4pawsrescue/photos/ms.c.eJwzNDA0NbIwNTK0NDA2MTM3MdQzhItYmJsZoolYWoLUAAAffwq6.bps.a.107822126740.108685.107820486740/10152852198761741/?type=3&theater And the tiny girl: https://www.facebook.com/all4pawsrescue/photos/ms.c.eJwzNDA0NbIwNTK0NDA2MTM3MdQzhItYmJsZoolYWoLUAAAffwq6.bps.a.107822126740.108685.107820486740/10152852198996741/?type=3&theater
  22. Liz, that's an awesome story! Sage is very lucky to have you to be his rock.
  23. So handsome! Have fun with him! I got my little girl just around the same time you got Gabe. It's fun "learning" a new dog, isn't it?
  24. Congratulations! Sounds like you are delighted with who she is, which is a great start. Good luck with her! I suspect you're going to have some stories to share about her antics!
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