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  1. Thanks so much for the leads and the positive thoughts. I am trying SO HARD to be utterly practical about this. Practical me says, "No puppies, no super-young dogs. You work full time!" But impractical, whimsical me says, "That young BC is SO BEAUTIFUL! And the puppies are SO CUTE!" ;D AIIEE!
  2. I happen to be in a position to know just about every rescue BC on the east coast right now. . Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and some other rescue groups just took in a bunch of very thick-coat BCs from a hoarding case... and I think some of the girls were very wee... Like 25 lbs. If you wrote them or watched their Facebook page you might be able to get a feel. I think a lot of the females were pregnant, so I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a bunch of little pups coming up for adoption in 8 weeks or so! (They could probably give more info about who else took in dogs, too.). But if you too
  3. As every woman does, from time to time. Buddy hated the chirp my old phone made when it was running out of battery life. But one of the worst days was after I'd had him about 5 weeks. He had been in and out of my office hundreds of times. But suddenly, that day, he looked up and noticed the LIGHT FIXTURE in the ceiling, and started growling and barking at it as if it was the devil himself. He barked and fixated for five hours that day and the next morning when we woke up, he started again. My trainer had no advice for me when I called him. Finally, after my patience was complete
  4. Thanks so much! Perhaps I shouldn't admit this but... one of the reasons I feel happiest about getting another BC is that I know I would be able to maintain my online relationships in this forum! The people in here really, really helped me in the early days with Buddy. In fact, what success I had in managing his early issues is largely due to Suzanne Clothier, Patricia McConnell, and the collective knowledge of this forum! (Long-overdue thanks for that - if I haven't said it before!) (Also, Ruth, reading stories about your Gibb finally moving toward strangers with hope and good expecta
  5. Gentlelake, you might have to fight me for Spirit. I've had my eye on her for a month now... she's actually what got me thinking about a deaf dog. I think I stumbled onto the Facebook page of her foster mom, though, and a couple posts indicated "adoption pending" for Spirit. She is so beautiful, and looks so sweet. I really should wait until school ends - the last few weeks are chaotic and time-consuming, and my schedule is not regular or predictable - not a great time to bring in a dog who needs consistency to settle into a new home. Otherwise, I might have grabbed that pretty girl al
  6. Thanks for your replies and confidence in me! I have got my eyes on NEBCR and Glen Highland Farm. (GHF is like my childhood dream of what the ideal home/job would be!!) I will check if they have dogs for whom full-time work hours are OK. (Darned retirement is still 5 years away!) Julie and others... Please keep me in mind should you hear of other dogs with special situations. I really appreciate it.
  7. Howdy, I lost my old boy Buddy in February. It took seven weeks before I could think about having another dog, but the tide has turned and I'm ready. (You might even say I have dog fever!) I will finish my school (work) year end of June, and will likely be bringing a new dog home then. I did fall in love with border collies because of Buddy, and while I know I will fall in love with whatever dog I choose, I'm still drawn to BCs. Buddy was fear-reactive and taught me a lot about dealing with dogs like that. I think it would be nice to be able to use the skills I learned and al
  8. My neighbor's 10-year-old was diagnosed with diabetes about 9 months ago. She's done very well with the insulin and blood tests. Coincidentally, she has also developed a condition (collapsing trachea?) that causes her to wheeze and cough constantly. I think that may do her in - but the diabetes management has been pretty straightforward, I think. (I was also myself diagnosed type 2 diabetic in December. It was scary and upsetting the first month or so... but then I adjusted and just absorbed the new picture and got on with life.) Good luck!
  9. As I'm typing this line, it's been eight weeks since I lost my boy, Buddy. Winter has sat heavy on New England this year, with record-breaking snowfall. Buddy went in the middle of this. The first morning I knew he was sick, he was standing in the tunnel I had dug for him (30 inches of snow by then, I think). He tossed his favorite squeaker toy into the snow, burying it and hiding it for himself, and then searching for it. But the last time he tossed it deep, and then stood hunched in the tunnel, stiff and in pain, and he didn't go find Squeaker no matter how many times I encouraged
  10. My old boy used to do that; I had to give up on allowing play with any more than one dog at a time. He simply couldn't see it as anything other than a "rumble" that needed to be stopped QUICKLY! Turrid Rugaas has a good video of BCs breaking up te play of other dogs.
  11. So sorry - sometimes it seems as though you get hit by too much at once, doesn't it? I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic in December, and then just lost my boy Buddy (profile pic) three weeks ago. Too much to manage in a short time period. I can't imagine having to manage two situations with sick dogs at once. Best of wishes.
  12. Excellent. It's wonderful to hear about good outcomes like this!
  13. Buddy had a really good day yesterday: took two walks, was eating everything I offered him, played with his toys. Then he lay down last night and had a hard time getting up this morning. He wouldn't drink the last sip of my tea - one of his favorite morning rituals - and would barely eat, because he seemed to be in a lot of pain. I took him up to the emergency vet and had him put to sleep. Thanks to everyone for your support and replies. I had really feared letting him go too long - but this morning, seeing how he couldn't enjoy his favorite things, I felt like it was an obvious gift t
  14. Uurgh! Buddy has been up and down now. Tuesday and Wednesday he was really lethargic and logy again - to the point that I thought he was fading - but then today he perked up and took two happy walks. I'm wondering if he doesn't have some sort of a back strain or vertebral disease on top of whatever made him so sick the first time... and when the back thing hurts, he finds it hard to move. (Excess pain?) Or maybe the whole thing is a vertebral issue, and the platelet thing was happening alongside but without symptoms? Anyway, this up and down thing is killing me. I'm literally just
  15. Oh, she's so beautiful. Looks like a red version of my boy.
  16. Update: Buddy had bloodwork again yesterday, and the vet called today to say his platelets count is normal again. So, either the prednisone or the antibiotic worked. Prednisone will be stepped down next week, then further blood tests for evaluation a week after that.
  17. This just happened: Buddy's pattern (including now that he's newly back from the dead) is to get up with me in the morning, take his squeaker toy (official name: "Squeaker") into the yard with him while he pees. For a long time (years) he would forget he took it out, and try to find it in the house later on. But now he knows it's out there with him and will usually bring it back up to the door. If he forgets, I say, "Where's Squeaker!?" and he runs back out into the yard to get it before he comes in for breakfast. This morning, he did his usual. It's snowing, so I didn't want the w
  18. Hi, Thanks for asking - just came in to post an update. Buddy is acting normally now, except maybe a little weak still in his rear quarters. (Having a bit more trouble jumping on the bed than usual.) I will keep my fingers crossed that this was something he kicked. And at least, if he regresses again, I will know that I gave him a fighting chance. Thanks to those who gave me some encouragement when he was so sick - he literally couldn't pick his head or tail up! Knowing that other dogs had come back from such a bad state gave me a little bit of hope. The prednisone is making h
  19. So very sorry for your loss. It's hard not to wish there was something you could have done. Run free, Ranger!
  20. I used to have a dog who ate snow like crazy. I was worried she was diabetic or something... until I realized she was scared of her water bowl. It was a metal one, and her tags clinked on it when she drank. We switched it out for a plastic bowl and she drank from it. My current dog doesn't like our city water. (Chlorinated heavily.) I have to put chicken in his dry food and add some water to make a "gravy" or he really doesn't drink much at all.
  21. Tried to let him out in the yard while I shoveled, but he went to the gate and insisted on going for a "real walk." He trotted around the block, intent on marking all the snowbanks that he hasn't seen since Monday. Yay drugs! Yay Buddy!
  22. Thanks so much to all of you for your replies!! Update: I took another day off work today (tomorrow? it's the middle of the night!) because I couldn't just leave Buddy home alone this sick. About 7 p.m., he drank a lot of water and asked to go out in the yard - then refused to let me pick him up and carry him in, but walked up the stairs by himself. Then he ate some dog food. Fell asleep on the couch next to me, and clearly went into dreaming sleep (paws twitching, quiet barks), much more normal than his previous sleep. He just went out again, came in by himself, and ate a cookie
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